Seasonal Printing

There will be many opportunities throughout the year where your business can gain a competitive edge and standout from the crowd. Why not take advantage of the festive periods with our fantastic range of personalised seasonal products. Our products include personalised greeting cards, invitation cards, wrapping paper, calendars, postcards and wall planners.

Greeting Cards Printing

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards offer a tangible way of expressing emotions, joy, appreciation, humour, love and admiration. This small gesture of thoughtfulness can work wonders helping to create and maintain positive relationships between clients, employees, family and friends.

Invitation Cards Printing

Invitation Cards

Invitation cards provide a personal way of requesting customers to attend and take part in your special occasion or business milestone. Printing invitation cards with a personalised message will make your customers will feel valued and will help strengthen relationships.

Wrapping Paper Printing

Wrapping Paper

Our personalised A3, A2 and A1 wrapping paper printing offers the perfect way to commemorate any special occasion with a unique product that is guaranteed to bring joy and harmony. Make your own personalised wrapping paper to make those gifts feel extra special.

Personalised Desk and Wall Calendars


Desk and wall calendars are multipurpose and offer a great way to keep up to date with important dates, task and projects. Personalised calendars with your company branding will offer all-year-round presence, be it on your customer’s desk or office wall.

Post Card Printing

Post Cards

Postcards provide a refreshing way to convey messages with a personal touch. They are affordable and extremely versatile meaning you can send them to introduce new products and services, announce special offers and other promotional ideas.

Wall Planners Printing

Wall Planners

Our all year round wall planners will ensure your company name and contact details stay within sight at all times! A must have seasonal product that will come handy on your customers office wall reminding them of important date, tasks and schedules.

Seasonal Printing by Cheap as Prints

The importance of seasonal branding

In a nutshell seasonal marketing is basically an extension of your overall branding. Your overall branding characterises the core of your business, it gives purpose to your products and services by expressing your values and aims as a business. There are various elements to branding, including your logo and other visual graphics of your company.

Seasonal branding isn’t a complete makeover, it’s simply an addition to your brand identity. By offering personalised greeting and invitation cards you are maintaining your brand by using the seasonal periods to your advantage.

Stay ahead of competition

The idea is not to join competition but to beat them! It’s unlikely you’re the only business in your niche making it imperative to do all that it takes to stay ahead. Utilising personalised items like calendars and wall planners can provide essential leverage and get people to take more notice of your brand and services.

Create a proactive and unique appearance

Maintaining a consistent image is important, but never adding to or mixing up your marketing strategy may result in a decline of business. Small tweaks and additions to your marketing strategy especially during seasonal times can spark renewed interest for your products and services. For example personalised wrapping paper provides a great way to gift customers with something they will surely remember.

Our Promise

Seasonal printing must not be overlooked as an expense but more so as extension to your overall marketing. Our range of greeting cards, invites cards, wrapping paper, calendars, post cards and wall planners can certainly enhance your seasonal flair. At Cheap as Prints we can fulfil your vision with our reliable, low cost and high quality seasonal printing products. Our designers can help with all personalising needs by representing your brand in its best seasonal light!

Covid-19 Notice

Given the current coronavirus pandemic under the guidance of the Government our business is closed until further notice. We will continuously monitor changes on a daily basis. Stay home and be safe!