Pavement Signs & A-Boards

Pavement signs offer one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising. They can be placed directly outside your business to increase footfall by promoting discounts and special offers. Regardless of your business, pavement signs offer a great mobile way of making your presence to a wider audience.

At Cheap as Prints, we offer a wide range of pavement signs to suit all requirements. Styles range from budget to heavy-duty heavier options for long-term durability to the elements.

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Pavements Signs & A-Boards from Cheap as Prints

Pavement signs offer businesses a tried and tested method to increase football to their establishment. These freestanding panels are portable allowing them to be strategically positioned as required with minimum fuss. This can be on a pavement, car park, or forecourt. Many successful high street retailers use them to convert onlookers into customers. The economical nature of these displays allows messages to be updated as and when required. Investing in pavement signs and a-boards may be old-school but it offers a very simple and cost-effective way to attract customers all year round! Pavement signs can effectively raise the level of communication with potential customers, however, there may be some restrictions on how and where they can be displayed. Local councils may have rules that need to be adhered to – therefore it is recommended to contact the authorities before using any public outdoor space. A good understanding of the availability of spaces and ensuring consideration is taken for the disabled or visually impaired is vital. The UK government has produced a useful guide for on-street advertising, which illustrates some basic guidelines. Pavement Signs & Outdoor Advertising Guide. We stock many different types of pavement signs that are available in various sizes, and styles, and all ready for despatching anywhere in the UK! Investing in a pavement sign is a surefire way of attracting new trade, but there are several considerations to be made when deciding the type of board that will best suit your business. If you like to discuss the options available or would like more information, feel free to contact our sales team on 01922 666 288. Do you want to increase your brand’s exposure furthermore? Why not check out promotional flagsPVC bannersposters, or roller banners to keep customers interested in your business!

Pavement Signs & A-Boards FAQ’s

A pavement sign, also known as an A-board, is a portable outdoor advertising display typically placed on sidewalks or pavements to attract attention and convey messages or promotions.

Common materials include metal, wood, plastic, or a combination, chosen for durability and weather resistance.

While designed for outdoor use, some pavement signs can be used indoors, making them versatile for various promotional or informational purposes.

Pavement signs placed strategically on sidewalks increase the visibility of businesses, attracting foot traffic and conveying messages effectively.

Pavement signs are versatile and can display a variety of messages, including promotions, menus, directional information, or event details.

A-boards often come with features like weighted bases or locking mechanisms to secure them in place and prevent theft or damage.

The ideal size depends on the intended use and available space.

Local regulations vary, and some areas may require permits for the use of pavement signs. It’s essential to check and comply with local ordinances.

Most pavement signs are designed to withstand various weather conditions, but it’s important to choose materials and construction suitable for the local climate.

Many A-boards are designed for easy storage and transportation, with features like foldable frames or collapsible designs.

Most pavement signs feature easily changeable panels or surfaces, allowing businesses to update content regularly.

Cleaning and maintenance instructions vary, but many pavement signs can be cleaned with mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Regular maintenance ensures a longer lifespan.

Yes, pavement signs are commonly used by restaurants to display menus, specials, or promotional offers to attract passing pedestrians.

Most A-boards come partially assembled, with easy-to-follow instructions for quick setup. Some may require minimal assembly.