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Wall planner printing offers a great way to customise planners to include a company logo, colours and branding elements, enhancing brand visibility and cohesion. Whether utilised as promotional items, corporate gifts, or office décor, these customised wall planners serve as practical tools that also reinforce brand identity in various settings.

At Cheap as Prints, we offer A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 size wall planners that can be personalised with unique branding messages. Customisation options include various material types, thickness and optional embellishments. Simply order online, or reach out to our dedicated sales team at 01922 666 288 or via email at info@cheapasprints.com to discuss your requirements further.

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Wall Planner Printing from Cheap as Prints

Wall planner printing offers a smart and strategic choice for businesses looking to maintain a consistent presence throughout the year. By displaying your company details prominently on a wall planner, you ensure that your brand remains within sight, serving as a reliable reminder to clients, employees, and visitors. This constant exposure can significantly enhance your company’s image and create a lasting impression.

Moreover, wall planners offer a dual benefit by serving as both a promotional tool and a practical resource. While promoting your business, wall planners also provide a useful organisational tool for clients and employees. By displaying important dates, deadlines, and events, wall planners cam help individuals stay on top of their schedules. This functionality adds value to the wall planner, making it a highly appreciated and utilised item among recipients.

Additionally, wall planners can be tailored to specific industries or target audiences, incorporating relevant images, themes, or motivational quotes. This customisation not only reinforces brand identity but also ensures that the wall planner resonates with its viewers, making it more likely to be displayed and referred to regularly.

Wall Planner Printing FAQ’s

A wall planner is a large-format calendar or scheduling tool designed to be displayed on a wall. It provides a visual overview of dates, months, and important events.

Wall planners are often printed on durable materials such as poster paper, cardstock, or laminated paper to withstand regular use and provide a long-lasting display.

Yes, wall planners come in various styles, including monthly, yearly, or academic layouts. Designs may also include additional features such as goal trackers, to-do lists or customisable sections.

The PDF format is required for designing wall planners as it preserves layout integrity and ensures compatibility with commercial printing techniques.

With advances in modern-day digital printing, you can order as little as one without incurring additional surcharges.

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