Poster Frames

Poster Frames for Displaying Point of Sale, Art Prints, Photos & Movie Posters!

Poster frames are one the most popular point of sale display products on the market. Available in a wide range of sizes to fit any size poster print. There is also a wide selection of frame colours to compliment any decor or company branding.

We have put together a great selection of indoor and outdoor snap frames with various size and colour options. Simply browse the range and order online. If you need internal graphics please view our Poster Printing section.

Snap Frames for Poster Prints
  • Economy Poster Frame with Mitred Corner

    Economy Poster Frames

    The economy snap frame includes a 25mm profile and is available in a wide range of colours and sizes. As it is an entry-level frame there is no back panel. This means your display surface will act as backing to your poster. We recommend that this frame be kept for internal displays only.

  • 25mm Silver Poster Frame with Mitred Corner

    Silver Poster Frames

    The silver snap frame is one of our best-selling point of sale products. Manufactured from high specification extruded aluminum with a durable silver anodised finish. Choose the popular 25mm or wider 32mm profile. This frame is for long-term internal use and short-term outdoor displays.

  • 25mm Coloured Poster Frame with Mitred Corner

    Coloured Poster Frames

    The coloured snap frames are part of the silver snap frame range and available with 25mm or 32mm profiles. Likewise, these frames are manufactured from high-spec aluminium extrusion and available with a choice of 5 powder-coated colour options for a more stylish look and finish.

  • Polished Poster Frames in Silver or Gold

    Polished Poster Frames

    Polished poster frames offer a stylish alternative to regular-looking frames. Manufactured from high-quality aluminum with a 25mm profile and a polished chrome finish. The chrome effect can be on each of the corners or all the way around the outer frame. For indoor or very light outdoor applications.

  • Tamper Resistant Poster Frame

    Tamper Resistant Poster Frames

    Tamper-resistant poster frames offer greater security against vandals. It is manufactured from heavy-duty springs and includes a special lever opening tool. This opening tool makes it easier to replace graphics. To preserve the quality of the prints, we recommend using waterproof posters with this frame.

  • Lockable Poster Frame with Mitred Corner

    Lockable Poster Frames

    The lockable poster frame offers a medium-safety outdoor display solution. It is manufactured from high-specification aluminum extrusion for a long-lasting finish. Like regular frames, it uses a snap open and close system for graphic change and includes a sequential locking system for added security.

Poster Snap Frames from Cheap as Prints

Poster frames are lightweight displays designed to hold and protect poster prints. All frames feature a simple ‘snap open, snap shut’ mechanism. This makes it easy for inserting and replacing the poster graphics. There is also a clear PVC cover to protect the print from staining or getting wet.

Snap frames are best displayed in high-traffic areas, be it indoors or outdoors. For example, inside retail stores highlighting a promotion. Or in a busy public place informing passerby’s of important notices.

The quality of our snap frames is second to none. We use stronger springs to keep them shut tightly and prevent the inner poster graphics from falling out. Unlike other suppliers are range is much greater with more colour and size options. If you need further help choosing your perfect snap frame feel free to contact us on 01922 666 288 or email