Pop-Up Display Stands

Create the Perfect Trade Show Setting with Magnetic & Fabric Pop-Up Stands.

Pop-Up display stands are eye-catching banners used for exhibitions, events, and retail spaces. These large format systems create seamless graphics for stunning-looking backdrops.

Magnetic pop-ups are the most widely used large-format displays. These systems are practical, lightweight, and affordable. The entire system can be assembled in minutes by attaching the graphic panels to the frame.

Fabric pop-ups or hop-ups provide a modern alternative to pop-ups. The single-piece graphic covers the entire frame like a glove creating a seamless display.

Magnetic & Fabric Pop-Up Displays for Exhibition Events
  • Curved Magnetic Pop-Up Display with Podium Stand

    Curved Magnetic Pop-Up

    Magnetic pop-up banners provide a classy-looking display that is perfect for any event. The curved frame gives it a bigger and wider appearance. Manufactured from aluminium components that are lightweight yet durable. Perfect for displaying at exhibition events, trade shows or large retail spaces.

  • Curved Fabric Hop-Up Display for Exhibition Events, Trade Shows & Retail

    Curved Fabric Pop-Up

    The curved fabric pop-up banner provides a modern alternative to traditional magnetic pop-ups. Unlike individual graphic panels, these systems use a single-piece fabric panel. The graphic stays on the fame making it easier to assemble to disassemble. Additionally, the fabric material can be washed should it get stained.

  • Straight Fabric Hop-Up Display for Exhibition Events, Trade Shows & Retail

    Straight Fabric Pop-Up

    The straight fabric pop-up banner features a clever collapsible aluminium frame that can be set up in minutes without the need for any tools. The graphics piece stays on the frame making it convenient when folding away. The blend of style and finish gives this fabric pop-up banner a look that is beyond its cost.

Pop-Up Display Stands from Cheap as Prints

Pop-up display stands, also known as pop-up stands or pop-up booths, are portable and versatile advertising tools commonly used at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, retail stores, and other promotional events. These displays are designed to be easily set up and provide a professional backdrop for showcasing products, services, or brand messages.

One of the main advantages of pop-up displays is their quick and straightforward setup. The frame easily expands into its full size, and the graphic panels are attached using magnetic strips, hook-and-loop fasteners (Velcro), or other simple attachment mechanisms. Pop-up displays are designed to be highly portable. They can typically fit into a compact carrying case or bag for easy transport to different events and locations.

Pop-up displays come in various sizes, ranging from tabletop versions to larger floor-standing models. The size you choose depends on your space and visibility requirements. Depending on your needs, you can accessorise pop-up displays with additional elements like shelves, lights, literature holders, and monitor mounts to enhance their functionality and appearance.

In general, pop-up display stands offer an effective way to make a strong visual impression at events and promotional activities. When using pop-up displays, focus on creating eye-catching graphics that convey your message effectively, and be prepared to adapt the display to suit different marketing needs and venues. We offer two types, magnetic or fabric. The choice between magnetic pop-up displays and fabric pop-up displays depends on factors such as your desired graphic quality, ease of customisation, transportation preferences, and setup speed. Both types of displays are effective marketing tools, so consider your specific needs and preferences when making a decision. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Magnetic Pop-Up Stands:

  1. Frame Structure: Magnetic pop-up displays have a frame structure made of lightweight aluminum. The frame typically uses magnetic connectors to assemble the display quickly and easily.
  2. Graphic Panels: These displays use graphic panels that are typically printed on rigid materials like PVC or laminated paper. The graphic panels are attached to the frame using magnetic strips or similar mechanisms.
  3. Graphics: Magnetic pop-up displays offer high-quality, vibrant graphics with sharp images and text. They can provide a more polished and glossy appearance compared to fabric displays.
  4. Setup: Magnetic pop-up displays are known for their quick and straightforward setup. The magnetic connectors make assembly fast and hassle-free.
  5. Durability: They are durable and built to withstand frequent use. The rigid graphic panels are less prone to damage during transportation and setup.
  6. Customisation: While magnetic pop-up displays offer customization options for graphics, they are typically less adaptable to changes in graphic content compared to fabric displays.
  7. Transport: Magnetic pop-up displays can be transported in a compact carrying case, which is typically included with the display. This makes them highly portable.

Fabric Pop-Up Stands:

  1. Frame Structure: Fabric pop-up displays also have aluminum frames, but they use a different setup mechanism, often involving a collapsible accordion-style frame or a pop-up frame.
  2. Graphic Panels: Fabric pop-up displays use fabric graphics that are stretched over the frame. These graphics are made from durable, wrinkle-resistant fabric material.
  3. Graphics: Fabric graphics are known for their vibrant and dye-sublimation printed graphics. They offer a sleek and modern appearance with a matte finish.
  4. Setup: Fabric pop-up displays are relatively easy to set up, with some variations using a more straightforward pop-up frame mechanism. They may take a bit longer to assemble compared to magnetic displays.
  5. Durability: Fabric graphics are less prone to damage during transportation because they can be folded or rolled. However, they may require more care during setup to ensure a smooth appearance.
  6. Customisation: Fabric pop-up displays are highly adaptable to changes in graphics content. You can easily replace the fabric graphics to update your messaging or branding.
  7. Transport: Fabric pop-up displays can also be transported in carrying cases, and they are generally lightweight and portable.

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