Carrier Bags Printing

Carrier Bags Personalised with Custom Printed Logos and Branding.

Carrier bags serve more than just a carrier for products, especially when personalised with custom branding. A unique opportunity to to enhance brand identity with custom printed graphics. This can include custom logos and messages printed to one or both sides.

We offer a great range of polythene and paper bags. Available in wide choice of sizes and colours, in prices to fit your budget! Our sales team are always available to help you choose the right bag for your intended purpose. Feel free to email sales at or call 01922 666 288. Let customers carry your brand name for all the right reasons!

Carrier Bags Personalised with Custom Printed Logos & Branding
  • Plastic Polythene Carrier Bags Personalised with Custom Branding

    Polythene Bags

    Polythene carrier bags will serve most promotional and retail purposes. These bags are manufactured from recyclable sources and are water-resistant. Available in extra small, small, standard and large size bags. Personalisation can include printing to one or both sides of the bag in one or more colours.

  • Twist Handle Paper Bags Personalised with Custom Branding

    Twist Handle Paper Bags

    Twist handle paper bags provide a stylish alternative to regular polythene bags. It is lightweight but durable with it’s reinforced base. The holding handle is elegant and has a comfortable grip. Perfect for boutiques, up-market gift shops, museums and large department stores.

  • Plastic Polythene Mailing Bags Personalised with Custom Branding

    Mailing Bags

    Mailing bags are great if your business regularly posts out items for delivery. So why not make the most of your advertising opportunities by using our branded mailing bags. These bags are low cost, extremely durable and manufactured from 100% recyclable sources.

Carrier Bag Printing from Cheap as Prints

The purpose of carrier bags is to serve as a carrier for items either purchased at a shop or given away at events. The moment you hand out a printed carrier bag, it becomes a walking ad for your brand. The inclusion of key information can help recipients remember your company. Let’s breakdown the key advantages of using custom printed carrier bags.

Benefits of using Personalised Carrier Bags for your Business:

Increases Brand Awareness

Creating a strong and reputable brand is one of the best ways to promote a business. Consumers move towards businesses that take pride in their appearance and professionalism. A personalised carrier bag can help develop brand personality, making you standout from the rest.

Great for Retail and Exhibition Events

Almost every business will utilise carrier bags for its products. This could be for items of clothing for retail stores to samples given away at events. A custom printed bag will showcase a positive outlook that compliments the rest of your brand.

Affordable and Multipurpose

The practical nature of carrier bags means its used everyday in most environments. Bags can be re-used well after serving its original purpose. This means a personalised carrier bag will be seen and used by people other than the target audience. Unlike other forms of mainstream advertising, printed carrier bags have a lower cost per impression.

Wide Choice of Bag Types

Carrier bags are available in wide choice bag types, sizes, colours and print options. Plastic polythene bags offer a great combination of quality and affordability. Ideal for book stores, gift shops, school fairs, boutiques, exhibitions, retail and so on. Twist handle paper bags offer a stylish alternative and ideal for upmarket retail stores. Mailing bags are great for online based businesses selling products online. A printed mailing bag will look more professional and reinforce your brand image.

Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly

Unlike other forms of marketing and branding, carrier bags boost various green credentials. This reduces carbon emissions, waste and pollution reduction. It’s always great to know that your purchasing in a product that is brand friendly.

UK’s No.1 Supplier for Custom Printed Carrier Bags!

At Cheap as Prints we are pleased to offer a superb range of personalised carrier bags that are great quality and affordable. All our bags are manufactured in the UK using eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable sources. Order online or contact us for a bespoke quote.