Fabric Display Stands

Exhibition display stands offer an attractive way to promote business services at events, tradeshows, or conferences. Design themes can be branded with your corporate colours and unique sales messages. The versatility of display stands means they can be erected in retail showrooms, reception areas, or even at private events.

At Cheap as Prints, we offer a wide range of portable display stands at affordable prices. Choose from our indoor or outdoor displays to suit your requirements and maximise your floor space. Order online or feel free to call our sales line on 01922 666 288.

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Fabric Display Stands from Cheap as Prints

The popularity of fabric tube systems is ever-increasing in the exhibition and display marketplace. The tubular frames are lightweight, robust, and can be recycled. The systems are supplied in shorter manageable sections. These sections are numbered and slot together without any tools for quick and easy assembly. Once the frame is set up, the fabric graphic fits over the frame like a glove and is securely zipped up. The stretch in the fabric keeps the graphic under tension, taught, and free from creases.

The graphics are printed using the most modern dye sublimation techniques. Dye-sub printing offers truly outstanding depth and vibrancy as the colours infuse exceptionally better on the fabric material. The fabric material is also machine washable meaning your display will look it’s very best at all times!

At Cheap as Prints, we offer a fabulous range of fabric display systems to suit all budgets and requirements. These systems will allow you to add a modern twist to your branding without any fuss. And when your marketing messages need changing, you can just recycle your existing stand with new graphics. We offer the complete fabric display design and print service. Browse our range and order online. Feel free to call us on 01922 666 288 or email us at info@cheapasprints.com. Our experts are always at hand to answer any questions regarding your fabric display.

Fabric Display Stands FAQ’s

A fabric display stand is a portable and lightweight exhibit structure designed for showcasing products, services, or information at trade shows, exhibitions, or events. It features a frame that supports a tensioned fabric graphic, creating a seamless and visually appealing display.

A fabric display stand typically consists of an aluminum frame with a tensioned fabric graphic that stretches over the frame. The fabric is attached securely to the frame, creating a smooth and wrinkle-free surface for displaying vibrant graphics.

Fabric display stands are primarily designed for indoor use. However, some models come with weather-resistant fabrics and can be used for outdoor events in sheltered areas.

Fabric display stand graphics are printed on high-quality, durable polyester fabric using a dye-sublimation printing process. This process ensures vibrant colors and sharp images on the fabric surface.

Yes, fabric display stands are designed to be reusable. The fabric graphics can be easily replaced, allowing for updates or changes to the display without replacing the entire stand.

Yes, fabric display stands are lightweight and designed for easy transportation. They often come with a carrying case or bag, making them convenient for travel to different events.

The setup time for fabric display stands is generally quick and straightforward. Depending on the size and complexity, they can be set up by a small team in a relatively short amount of time.

Yes, some fabric display stands are designed to be double-sided, allowing for graphics to be displayed on both sides of the stand. Double-sided displays maximise visibility in busy event spaces.

Fabric display stands are designed for easy self-installation, and many exhibitors can set them up without the need for professional assistance. However, larger or more complex configurations may benefit from the expertise of a professional installer.

Traditional roller banners have a retractable mechanism that pulls up a printed graphic panel from a base, often made of aluminum. Fabric tube banners, on the other hand, use a fabric sleeve that fits over a tubular frame, allowing for a more streamlined and dynamic display with a stretchable fabric graphic.