Indoor Roller Banners

Indoor Roller Banners Available in Budget, Economy or Premium Stands.

Indoor roller banners, also known as indoor pull-up banners or retractable banners are designed for indoor use at events, exhibitions, trade shows, retail spaces, conferences, offices, and other indoor locations.

These banners are primarily intended for promoting products, services, brands, or conveying inspirational messages. They are made from lightweight aluminium components and are best suited to indoor environments. The main characteristics that separate them are size, weight, and design.

Indoor Roller Banner Stands for Exhibition Events and Displays
  • Cheap Roller Banner Stands for Budget Displays

    Budget Roller Banners

    • Our cheapest roller banner stand
    • Recommended for light or single use
    • Available in 800, 850, 1000mm widths
    • Includes light a carry bag
  • Economy Roller Banner Display Stand for Events

    Economy Roller Banners

    • Our most popular roller banner
    • For moderate to long-term use
    • Available in 850, 1000mm widths
    • Includes a padded carry bag
  • Premium Roller Banner Display Stand for Events

    Premium Roller Banners

    • Premium build quality with a sleek design
    • Standard or front loading graphics
    • Available in 800, 850, 1000mm widths
    • Includes a padded carry bag
  • Ultra Low Profile Slim Body Roller Banners

    Slim Roller Banners

    • A sleek and highly stable roller banner!
    • Front loading for maximum visibility
    • Available in 800, 850, 1000mm widths
    • Includes a padded carry bag
  • Hight-Adjustable 3m Tall Roller Banner Stand for Events

    Tall Roller Banners

    • Tower over rivals with tall roller banners
    • Superb build quality for excellent balance
    • Available in 3 widths by 3000mm height
    • Includes a padded carry bag
  • Wide Roller Banners

    Wide Roller Banners

    • Perfect for use as a stage backdrop
    • High spec stand of solid construction
    • Available from 1200 to 2400mm widths
    • Includes a padded carry bag
  • Cassette Roller Banner Stand for Quick Change Graphics

    Cassette Roller Banners

    • Reload your graphics in seconds
    • Stylish stand with great durability
    • Available in 800, 850, 1000mm widths
    • Includes a padded carry bag
  • Trend Roller Banners

    Trend Roller Banners

    • A solid roller banner weighing 6kg!
    • Adjustable feet for uneven flooring
    • 850mm (w) x 2000mm (h) stand
    • Includes a padded carry bag
  • Double Sided Roller Banner Display Stand for Events

    Double Sided Roller Banners

    • Double the graphic, twice the impact!
    • Exceptional build quality and stylish
    • Available in 800, 850, 1000mm widths
    • Includes a padded carry bag
  • Black Roller Banners

    Black Roller Banners

    • Perfect for darker design themes
    • Lightweight and extremely portable
    • Available in 800, 1000mm widths
    • Includes a light carry bag
  • Chroma Key Green Screens for Live Streaming and Content Creation

    Chroma Key Green Screens

    • Allows chroma key compositing to be used
    • For live streaming and content creation
    • Available from 800 to 1500mm widths
    • Includes a padded carry bag
  • A4 & A3 Desktop Roller Banner Stands for Tabletop Displays

    Desktop Roller Banners

    • An extremely portable desktop display
    • Suitable for A4 or A3 size graphics
    • Complete roller banner mechanism
    • Includes a light carry bag
  • Clear Transparent Roller Banners and Protective Screens

    Clear Roller Banners

    • Create a protective safety barrier at work
    • Available with or without custom branding
    • Available in 800, 1000, 1200mm widths
    • Includes a padded carry bag
  • Partition Screen Banners

    Partition Screen Banners

    • Create a privacy barrier for any setting
    • Budget, economy and premium stands
    • Available in various widths and colours
    • Includes a light or padded carry bag
  • Roller Banner Replacement Graphics Printed on Grey Back Media

    Replacement Graphics

    • Roller banner replacement graphics
    • Save by re-using your existing stand
    • Printed on anti-scratch grey back media
    • Available in various widths and heights

Indoor Roller Banners from Cheap as Prints

Indoor roller banners, also known as indoor pull-up banners or retractable banners. They are portable and self-contained advertising displays designed for use indoors. These banners consist of a printed graphic panel attached to a retractable base, allowing them to be set up quickly and easily in indoor locations like trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, retail stores, offices, and more.

Indoor roller banners come in various sizes, but they are generally more compact than outdoor banners. They are typically designed to be eye-catching and visually appealing, with high-quality graphics and artwork. Your designs could include single key messages with company branding or a photo collage of your products.

The graphics panel is generally printed on materials like vinyl, polyester, or fabric, which provide vibrant colours and sharp images. These materials, however, are not intended to withstand outdoor weather conditions. While indoor roller banners are not exposed to outdoor elements, they are still made from durable materials to withstand regular indoor use. The quality construction ensures that they can be used for multiple events and exhibitions.

Like all roller banners, indoor roller banners feature a retractable base that allows the graphic panel to be rolled up and stored inside the base when not in use. This design makes them easy to transport and protects the graphic during storage. Higher specification stands feature telescopic poles that can be extended to various heights, allowing you to adjust the banner’s display height as needed.

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Indoor roller banners are designed for quick and easy setup. No special tools or expertise are required. Setting up the banner usually involves extending the telescopic pole, pulling up the graphic panel, and securing it in place. They can be used in various indoor settings, from corporate offices to retail showrooms, to highlight products, services, promotions, or brand messages. You can customise the design and content of indoor roller banners to suit your specific marketing or promotional needs. This flexibility allows you to update the banner for different campaigns or personal events.

Our stands have been carefully selected to offer you the best prices without compromising on quality. The banner graphic is derived from similar materials but has different characteristics and costs. The PVC vinyl media offers the cheapest option and on average can last up to three to five years. The Soflat material is the best long-term option as it is semi-rigid, does not curl, and has an opaque back. This prevents interference from any light behind the print, ensuring colours and images have an even appearance.

We have been supplying roller banners to individuals, start-ups, local tradesmen, and corporate clients for decades! We use the best quality stands for minimum returns and maximum customer satisfaction. For the quality of our stands, you’ll struggle to find another cheaper online roller banner supplier! Why not make the most of your advertising space and include printed posters to compliment your roller banners? Posters are geat for showcasing visual content, such as graphics, photographs, artwork, or promotional messages.