Folded Leaflets Printing

Folded Leaflets for Promoting Informative Literature & Business Services.

Folded leaflets offer a great way for conveying lots of information in an accessible format. With a creative design, the content can be both very interesting and informative. Suitable as menus, mini brochures, information handouts and newsletters.

We offer folded leaflets that are available in uncoated, gloss and silk paper stocks. The final print will be supplied with your choice of fold ready for display or distribution.

Folded Leaflet Printing
  • A5 Folded Leaflets

    A5 Folded Leaflets

    A5 folded leaflets are compact and small enough to fit into your pocket. These leaflets include a half-fold with a folded size measuring 105 x 148mm.

  • A4 Folded Leaflets

    A4 Folded Leaflets

    A4 folded leaflets offer the perfect balance between size and cost. Ideal for use as price-lists, folded forms or menus and is available with various fold options.

  • A3 Folded Leaflets

    A3 Folded Leaflets

    A3 folded leaflets are ideal for use as newsletters, mini brochures or restaurant menus. These leaflets are available in half-fold, roll-fold and z-fold.

  • Half-Fold Leaflets

    Half-Fold Leaflets

    Half-fold leaflets allow a unique way to create a unique brochure that folds in half down the middle. Great for use as menus and advertising leaflets.

  • Tri-Fold Leaflets

    Tri-Fold Leaflets

    Tri-fold leaflets are great for splitting designs into three columns and also known as c-fold. Ideal for use as menus, price-lists and informative literature.

  • Roll-Fold Leaflets

    Roll-Fold Leaflets

    Roll-fold leaflets are also referred to as c-fold or letter-folded leaflets. These leaflets offer a great way to split design content into six or eight columns.

  • Z-Fold Leaflets

    Z-Fold Leaflets

    Z-fold leaflets offer a six or eight-column leaflet that folds to the shape of a Z. Suitable for printing menus, product information and sales literature.

  • Cross Fold Leaflets

    Cross Fold Leaflets

    Cross fold leaflets offer an 8pp option that folds in half and then in half again.  A very popular choice for printing custom maps and tourist information.

  • Gate Fold Leaflets

    Gate Fold Leaflets

    Gate fold leaflets is just as the name suggests! It opens up like a gate to reveal a hidden centre panel. Ideal for unique designs or use as fast food menus.

  • A4 Slim Folded Leaflets

    A4 Slim Folded Leaflets

    A4 4pp slim fold leaflets are tall and folded in half for a compact look. Ideal for condensed design themes that include minimalistic information.

  • Square Folded Leaflets

    Square Folded Leaflets

    Square folded leaflets can add additional excitement for your business. Designs and information can be split into half or three-column folding options.

  • Extended 8pp Folded Leaflets

    Extended Folded Leaflets

    Extended folded leaflets are offered as 6pp and 8pp concertina or letter fold. The multiple columns can accommodate additional text and images.

Folded Leaflets Printing from Cheap as Prints

Folded leaflets provide an effective way to share information. Your content can paint a more complete story about your business and what it offers. . The additional space allows for visually pleasing designs that are not cramped and easy on the eye. Folded leaflets are ideal for events, enclosing with mail orders and wider distribution.

At Cheap as Prints, we offer a wide range of folded leaflets to suit all budgets and requirements. Choose from a wide range of paper types including silk, gloss and uncoated stock. Popular folding options include half-fold, tri-fold, roll-fold, z-fold and so on! As part of our service, we offer the complete folded leaflet design and print service. Our in-house designers can take your design ideas and bring them to life! Order online or contact us at or call 01922 666 288 to discuss your project.