Pop-Up Display Stands

Pop-Up display stands are large format banners used for exhibitions, events and retail spaces. With a purposeful design these systems create seamless graphics for stunning looking backdrops.

At Cheap as Prints, we offer the option of traditional magnetic pop-up systems with a podium and wooden table top or a more practical fabric hop-up system.

Magnetic pop-ups work by attaching individual graphic panels to the frame without the need for additional tools or fasteners. This makes the setup process quick and straightforward, allowing for easy changes and updates to the display.

Fabric hop-ups provide a modern alternative to regular pop-up systems. The system utilises a single-piece graphic that graphic covers the entire frame like a glove creating a seamless display. This ensures a clean, professional look that is both easy to set up and visually appealing.

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Pop-Up Display Stands from Cheap as Prints

Pop-up display stands, also known pop-up booths, are portable advertising tools used at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and retail settings. These systems are designed to be easily set up and provide professional looking backdrops for showcasing company branding and promotional messages.

The choice of stand is generally depicted by space allocation and visibility requirements. Additional customisation can include optional shelving, lights, literature holders or monitor mounts to further enhance the displays functionality and appearance.

To maximise the impact of pop-up banners its worth focussing on an eye-catching design that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention. Incorporating high quality images or graphics that are relevant to your message will resonate with your target audience. By blending striking visuals, compelling messaging and strategic placement, you can design pop-up banners that leave a lasting impression and drive meaningful user actions.

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Pop-Up Display Stands FAQ’s

A pop-up display is a portable and collapsible exhibit structure used for showcasing products, services or information at trade shows, exhibitions or events.

Traditional pop-up displays use magnetic graphic panels that attach to a collapsible frame. In contrast, fabric pop-ups utilise a tensioned fabric graphic that stretches over a lightweight frame, providing a seamless and modern looking display.

Yes, pop-up display stands are designed to be reusable. The collapsible frame allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making the display suitable for multiple events.

The setup time for pop-up display stands varies, but all systems are designed for quick and easy assembly. Depending on the size and complexity, setup can typically be done by a small team within 5 minutes.

Pop-up displays generally require minimal maintenance. However, regular cleaning and inspection of components will ensure the display remains in good condition. Check for any wear and tear and replace or repair components as needed.