Carrier Bags Printing

Promotional printed bags can provide cost effective ways to increase advertising opportunities. Whether you choose polythene bags, paper bags or even mailing bags, you are investing in a product that will help promote your business services and raise brand awareness. Moreover these bags are manufactured from recyclable sources meaning you will be doing your bit for the environment.

Polythene Carrier Bags Printing

Polythene Bags

Our polythene carrier bags are perfect for retail, exhibitions, boutiques, gift shops, catering and merchandisers. These high quality carrier bags are manufactured from durable recyclable sources and can be personalised to one or both sides using your company logo and promotional messages.

Twist Handle Paper Bags Printing

Twist Handle Paper Bags

Twist handle paper bags provide an alternative option to standard polythene bags. They are stylish, high quality and comfortable to hold. These bags are manufactured from sustainable paper sources and perfect for clothes stores, museums, up market gift shops and large department stores.

Mailing Bags Printing

Mailing Bags

Mailing bags are great if your business regularly posts out items for delivery. So why not make the most of your advertising opportunities by using our branded mailing bags. They are low cost, extremely durable and manufactured from 100% recyclable sources.

Printed Polythene, Twist Handle Paper & Mailing Bags by Cheap as Prints

The purpose of carrier bags is ultimately to serve as a carrier for items either purchased at a shop or given away for free at events. Using personalised carrier bags that include your company imprint will a give professional outlook and increase brand awareness.

Benefits of using personalised carrier bags for your business

Increase brand awareness

Creating a strong and reputable brand is one of the best ways to promote a business. Personalised carrier bags offer a great marketing strategy that will visibly help expose your products and services. In general consumers move towards a business that takes pride in their appearance and professionalism. By using custom printed carrier bags you are investing in your business by allowing your customers to carry your brand name.

Perfect for retail and exhibition events

Personalised carrier bags are perfect for retailers, exhibiters and merchandisers. They are frequently exposed to a large variance of people. This includes general shoppers at supermarkets and boutiques to attendees at exhibitions.

Affordable and multipurpose

Carrier bags can be seen almost every day whilst out an about in town, in a supermarket car park or at a trade event. Their practicality and versatility means they often reused well after serving their original purpose. This means your logo and promotional messages will be seen and by people other than your target audience. Personalised carrier bags are also cheaper than other mainstream forms of advertising and have a low cost per impression.

Various customisable options

Promotional carrier bags generally tend to have various customisable options. Plastic polythene bags offer a great combination of quality and affordability. They are available as punched or patch handle bags that are reinforced and more durable. These bags are perfect for book stores, gift shops, school fairs, boutiques, exhibitions, retail and so on. Other bag types include twist handle paper bags that offer a stylish alternative and are environmentally friendly. If your business is online based, personalised mailing bags can be a great option when posting out items to your customers.

Biodegradable and eco friendly

Unlike other forms of marketing and branding, carrier bags boost various green credentials. When purchasing carrier bags it’s always noble to ask how the bags are manufactured. A supplier that cares for the environment will often ensure that the production process involves using biodegradable, recycled and sustainable sources.

Our Promise

At Cheap as Prints we are pleased to offer a superb range of personalised carrier bags that are great quality and extremely affordable. All our bags are manufactured in the UK using eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable sources. Order online or contact us for a bespoke quote.

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