Frosted Business Cards

Frosted business cards feature a unique and elegant design with a frosty, translucent finish that adds a touch of sophistication. These cards provide a subtle and professional appeal, making it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to make a memorable impression.

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Product Specifications

  • Frosted Business Cards
  • 760 Micron Frosted Plastic
  • Semi-Transparent Material
  • Single Sided Printing Only
  • None Reflective Matt Finish
  • Protective Rounded Corners
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Frosted Business Cards from Cheap as Prints

Frosted business cards offer a sleek and professional touch to your brand representation. The frosted finish adds an air of sophistication, making your business cards stand out amidst traditional paper-based alternatives. The 760 micron PVC material offers excellent durability and resilience, ensuring the cards withstand daily handling without losing its pristine appearance. The frosted effect not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a tactile experience, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients or partners.

When it comes to designing frosted business cards, certain elements can enhance its overall appeal. A minimalist approach works exceptionally well, with clean lines and simple designs that compliment the card’s translucent surface. Subtle patterns or textures, such as delicate geometric shapes or light gradients, can add depth and visual interest without overpowering the card’s frosted appearance. Soft, muted colours can create a striking contrast against the frosted background, making key details or contact information stand out. Ultimately, the key is to strike a balance between simplicity and sophistication, ensuring that the design elements harmonise with the frosted texture to create a memorable and professional business card.

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  • What are frosted business cards?

    Frosted business cards are cards made from translucent or semi-transparent plastic material with a matt, frosted finish. This unique finish provides a sophisticated and modern look.

  • How is the frosted effect achieved on business cards?

    The frosted effect on business cards is achieved by using special printing techniques by applying a frosted coating to the plastic material. This coating diffuses light, creating a matt appearance.

  • Are frosted business cards transparent?

    Frosted business cards are not completely transparent; instead, they have a semi-transparent or translucent appearance. The frosted finish adds a level of opacity, creating a distinctive and visually appealing effect.

  • Can frosted business cards be printed in full colour?

    Yes, frosted business cards can be printed in full colour. The frosted finish allows for unique and vibrant printing, creating a modern and stylish appearance for your business cards.

  • Are frosted business cards more durable than paper ones?

    Frosted business cards are often more durable than traditional paper cards. The plastic material is resistant to bending, tearing, and water damage, providing a longer lifespan.

  • Do you offer additional finishing options for your frosted cards?

    Optional extras include signature strip panels, hole punching, barcoding, QR codes, glue dotting and elastic strings. Please email or call our sales line on 01922 666 288 for a custom quote.

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