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Printed pens and pencils are usable giveaways and great for branding. Perfect for business introductions, promotions or staff giveaways.

Choose from our most popular selection of handpicked pens and pencils. These products can be personalised with your company logo and branding messages.

Browse our range and order online! All our pens and pencils include FREE artwork, FREE origination and FREE delivery!

Pens & Pencils Personalised with Custom Print

Printed Pens & Pencils from Cheap as Prints

Pens and pencils have always proven to be cost effective promotional giveaways. These products can be handed out as standalone gifts or as part of a collective marketing campaign.

Benefits of Promotional Pens and Pencils

Budget-Friendly Marketing

Businesses are always searching for ways to get their name in front of people in the most cost-efficient way. Promotional writing instruments can strike the perfect balance between cost and effective marketing. The type of pen or pencil required would often depend on the set budget, marketing campaign or both. For example, for event distributions, it would make more sense to opt for plastic pens. These pens are cheaper and available with a wider choice of colours and personalisation options. For corporate events or exclusive clients, we’d recommend choosing metal-cased pens. These pens are more premium and heavier weighted.

Retention and Frequency

The golden rule of all promo gifts is to give recipients something useful that is frequently used. Choosing the wrong product can be an expensive mistake. The last thing you want is for your product to be binned or put in the office drawer and forgotten about!
Writing instruments are often kept in people’s eye-line, so choose carefully. A good quality pen or pencil can represent your brand higher over others.

Various Types and Styles

There is a whole plethora of pens and pencils for every kind of business and industry. With so many variations and printing options, there’ll always be something that fits your branding needs. Our Contour Argent Chrome Ball Pen is a great pen that is popular, stylish and writes well.

Fantastic Branding Tool

Promotional writing instruments can allow you to get creative with your marketing materials. An opportunity to gain new clients and retain existing ones. With the right pen or pencil, your brand will be in sight of your target audience at all times.

Buy Branded Pens & Pencils at Trade Prices!

When it comes to promotional products, it’s not about the true cost of the item, but more about the perceived value. People love receiving promotional products, it creates an instant feel-good factor, one of importance. Branded pens and pencils should be an extension of your marketing strategy. These products can add real value for your services and brand. Order online or contact our sales line on 01922 666 288 to discuss your requirements.