Pavement Signs & A-Boards

Get More Passing Trade with Portable Pavement Signs & A-boards!

Pavement signs and a-boards offer one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising. Regardless of your business, there is no simpler or more effective method of making your presence. Perfect for promoting offers and directing customers into your store or business premises.

A-Boards & Pavement Signs for Outdoor Advertising
  • Snap Frame A-Board for Pavement Advertising

    Snap Frame A-Boards

    Snap frame a-boards feature a 32mm extruded aluminum profile for a sturdier feel. Available in 17 frame colours and includes a snap open and shut system for easy graphic change.

  • Panel Pavement Sign with Solid Rubber Base

    Panel Pavement Signs

    Panel pavement signs offer a sleek alternative to traditional a-boards. It features a thin but robust aluminium graphics panel. This slots neatly into a heavy-duty PVC base.

  • Swinging Panel Pavement Sign with Solid Rubber Base

    Swinging Pavement Signs

    Swinging pavement signs offer exceptional value for money and are robust. The rigid aluminium graphics panel features a large print area and is secured in place with brackets.

  • Water or Sand Filled Pavement Sign for Forecourt Displays

    Water Base Pavement Signs

    Water base pavement signs are ideal for anyone wanting a weighted display. The base can be filled with sand or water to create a solid stance. It also features a snap open and shut system for easy graphic change.

  • Rounded Logo Pavement Sign with Curved Header Panel

    Rounded Logo A-Boards

    Logo a-board pavement signs offer a combination of style and practicality. It features a heavy-duty steel panel with a powder coated metal frame. There is also additional space for including your logo and branding messages.

  • Chalkboard A-Board Pavement Sign

    Chalkboard Pavement Signs

    Chalkboard pavements are traditional but still widely used by many businesses. Offers and promotions can be be handwritten using a standard chalk and wiped off. Ideal for pubs, cafes, garden centres, bakeries and restaurants.

Pavements Signs & A-Boards for Outdoor Advertising

Pavement signs are old-school but still very effective! These boards are portable and can be displayed almost anywhere! This can be on a pavement, car park or forecourt. Many successful high street retailers use them to convert passerby’s into customers. The economical nature of pavement signs also means the graphics can be updated as and when required. Suitable for shops, cafes, pubs, gyms and any other business with a physical premises!

Personalised A-board Pavement Signs from Cheap as Prints

At Cheap as Prints we offer a wide range of pavement signs. Our boards are available with direct printed graphics or changeable systems. The changeable system means you can change and update your poster graphics regularly.

Our Snap Frame A-Board is our most popular pavement sign. It is lightweight yet sturdy and available in an array of colours. Our Rigid Panel and Swinging Panel Signs offer a modern alternative and feature a sturdy base for withstanding windy conditions. For a more robust solution, we recommend our Water Base Pavement Sign that can also be filled with sand. It has been designed to be extremely stable and is ideal for forecourt displays. If you’re looking for a pavement sign to highlight your logo, than take a look at our Rounded Logo A-Board. It features a heavy-duty steel panel with a powder coated metal frame. For a classic look or the requirement to change messages by hand opt for our Wooden Chalkboard Pavement Sign. Ideal for hospitality providers like cafes, bars, clubs, bars and restaurants.

Seize the opportunity and maximise on your advertising opportunities! Why not add a personalised flag display to compliment your pavement sign? Or a roller banner to further emphasise your promotional messages?

Feel free to contact us today if you would like more information on our a-board pavement signs or have a custom requirement. Our team of sign experts have years of experience and would love to hear from you! Email us on to call 01922 666 288.