Pop-Up Display Stands

Create the Perfect Trade Show Setting with Magnetic & Fabric Pop-Up Stands.

Pop-Up banners are eye-catching displays used for exhibitions, events and retail spaces. These large format systems create seamless graphics for stunning-looking backdrops.

Magnetic pop-ups are the most widely used large format displays. These systems are practical, lightweight and affordable. The entire system can be assembled in minutes by attaching the graphic panels to the frame.

Fabric pop-ups or hop-ups provide a modern alternative to pop-ups. The single-piece graphic covers the entire frame like a glove creating a seamless display.

Magnetic & Fabric Pop-Up Displays for Exhibition Events
  • Curved Magnetic Pop-Up Display with Podium Stand

    Curved Magnetic Pop-Up

    Magnetic pop-up banners provide a classy-looking display that is perfect for any event. The curved frame gives it a bigger and wider appearance. Manufactured from aluminium components that are lightweight yet durable. Perfect for displaying at exhibition events, trade shows or large retail spaces.

  • Curved Fabric Hop-Up Display for Exhibition Events, Trade Shows & Retail

    Curved Fabric Pop-Up

    The curved fabric pop-up banner provides a modern alternative to traditional magnetic pop-ups. Unlike individual graphic panels, these systems use a single-piece fabric panel. The graphic stays on the fame making it easier to assemble to disassemble. Additionally, the fabric material can be washed should it get stained.

  • Straight Fabric Hop-Up Display for Exhibition Events, Trade Shows & Retail

    Straight Fabric Pop-Up

    The straight fabric pop-up banner features a clever collapsible aluminium frame that can be set up in minutes without the need for any tools. The graphics piece stays on the frame making it convenient when folding away. The blend of style and finish gives this fabric pop-up banner a look that is beyond its cost.

Pop-Up Display Stands from Cheap as Prints

Pop-up stands are large format displays that are portable and easy to assemble. In general, there are two types, magnetic or fabric. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Magnetic pop-ups allow the frame to be erected in seconds, but you will have to spend a few minutes adjusting each panel to create a seamless-looking display. The supplied graphics will consist of custom-printed, scuff-resistant laminated panels. These will easily attach to the frame using hooks that slot onto the frame and magnetic strips to hold the panel in place. All stands are quality checked for perfect graphic alignment before dispatching. Additionally, you will also be provided with a printed guide to further help set up your display.

Fabric pop-ups or hop-ups feature a similar system to the magnetic system but are easier to assemble. Instead of individual panels, the fabric system features a one-piece graphic that is conveniently placed over the frame like a glove. This creates the perfect-looking display without any fuss or is ideal for the modern exhibitor. Additionally, the fabric material is machine washable ensuring your display stays stain free and looks its best at all times.

The versatility of both systems means they can be displayed in various settings. This includes exhibition events, conferences, trade shows, award ceremonies and showrooms. The possibilities are endless!

Buy your next magnetic pop-up or fabric hop-up from Cheap as Prints! We offer high quality systems at unbeatable prices! Feel free to contact us if you’re unsure about choosing your stand. We have years of knowledge in the wide format print industry. As a result, we can direct you toward the best stand for your budget. You can email us at info@cheapasprints.com or contact our sales team on 01922 666 288. We’d be happy to help!