Loyalty Business Cards

Loyalty business cards serve as golden keys to unlock exclusive benefits, turning ordinary transactions into lasting connections. From VIP access to special discounts and promotions, these cards empower customers to feel recognised and valued, strengthening their bond with the brand and encouraging repeat business.

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Product Specifications

  • Loyalty Business Cards
  • 350gsm Uncoated Stock
  • Single / Double Sided Printing
  • Choose With / Without Folding
  • Can be Written or Stamped on
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    Portrait Fold
    Flat size 110 x 85mm half folded to a finish size of 55 (w) x 85 (h) mm.

    Landscape Fold
    Flat size 170 x 55mm half folded to a finish size of 85 (w) x 55 (h) mm.




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Loyalty Business Cards from Cheap as Prints

Loyalty business cards, also referred to as loyalty cards or rewards cards, serve as a powerful marketing tool to foster customer loyalty and promote repeat business. The underlying idea is to create a strong motivation for customers to choose the same business over competitors, thereby fostering long-term loyalty.

The incentive process works by rewarding customers for each purchase or designated action, like referrals or social media interactions, with points or rewards. As customers interact more with the business, they accumulate more points. Upon reaching a certain point threshold, customers qualify for rewards, which can range from discounts and complimentary products to exclusive event access or special promotions. Customers can then redeem their accrued points for these rewards, fostering continued engagement with the business to earn additional points and enjoy further rewards.

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  • How do loyalty business cards work?

    Customers receive a stamp, punch, or digital mark on their loyalty card for each qualifying purchase. Once they reach a predetermined number of transactions or spending, they can redeem the completed card for rewards.

  • How can I promote my loyalty business card program?

    You can promote your loyalty card program through various channels, including in-store signage, social media, email newsletters, and on your website.

  • What information is typically included on a loyalty business card?

    A loyalty business card may include the business logo, a space for stamps or marks, a brief explanation of the program, and contact information. Some cards may also have terms and conditions regarding the redemption of rewards.

  • How can customers check their loyalty card balance or status?

    Depending on the program, customers can check their loyalty card balance or status through in-store terminals, online portals, mobile apps, or by contacting the business directly. Providing multiple convenient options enhances the customer experience.

  • What is the dimensions for the loyalty business cards?

    Our folded and unfolded business cards have a finished size of 85mm (w) x 55mm (h). This is the standard UK size for business cards and will fit in a wallet, purse or business cardholder.

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