Wall Planners Printing

Design Your Own Custom Printed A4, A3, A2, A1 & A0 Wall Planners!

Wall planners provide an excellent way to stay organised in any environment. So why not personalise them? Personalised wall planners can be a constant visual reminder of your brand.

At Cheap as Prints, we offer a great range of wall planners from A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 sizes. We can personalise them with your company branding and sales messages. Choose from various paper thicknesses from 170gsm to 250gsm silk stock.

Wall Planners Printing
  • Personalised Yearly Academic A4 Wall Planners

    A4 Wall Planners

    A4 wall planners measure 210mm x 297mm in size. The compact size is great for minimalistic design themes. The proportions of this wall planner make it ideal for displaying in smaller wall spaces.

  • Personalised Yearly Academic A3 Wall Planners

    A3 Wall Planners

    A3 wall planners measure 297mm x 420m in size and will look great on any wall without being too intrusive. A recommended option for anyone looking to design with a light to moderate theme.

  • Personalised Yearly Academic A2 Wall Planners

    A2 Wall Planners

    A2 wall planners measure 420mm x 594mm in size. This is a great size with plenty of white space for a balanced design. A2 wall planners is great for sports events to help keep track of results.

  • Personalised Yearly Academic A1 Wall Planners

    A1 Wall Planners

    A1 wall planners measure 841mm x 594mm in size. The large size offers excellent visibility. The dimensions of this wall planner will all you to experiment with a more daring design theme.

  • Personalised Yearly Academic A0 Wall Planners

    A0 Wall Planners

    A0 wall planners measure a generous 1189m x 841mm in size. The dimensions of this wall planner, means it can be seen from afar! Ideal for businesses looking to promote and sell advertising spaces.

  • Custom Wall Planners

    Custom wall planner printing service for specific sizes, quantities and requirements. Use our custom online wall planner calculator for instant quotes and buy online!

Wall Planners Printing from Cheap as Prints

Wall planner printing will ensure your company details are within sight all year round. You can personalise them with whatever custom design theme you like! This can include your logo, branding messages and images. With the right design, wall planners can be a focal point for customers when planning for the year ahead.

Personalised wall planners can also be the ideal corporate gift. The practicality of the product is certain to make it a permanent fixture for any space, be it in an office or academic environment. With so many size options, there’s sure to be a planner to suit every requirement. Browse our wall planner range and order online. Feel free to contact us on 01922 666 288 or email us at info@cheapasprints.com for more information. We’d be happy to help!