Promotional Printing

For business growth, it is essential to explore all forms of advertising and branding. Although most advertising has gone digital, it is important to strike a balance between both forms of online and offline platforms for maximum impact.

A5 Flyers & Leaflets

Flyers & Leaflets

Flyer and leaflet printing provides an affordable way to promote business products and services via door to door distribution. Alternatively they can be handed out at exhibitions and business events accompanied with other promotional literature. With an eye-catching design flyers and leaflets can be very influential in generating new sales and leads.

Folded Leaflets

Folded Leaflets & Menus

Folded leaflets consist of a single sheet of paper that is folded once or twice to make mini folded brochures. They can be used as product pricelists, newsletters or fast food menus for takeaways and restaurants. We offer a great range of folded leaflets that can be printed in full colour on various thickness coated and uncoated paper stocks.

Printed Carrier Bags

Carrier Bags

Personalised carrier bags offer low cost marketing opportunities and are great for retailors, exhibitors, event organisers and merchandisers. Our bag range includes plastic polythene, mailing and twist handle paper bags. They are available in a wide range of sizes and colours and can be custom printed with your business logo and messages.

Labels & Stickers Printing

Vinyl Label Stickers

Personalised labels and stickers offer various indoor and outdoor advertising solutions. They provide a low cost way to promote your company’s products and services. Our paper labels and vinyl stickers are perfect for using on packaging items, envelopes, shop windows, vehicles, sign boards, machinery, clothing and so on!

Indoor & Outdoor Poster Printing


Poster printing provides a cheap and effective way for getting your promotional messages seen by everyone. They can be used inside shop windows, office walls and retail display areas. We offer a fantastic range of posters that are can be printed on various indoor and outdoor stock including paper and waterproof PVC media.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

Personalised fridge magnets are great promotional giveaways and great for increasing brand awareness. They are ideal for communicating information and reminding customers of your business each time they open their fridge. Additionally fridge magnets are durable and lightweight making them easy and cost effective for mail marketing.

Full Colour T-Shirt Printing


Personalised T-shirts offer an affordable solution for business promotions and branding. They can be given to staff members to wear during business events or as company work wear. Personalised T-shirts are great for giving away as promotional gifts. Each time a customer wears your T-shirt, they’ll be providing free exposure for your business.

Canvas Printing


Custom printed canvases provide a great way to elegantly showcase your own artwork, designs and photos. Our personalised canvases provide the perfect way to transform all your memories in to great looking wall displays. All our canvas prints are produced on premium 330gsm cotton and can be printed in full colour, sepia or black & white.

Promotional Pens & Pencils

Pens & Pencils

Personalised writing instruments like pens and pencils are excellent low cost promotional giveaways. They can help create product awareness, build customer loyalty and enhance brand appeal. We offer a popular range of pens and pencils that are available to personalise with your company imprint and messages.

Promotional Printing by Cheap as Prints

Promotional products for marketing and branding

Promotional products offer great marketing and brand strengthening opportunities. They can be used to introduce new products and help generate new sales. Promotional products should be integral to any successful marketing strategy, as they can really expand your advertising exposure whilst enhancing your brand credibility.

Advantages of Promotional Printing

Increase brand recognition

The aim of every business owner is to create and maintain a strong brand image, the ability to stay ahead of competition and build a solid reputation. Branded products like personalised carrier bags, pens and fridge magnets provide the perfect ammunition to increase and reinforce brand exposure.

Maintain loyalty and retention

A key attribute to business success is maintaining customer loyalty. Thanking customers for their business and support will spread good karma and could result in them reciprocating for your kind gesture. Furthermore promotional gifts can spark a personal relationship for your brand and turn customers into ambassadors for your business.

Affordable marketing strategy

Personalised products generally use a word of mouth technique to boost cost per impressions. They are often passed from one person the next, meaning your brand benefits from increased impressions. For example personalised carrier bags used to hold goodies at exhibition events are often used by other individuals well after their intended purpose.

Stay ahead of competition

Personalised merchandise provides endless opportunities to promote your brand in so many ways. From writing instruments like pens and pencils to promotional t-shirts, the possibilities are endless. Unlike business cards, promotional gifts can be tailored to your specific target audience and allow your business to be unique, creative and personal.

Increase leads and sales

Although promotional products are great for branding, they double up as excellent lead generators. These items are proven to leave positive impressions on existing customers and can help massively in attaining new ones. They can be part of a sales pitch or be used as referral incentives for existing customers.

Our Promise

At Cheap as Prints we understand how much value promotional products can add to your marketing campaigns. Whether it is a free fridge magnet, pen, personalised carrier bag or T-shirt, promotional products can prove invaluable for generating new leads and raising awareness for your brand.

We have put together a handful of our most popular promotional products, so simply order online or contact us for a bespoke quote. You can email us at or call our sales line on 01922 666 288.

Covid-19 Notice

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