Flag Printing

Grab the Attention of Onlookers with Custom Printed Outdoor Flags.

Flag printing can help take your advertising and branding to new unimaginable heights! These portable signs are perfect for any business looking to generate more interest in their brand, display helpful information and attract more customers.

We offer 3 popular outdoor flag displays, each with its own unique shape. These include the Crest, Feather, and Teardrop options. You can choose to have a standalone flag print or opt to buy with a choice of base. Feel free to contact us if you need further advice on what type of flag is best suited to your needs, we’d be happy to help!

Custom Printed Flags for Forecourts, Events & Outdoor Advertising
  • Crest Shaped Flags for Outdoor Displays & Business Advertising

    Crest Flags

    Crest flags have an elegant shape with gentle curves at the top and bottom of the display. With sizes ranging from 2.4m to 5m tall, there is surely a flag size to suit every requirement!

  • Feather Shaped Flags for Outdoor Displays & Business Advertising

    Feather Flags

    Feather flags are also known as blade and sail flags. This flag has great proportions with a large print area for maximum impact. Choose from a wide selection of bases and sizes ranging from 2.4m to 5m tall.

  • Teardrop Shaped Flags for Outdoor Displays & Business Advertising

    Teardrop Flags

    Teardrop flags are extremely popular and take the shape of a teardrop. Also known as sail flags, banner flags, and beach flags. Available in a wide range of sizes ranging from 2.2m to 4.2m tall.

Printed Flags from Cheap as Prints

Order a personalised flag with custom-printed branding to promote your business in the great outdoors! Flags offer a portable signage solution that is great for increasing visibility and reach. One of the great things about flags is that they are available in lots of sizes with various printing options and can also be used indoors. The most common uses for flags it to attract customers, promote a cause, or direct visitors to an event stand. Unlike other outdoor displays, flags radiate elegance as it moves in the wind and catches the eye.

Designing a flag that positively reflects your business can be the key to success. Include your logo prominently and keep messages short and simple. Choosing colours that match your brand can make your flag easier to notice from a distance.

At Cheap as Prints, we believe in getting results using the most cost-effective advertising tools. Custom-printed flags provide a unique way to market your brand to as many people as possible. Our flags are made of two parts, the reusable hardware and the printed flag itself. Take your pick from our Crest, Feather, or Teardrop flags, you will not be disappointed!