Spot UV Business Cards

Spot UV business cards can add extra depth and vibrancy to your brand, making it stand out from the crowd. A special UV coating is applied to highlight designated parts of the design, enhancing the visual appeal and leaving a memorable impression on recipients. This results in an effective contrast between the matt and ultra-gloss areas of the print, creating a striking and professional look that elevates your brand identity.

Use our Free Business Card Design Tool to choose your backgrounds, themes, and fonts. After you have the design ready, send us the file, and we’ll handle the rest for you!

Product Specifications

  • Spot UV Business Cards
  • 350gsm / 450gsm Silk Stock
  • Single / Double Sided Printing
  • Matt Laminated to Both Sides
  • Flat / Raised Spot UV Finish
  • Spot UV Zones in Gloss Effect
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    Flat vs Raised Spot UV
    Raised Spot UV offers more texture and depth compared to flat Spot UV because it uses a thicker varnish during application.




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Order Summary


Spot UV Business Cards from Cheap as Prints

Spot UV business cards offer a sleek and professional touch to networking essentials. Utilising a technique where specific areas of the card are coated with a glossy, raised finish, spot UV adds depth and contrast to your design, making logos, text, or graphics stand out with a striking sheen against a matt backdrop. This method not only enhances the visual appeal of the card but also adds a tactile element, inviting recipients to engage with it.

Whether you’re aiming to make a memorable first impression at networking events or leave a lasting impact on potential clients, spot UV business cards elevate your brand identity with a sophisticated edge, ensuring your details are both noticed and remembered in the bustling world of business.

For a unique alternative that could make a lasting impact on potential clients, explore our mini or square business cards. These cards provide a creative flair that can resonate with your brand’s identity and industry.

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  • What is spot UV?

    Spot UV (Ultra Violet) is a printing technique where a clear, shiny coating is applied to specific areas of a printed piece, such as business cards, to create a contrast in texture and appearance.

  • How does spot UV differ from regular printing?

    Regular printing involves applying ink to the entire surface of the paper, whereas spot UV is a selective process where only certain areas receive the UV coating.

  • What are the benefits of using spot UV on business cards?

    Spot UV adds a tactile and visual element to your business cards, making them stand out and feel more luxurious. It can enhance specific design elements, such as logos or graphics, and adds durability to the card.

  • Is there a big difference between 350gsm and 450gsm Spot UV business cards?

    The 350gsm silk stock is lighter and more cost-effective, while 450gsm silk stock is thicker and offers a more substantial and luxurious feel.

  • What type of designs work best with spot UV?

    Designs with contrasting textures and colours tend to work well with spot UV. Logos, text, or graphics that you want to emphasise or make more eye-catching are ideal for spot UV treatment.

  • Is spot UV suitable for all types of business card designs?

    While Spot UV can enhance many designs, it may not work well with intricate, very small, or extremely detailed elements.

  • Can I get spot UV on both sides of the business card?

    Yes, you can apply Spot UV to one or both sides of the business card, depending on your design preferences.

  • What are soft-touch laminated Spot UV business cards?

    Soft-touch laminated Spot UV business cards have two unique features. They feel soft and luxurious because of the special soft-touch coating. Also, certain parts of the card have glossy, raised elements due to the Spot UV coating. This creates a stylish and touchable design, leaving a strong impression.

  • How should I prepare my artwork for spot UV printing?

    When designing your business cards, create a separate layer for the areas you want to have spot UV. Use a high-resolution file with clear, crisp lines to ensure optimal results.

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