Backlit Poster Printing

Backlit poster printing offers a dynamic approach to branding and advertising, enhancing visibility and engagement. By utilising a lightbox, these posters create eye-catching displays that grab attention and effectively communicate messages in various settings, such as retail stores, trade shows and public spaces.

Use our Free Backlit Poster Design Tool to choose your backgrounds, themes, and fonts. After you have the design ready, send us the file, and we’ll handle the rest for you!

Product Specifications

  • Backlit Posters / Duratrans
  • For Light Box Frame Displays
  • 215 Micron Translucent Film
  • Scratch Resistant Gloss Surface
  • Full Colour High-Definition Print
  • Custom Shapes & Sizes Available
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Backlit Poster Printing from Cheap as Prints

Backlit posters offer a highly impactful and visually stunning method of capturing attention and highlighting visuals. The clever use of backlighting in enhances its visibility causing it to stand out in any setting. The light passing through the specially designed material illuminates images, colours and graphics in a captivating manner, making the entire display appear more vivid and dynamic. The backlighting ensures that the posters remain vibrant and noticeable, particularly in environments where other lighting sources may be dim or varied.

By employing backlit posters, businesses, event organisers and advertisers can effectively draw attention to their messages and visuals. Whether placed in retail stores, trade show booths or any other location, these posters have a unique ability to capture viewers’ attention and leave a lasting impression. The combination of the semi-transparent material and the backlighting technique creates an engaging and memorable visual experience, making backlit posters an excellent choice for those seeking to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd.

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  • What is a backlit poster?

    A backlit poster is a poster that is designed to be illuminated from behind inside an LED lightbox. The lighting inside the lightbox enhances the visual appeal of the poster and makes it stand out.

  • How are backlit posters illuminated?

    Backlit posters are illuminated using LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. LED lights are energy-efficient and provide consistent and bright illumination day or night.

  • Are backlit posters and duratrans the same thing?

    Backlit prints are also known as Duratrans or Fujitrans. These can be photographs or images printed on semi-transparent material for displaying inside a lightbox frame.

  • What is the difference between paper posters and backlit posters?

    Standard paper posters will not serve its purpose within a LED display frame. The backlit poster media has a formulated print surface that glows when lit from behind. It also has a higher heat and temperature threshold compared to traditional posters.

  • How do you print your backlit posters?

    Our backlit posters are printed on premium quality 215 micron gloss polyester using eco-solvent inks. These inks ensure superb image clarity and prevent colour fade.

  • How durable is the backlit poster material?

    The 215 micron backlit poster material is a high-quality film that is resistant to tearing, scratching, and fading. The additional gloss coating further enhances durability, protecting against UV radiation, moisture, and other environmental factors.

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Choose the quantity required per design.

Example. Quantity 200, 2 Designs = 400 total prints


Choose the number of design(s) for the required quantity.

Example. One Design, Quantity 2 = 2 prints of the same design.


Backlit Film

Backlit material is suitable for illuminated displays within LED light box frames. Its translucent nature allows light to pass through, while its high gloss finish enhances colours, creating vibrant and eye-catching visuals. Additionally, its durable composition offers protection against UV radiation, moisture and environmental factors, ensuring longevity. The material is also resistant to scratches, tearing and fading.

  • Recommended for LED light box displays and frames
  • Translucent material allows light to pass through
  • High gloss finish enhances colours for vibrant visuals
  • Resistant to scratches, tearing and fading
  • Protects against UV radiation, moisture and environmental factors


A4 Size

The A4 format measures 210 x 297mm. Its proportions lend themselves well to layouts requiring both text and images. Additionally, the ample space of this format enables the creation of balanced designs incorporating more content or intricate details without feeling cluttered.

  • A4 format dimensions: 210 x 297mm
  • Suitable for layouts with text and images
  • Ideal for balanced designs with more content or intricate details
A3 Size

The A3 format, measuring 297 x 420mm, provides ample space for displaying detailed designs, including architectural plans and poster prints. Thanks to its generous size, this format effectively accommodates both text and graphics, allowing for visually appealing presentations.

  • A3 format dimensions: 297 x 420mm
  • Ample space for both text and graphics
  • Ideal for visually appealing presentations
A2 Size

The A2 format measures 420 x 594mm, making it ideal for medium-sized posters, architectural drawings or large-scale presentations. Its ample space accommodates detailed illustrations, diagrams or bold graphics, suitable for advertising campaigns, event promotions or educational materials.

  • A2 format dimensions: 420 x 594mm
  • Ample space for detailed illustrations, diagrams or bold graphics
  • Ideal for advertising campaigns, event promotions or educational materials
A1 Size

The A1 format measures 594 × 841mm. Its generous size provides ample space for showcasing intricate details, vibrant graphics and conveying comprehensive information effectively. The popular applications of this format range from expansive posters, architectural plans and presentation displays. With its spacious layout, the A1 format enables optimal information diffusion and ensures messages are delivered with clarity and impact.

  • A1 format dimensions: 594 x 841mm
  • Spacious layout facilitates optimal information diffusion
  • Ideal for expansive posters, architectural plans and presentation displays
A0 Size

The A0 format boasts dimensions of 841 x 1189mm, offering ample space for detailed illustrations, architectural blueprints, technical diagrams or impactful posters. Its generous size allows for intricate detailing and high-resolution graphics, ensuring that the message or design is conveyed with utmost clarity and effectiveness.

  • A0 format dimensions: 841 x 1189mm
  • Tons of white space for intricate detailing and high-resolution graphics
  • Ideal for detailed illustrations, architectural blueprints and large posters
B2 Size

The B2 format measures 500 × 707 mm, making it suitable for medium-sized posters, promotional materials and custom art prints. Its ample space allows for intricate designs, detailed illustrations and comprehensive layouts. The dimensions of this format strike a balance between visibility and manageability, making it a popular choice for any display project.

  • B2 format dimensions: 500 x 707mm
  • Ample space for intricate designs, detailed illustrations and comprehensive layouts
  • Suitable for medium-sized posters, promotional materials and custom art prints
B1 Size

The B1 format, with dimensions of 707 x 1000mm, is perfectly suited for expansive printing needs. Its generous size allows for the inclusion of striking visuals, intricate artwork and ample text. The format excels in capturing attention, making it a prime choice for advertising endeavours, educational exhibits and creative showcases. Its versatility lends itself well to diverse applications, from promotional posters to informative presentations.

  • B1 format dimensions: 707 x 1000mm
  • Allows for striking visuals, intricate artwork and ample text
  • Great for advertising, educational exhibits and creative showcases
20x30 Inch Size

The 20″ x 30″ format measures approximately 508 x 762 mm. This format provides ample space for eye-catching visuals, detailed illustrations and informative layouts. It is well-suited for advertising campaigns, event promotions and artistic displays that require a significant visual impact.

  • 20″ x 30″ format approximate dimensions: 508 x 762mm
  • Ideal for eye-catching visuals, detailed illustrations and informative layouts
  • Suitable for advertising campaigns, event promotions and artistic displays
30x40 Inch Size

The 30″ x 40″ format, which measures approximately 762 x 1016 mm, offers a spacious canvas for various creative projects. Its dimensions make it suitable for large-scale prints, posters, architectural plans and artwork that require a bold and impactful presentation. The layout can accommodate detailed illustrations, photographs, textual content or a combination thereof, making it ideal for advertising campaigns, gallery displays and architectural blueprints.

  • 30″ x 40″ format approximate dimensions: 762 x 1016mm
  • Ideal for detailed illustrations, photographs and textual content
  • Perfect for large-scale prints, promotional posters and artistic displays
40x60 Inch Size

The 40″ x 60″ format, which measures approximately 1016 x 1524 mm, provides an immense canvas for creating large-scale designs. This generous size allows designers and artists to unleash their creativity, accommodating intricate details and bold elements that demand attention. Whether it’s a captivating mural, an impactful advertisement or an awe-inspiring piece of artwork, the 40″ x 60″ format offers an authoritative presence that commands the viewer’s attention. The sheer scale of this format enables the expression of grand ideas and narratives, immersing the audience in a visually stunning experience.

  • 40″ x 60″ format approximate dimensions: 1016 x 1524mm
  • Commands viewer’s attention with an immense authoritative presence
  • Ideal for creating captivating murals, impactful advertisements and awe-inspiring artwork

Print Sides

Single Sided

Single sided printing is suitable for designs that rely on simplicity, clarity and minimalism where uncluttered visuals and concise information are essential.

  • Recommended for designs that prioritise simplicity, clarity and minimalism
  • Ideal for conveying uncluttered visuals and concise information


Delivery is calculated based on working days and does not include weekends, bank holidays or seasonal periods. Please note that during busy periods, the delivery dates may vary from what is advertised online.

  • Delivery is calculated based on working days only
  • Excludes weekends, bank holidays and seasonal periods
  • During busy periods, delivery dates may vary
  • Free delivery to UK mainland addresses

PDF Proof

Your supplied artwork file will be processed for printing without a digital proof.

A PDF proof of your supplied artwork file will be emailed for reviewing and approving. Production will only begin after we receive confirmation of artwork approval from you via email. Please note the estimated date of delivery is subject to the order and artwork being approval by 12pm.

  • PDF proof of artwork will be emailed for review and approval
  • Production will only start after artwork approval via email
  • Estimated delivery date subject to artwork and order approval by 12pm


Be sure to supply your design using the CMYK colour mode with a resolution of at least 300dpi. Additionally, embed fonts, outline text and extend bleed areas beyond the trim marks to prevent any important elements from being cut off during printing and trimming. To ensure artwork is supplied correctly to avoid delays, we recommend using our artwork templates.

Please Note: For most products, the CMYK colour mode is utilised, however, other printed materials such as carrier bags and branded writing instruments are printed using Pantone colours. Any artwork supplied in RGB will be converted in to CMYK or Pantone depending on the product. Please bear in mind this will result in a significant colour difference which we will make you aware of prior to print.

  • Designs should be supplied using CMYK colour mode
  • Resolution should be at least 300dpi
  • Fonts should be embedded and text outlined
  • Bleed areas should be extended beyond trim marks
  • RGB artwork will be converted to meet printing requirements

Please include a clear overview of the project objectives, outlining specific deliverables. This should include desired aesthetics or style preferences and any technical requirements or constraints that need to be considered. The advertised artwork rate includes one design concept with unlimited minor revisions but excludes logo creation. Please refer to our logo design services if you would like a new logo or would like to make amendments to an existing one.

Please Note: By selecting our artwork services the delivery date for your order will be affected to compensate for the design time.

  • Provide design brief outlining project objectives
  • One design concept with unlimited minor revisions
  • Excludes logo creation or amending existing one
  • PDF proof of artwork will be emailed for review and approval
  • Production will only start after artwork approval via email
  • Estimated delivery date subject to artwork and order approval by 12pm