Signage Printing

Signage Printing for Indoor & Outdoor Advertising Displays.

Signage provides a form of visual communication that is essential for everyday life. They help convey information to assist with decision-making. Signs are essential for business recognition, advertising, and branding. The types of signs required are often determined by the application and its duration.

At Cheap as Prints, we offer indoor and outdoor signs that are suitable for short, medium, and long-term applications. Simply browse our range and order online. Alternatively, feel free to call our sales team on 01922 666 288, we’d be happy to discuss your signage requirements.

Signage Printing for Indoor & Outdoor Advertising Displays
  • Correx Sign Printing for Indoor & Outdoor Signage

    Correx Signs

    Correx signs are made from a fluted board with a corrugated center. These boards are lightweight, inexpensive, and ideal for short-term displays. The durability of correx boards allows them to be used outdoors by cable tying to fences or nailing to posts.

  • Foamex Sign Printing for Indoor & Outdoor Signage

    Foamex Signs

    Foam or foamex boards are made from rigid PVC plastic that is hard-wearing with a smooth matt surface. The rigidity of foamex boards makes them ideal for short or long-term displays. Perfect for use as exhibition panels, store display signs, and or information boards.

  • Dibond Sign Printing for Indoor & Outdoor Signage

    Dibond Signs

    Dibond signs are manufactured from aluminium composite with a polythene core. Unlike correx and foamex boards, dibond is temperature stable, stays flat, and offers greater resistance. Perfect for long-term displays and can be affixed by screwing, nailing, or riveting to any flat surface.

  • Custom Printed Cardboard Signs for Indoor Displays

    Cardboard Signs

    Cardboard signs offer a simple and low-cost solution for indoor displays. Printed on 2000 micron cardboard that is lightweight yet sturdy. The display can be affixed to most flat surfaces and hung from a ceiling. Recommended for printing images or point of sale messages.

  • Custom Printed A4, A3, A2, A1 & A0 Whiteboards

    Printed Whiteboards

    Get creative and design your own personalised whiteboard! Suitable for writing memos, notices and to do lists. For best results, keep designs minimal as printed areas cannot be written on. Our custom printed whiteboards are available in popular A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 sizes.

  • Personalised PVC Banner Printing

    PVC Banners

    PVC banners are low-cost and can help your business stand out for the right reasons! Printed on flexible vinyl media that is tear-resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The versatility of banners means they can also be used for personal displays to mark a special event.

  • Custom Printed Flags for Forecourts, Events & Outdoor Advertising


    Flags are high-impact signs intended to draw attention from a distance. Printed on flag knit material with a mesh feel allowing wind to pass. Flag signs are ideal for various indoor and outdoor uses including displaying at car dealerships, festivals, petrol stations, beaches, theme parks, and so on!

  • A-Boards & Pavement Signs for Outdoor Advertising

    Pavement Signs

    A-board pavement signs can help your business make the most of passing trade. These signs are portable and can be used to direct customers to a location or promote special offers. Unlike other forms of signage, pavement boards can be re-used by updating the messages.

  • Magnetic Vehicle Signage for Mobile Advertising

    Magnetic Vehicle Signs

    Magnetic signs offer a fantastic solution for mobile advertising. Perfect for all vehicle types or anything with a flat magnetic surface. The signs can be applied and removed without causing surface damage. Our magnetic signs are supplied on vehicle grade media tested at 70mph.

Signage Printing from Cheap as Prints

We see signs almost every day as they’ve become an important part of our daily lives. The main purpose of signs is to visually communicate to the observer by helping them make conscious decisions based on the information provided.

One of the most important types of signs is for human life care and well-being. These include health and safety notices, directional boards, location, and speed limit indicator signs. Supermarket signs are also frequently used to guide customers to the store and direct them to aisles while shopping inside.

Without proper signage, we would be living in a world of errors, confusion, and frustration. There are many types of signs to help guide us safely through our daily lives. Let’s discuss the most important ones.

Advertising and Marketing Signs

Used by all businesses regardless of industry type to promote products, services, and promotional offers. Examples include retail sale signs or product launch signs for events.

Directional Signs

Directional signs are generally displayed to indicate the geographical location of a building and are often illustrated with the use of arrows. An example of this would be entrance and exit signs for a supermarket.

Identification Signs

Identification signs are used to locate services and facilities. This includes building names and door numbers. An example of this would be a shop front sign.

Safety Signs

Safety signs are used to warn of hazards to prevent risks to health and are usually displayed in the form of symbols, written instructions, or both. Safety signs can be seen at building sites, railway stations, office buildings, and school premises.

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