Appointment Card Printing

Appointment card printing offers a professional solution for businesses and healthcare providers to streamline their scheduling process. These cards are printed on premium quality 350gsm uncoated stock that can be written on with a pen or embossed with a stamp. Customisable options include single or double sided printing with unfolded and folded options.

Use our Free Appointment Card Design Tool to choose your backgrounds, themes, and fonts. After you have the design ready, send us the file, and we’ll handle the rest for you!

Product Specifications

  • Appointment Cards
  • 350gsm Uncoated Stock
  • Single / Double Sided Printing
  • Choose With / Without Folding
  • Can be Written or Stamped on
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Appointment Cards from Cheap as Prints

Appointment card printing plays a crucial role in many industries, providing a convenient and professional way to schedule and organise appointments. These small, portable cards serve as tangible reminders for clients or patients, ensuring they remember the date, time, and location of their upcoming appointments. Appointment cards are commonly used in medical and dental practices, salons, spas and other service-oriented businesses.

One of the key advantages of appointment card printing is its ability to enhance communication and reduce no-shows. By providing clients with a physical reminder of their appointment, businesses can significantly decrease the likelihood of missed appointments and the resulting loss of revenue. Moreover, appointment cards can be customised with the business’s branding, logo, and contact information. This branding element reinforces the professional image of the organisation fostering a sense of trust and reliability among clients.

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Get your appointment cards ordered online today! Upload your artwork file or let our professional designers help! Our artwork rates are competitively priced and include minor revisions if required. If you prefer to provide your design, feel free to send us your file a free artwork suitability check.


  • What are appointment cards?

    Appointment cards are small printed cards that include details such as the date, time, and location of a scheduled appointment. These cards serve as a convenient reminder for individuals to keep track of their upcoming appointments.

  • What material are the appointment cards printed on?

    Our appointment cards are printed on 350gsm uncoated stock that has a more porous surface and absorbs inks better. The writable surface allows clients or customers to jot down additional notes, rescheduled dates, or any relevant information.

  • What font size should I use when designing my appointment cards?

    To ensure that your details are legible we recommend using a font size greater than 7pt.

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