Exhibition Display Stands

Exhibition display stands provide a practical solution for businesses looking to promote their services at events, trade shows and conferences.

In addition to these stands, other effective exhibition display products include PVC vinyl banners, posters and illuminated light box displays. Together, these display products can create a comprehensive toolkit for effective visual marketing and brand promotion.

By incorporating eye-catching graphics, interactive elements and strategic placement, these display products can help businesses drive engagement and enhance brand visibility among potential clients and industry peers.

At Cheap as Prints, we offer a wide range of exhibition display products at affordable prices. Our collection includes versatile indoor options to help maximise your floor space, including various outdoor solutions designed to withstand different weather conditions. Order online or feel free to call our sales line on 01922 666 288.

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Exhibition Display Stands from Cheap as Prints

Exhibition display stands play a crucial role in the marketing and promotional strategies of businesses at trade shows, exhibitions and events. These stands are designed to attract attention, convey key messages and create an engaging environment that encourages visitor interaction. One of the most popular options for businesses looking for a versatile and easy-to-transport display is the portable roller banner. These banners are compact, lightweight and can be quickly set up or taken down, making it ideal for trade shows where space and time are at a premium. Tube displays are another excellent choice, providing a sleek and modern look while occupying minimal floor space.

For companies seeking a more expansive and impactful presence, larger display solutions such as magnetic and fabric pop-ups are available. These displays can cover significant areas, creating a more immersive experience for attendees. Magnetic pop-ups offer the convenience of easy assembly with interchangeable graphics, while fabric pop-ups provide a seamless and high-quality visual appeal. These types of displays are particularly effective in making a strong visual statement and enhancing brand visibility at larger exhibitions and events.

PVC banners and posters are also widely used for high-impact displays. These options are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events, offering robust and weather-resistant properties that ensure the graphics remains vibrant throughout the event. For added visual appeal, LED light boxes can be employed to illuminate backlit posters, making the display stand out even in low-light environments. These light boxes not only attract attention but also enhance the overall aesthetic of the display.

In addition to these large-scale solutions, smaller promotional tools such as strut cards can be strategically placed on tables, counters or within display stands to provide additional information and reinforce branding. Strut cards are easy to produce and can be customised to fit various marketing needs.

Whether it’s through the use of portable roller banners, expansive fabric pop-ups or eye-catching LED light boxes, exhibition display products are essential for creating impactful and memorable presentations at trade shows, exhibitions and events.

Exhibition Display Stands FAQ’s

An exhibition display stand is a structure designed to showcase products, services or information at trade shows, conferences or exhibitions. It serves as a visual and promotional tool to attract and engage visitors.

Exhibition display stands are constructed using lightweight materials such as aluminium, fabric or PVC. Larger or complex systems feature modular components for easy assembly, disassembly and transportation.

There are various types of exhibition display stands, including pop-up displays, banner stands, modular displays, table top displays, backdrop walls and interactive displays, each offering unique features for different exhibiting needs.

Yes, exhibition display stands in general are designed for easy setup and can be assembled without the need for specialised tools. Portable displays often use modular components for quick and straightforward installation.

Some exhibition display products are suitable for outdoor events. These systems are constructed from weather-resistant materials and include additional stabilisation features.

Consider factors such as space, budget, branding requirements and the frequency of use. Additionally, evaluate different the types of display, dimensions and customisation options to find the product that aligns with your specific exhibiting goals.

Exhibition display products generally require minimal maintenance. For stands that are used frequently, regular inspection of components is recommended to ensure all parts function as required.