Promotional Pens & Pencils

Introduce people to your business at fairs and events with personalised pens and pencils. An extremely popular and low cost promotional tool that can represent your company’s identity or brand. We have a put together a popular range of writing instruments that can be personalised with up to 4 spot colours or printed in full colour.

Promotional Pens & Pencils

Pens and Pencils for Promotional Giveaways by Cheap as Prints

Promotional writing instruments like pens and pencils have always proved to be a low cost but highly effective marketing and branding tool. They are versatile and can be given away as standalone promo items or as part of a big marketing campaign.

Benefits of using promotional pens and pencils

Cost effective marketing

Businesses are always looking for inexpensive ways to get their name in front of people without blowing their marketing budget. Promotional writing instruments can strike the perfect balance between cost and effective marketing. With such a vast range of pens and pencils available there’s surely a type that fits the marketing bill of every business.

For mass distribution of promotional pens, we’d recommend using plastic pens. They are far more cost effective and great for giving away at events, schools or distributing amongst staff. On the other hand metal pens make for great corporate gifts because of their premium feel, quality and elegance.

Advances in digital print technology now means you can now order much smaller quantities without having to pay expensive set up fees. For example our Supersaver Foto Ball Pen has a minimum quantity of only 100, is printed in full colour and available for under £60!

Versatile promotional gift

The golden rule of every promotional product is to give the target audience something useful and something that can be used regularly. Unfortunately a lot of businesses make the mistake of giving promotional things that are binned or put in office drawer and forgotten about.

The versatility of promotional pens means you can almost exactly choose the type you think will be cut above everything else and in peoples eye-line most of the time. A good quality pen can last a long time, and if it visually appealing, than people would want to use it every day.

Various types and styles

There is a whole plethora of pens and pencils for every kind of business and industry. With so many variations, colours and printing options, there’ll always be something that fits your marketing and branding needs. Our Contour Argent Chrome Ball Pen is a great promo pen that is stylish and writes well.

Fantastic branding tool

Promotional products can allow you to get creative with your marketing materials, an essential ingredient to stay ahead of competition. Custom printed pens, pencils and other writing instruments provide a superb way of attaining new customers whilst retaining existing ones. Your brand will constantly be in sight and will be remembered for a long time.

Our Promise

When it comes to promotional products, it’s not about the true cost of the item, but more about the perceived value. People love receiving promotional products, it creates an instant feel good factor, one of importance. Personalised pens should be an extension of your marketing strategy, they can add real value for your products and services, most importantly your brand.

At Cheap as Prints, we have put together a selection of promotional plastic pens and pencils to help with your next marketing campaign. We pride ourselves in providing high quality promotional pens, excellent customer service and extremely competitive prices.

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