Signage Printing

Signage provides a form of communication and is essential for business recognition, advertising and branding. The types of sign required for our business can generally be determined by your products, services and business location.

At cheap as Prints we offer various indoor and outdoor signage solutions for short, medium and long term applications. Our range includes flexible and rigid signs that are durable, long lasting and competitively priced.

Simply browse our signage range and order online. Alternatively feel free to call our sales team on 01922 666 288, we’d be happy to discuss your signage requirements.

4mm Fluted Correx Signs

Correx Signs

Correx signs are made from a fluted board with a corrugated centre. They are lightweight, inexpensive and ideal for short term advertising and promotional displays. The durability of correx boards means they can be used outdoors and can be tied to fences or nailed to posts.

5mm Thick Rigid Plastic Foamex Signs

Foamex Signs

Foam or foamex signs are made of rigid PVC plastic that is hardwearing and has a smooth matt surface. The added rigidity of foamex boards makes then ideal for short or long term uses. They are perfect for using as exhibition panels, store display signs and information boards.

3mm Aluminium Dibond Signs

Dibond Signs

Dibond signs are made from ultra-strong aluminium composite and will last for years. The material is extremely durable and is rust and crack proof. Dibond signs are perfect for long-term outdoor applications and can be fixed by screwing, nailing or riveting to any flat surface.

2000 Micron Cardboard Signs

Cardboard Signs

Cardboard signs are produced on 2000mic board that is durable and extremely cost-effective. Due to their lightweight nature, they can be easily affixed to a wide range of surfaces. Our card board signs are perfectly suitable for all indoor advertising and promotional displays.

440 Micron Dry Wipe Marker Signs

Marker Sign Boards

Marker sign boards are made from lightweight Staufen with a dry wipe surface. They are perfect for internal use for using as memo boards, notice boards and to do lists in an office environment. Our market signs boards are available in A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 sizes.

Outdoor PVC Banners

PVC Banners

Standout for the right reasons with our PVC banner signs. They provide great low cost advertising options and perfect for all indoor and outdoor applications. Our PVC banner signs are printed on heavy duty vinyl that is waterproof and tear resistant. The flexibility of this media means it can be rolled up after use.

Outdoor Flags Printing


Personalised flags are visually high impact display products that are suitable for both indoor or outdoor applications. They are guaranteed to grab the attention of passer-by’s and create attention for your products and services. They can be displayed in exhibitions, festivals, parks and petrol stations.

A-Board Pavement Signs

Pavement Signs

A-boards and pavement signs can help your business make the most of passing trade. They offer extremely portable and inexpensive sign solutions that can be used to promote special offers or used as directional signs to guide customers to your business or event location.

0.85mm Magnetic Vehicle Signs & Decals

Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Magnetic signs and decals are semi-permanent vehicle signs. They provide mobile advertising solutions and ideal for cars, vans, taxis and anything else that has a flat magnetic surface. Our magnetic signs can be easily applied and removed without causing surface damage.

Signage by Cheap as Prints

Importance of Signs

We see signs almost every day, they’ve become an important part of daily life. When visiting the supermarket, you’ll be confronted with the store sign, sale signs, product signs and aisle signs. Other examples would include health and safety signs, directional signs, and speed limit signs found in all indoor and outdoor environments.

The main purpose of signs is to visually communicate messages helping viewers to making conscious decisions based on the information provided. Without proper signage, we would be living in a world of errors, confusion and frustration. There are many types of signs to help guide us safely through our daily lives.

Below are a few useful purposes of signage displays.

Advertising and Marketing Signs

These signs are used by all business and industry types for promoting products, services and promotional offers.

Directional Signs

These types of signs are generally used to indicate the geographical location of a building usually with the use of graphical arrows. Directional signs are also used to guide viewers travelling on foot or vehicle to their intended destinations.

Identification Signs

These types of signs are used to identify services and facilities, such as building names and door numbers.

Safety Signs

These types of signs are used as warning or safety instruction guides and typically used at building sites, railway stations, offices, schools and all other work places.

Increase leads and sales

Although promotional products are great for branding, they double up as excellent lead generators. These items are proven to leave positive impressions on existing customers and can help massively in attaining new ones. They can be part of a sales pitch or be used as referral incentives for existing customers.


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