Promotional Fridge Magnets

Personalised Fridge Magnets with Custom Printed Logos, Photos & Branding.

Create magnetic gift ideas for promotions, events and business branding. Ideal as fridge magnets, magnetic bookmarks and jigsaws with personalised graphics. Designs can include company logos and influential messages for branding and repeat business. The lightweight nature of this promo product makes it ideal for distribution, be it by hand or post.

All our magnetic promo products are printed in full colour and inclusive of FREE UK delivery!

Personalised Fridge Magnets with Custom Printed Logos, Photos & Branding
  • Custom Shaped Fridge Magnets for Promotional use

    Shaped Magnets

    Shaped magnets are available in a wide range of popular styles. These include rectangular, square, circle, oval, vehicle shapes and so on. With so many shapes and sizes to choose from, shaped magnets offer a great solution for any promo campaign.

  • Personalised Fridge Magnetic Memo Clips

    Magnetic Clips

    Magnetic clips are designed to accommodate your company logo, images and influential sales messages. This fantastic promotional product is extremely low cost and great for clipping on memos, notes, receipts and loose sheets of paper.

  • Personalised Fridge Magnetic with A6 & A7 Writing Pad

    Magnetic Pads

    Magnetic pads are highly visible advertising products and great for promo sales messages and increasing brand awareness. The product consists of a flexible magnet with a kiss cut slot designed to hold A7 or A6 size pads.

  • Circle Shaped Dome Fridge Magnets for Promotional Use

    Domed Magnets

    Dome fridge magnets offer a great alternative to regular shaped magnets. It is more premium feeling and includes an injection moulded plastic base. The face is printed in full colour and encapsulated within an epoxy resin dome.

  • Personalised Magnetic Bookmarks with Custom Print

    Magnetic Bookmarks

    Magnetic bookmarks are simple but are a highly effective promotional item. The bookmark is printed on 350gsm stock and includes none-slip magnetic grippers. This makes it lightweight and inexpensive. Ideal for events or giving away to students.

  • Custom Printed Dry Wipe Magnetic Pads with Pen

    Dry Wipe Magnet & Pen

    Dry wipe magnetic memo boards are compact and practical. This unique promo gift features a mini dry wipe magnetic surface and supplied with a writing pen. Ideal for recipients to write quick memos, notes and reminders.

  • Custom Printed Fridge Magnetic Photo Frames

    Magnetic Photo Frames

    Magnetic photo frames are great for printing treasured memories. This can include personal photos combed with branded messages. Photo frames provide a great way to enforce emotional connections between customer and brand.

  • Custom Printed Magnetic Jigsaw Games for Promotional Use

    Magnetic Jigsaws

    Magnetic jigsaws offer fun way to promote sales and branding messages. Designs can include creative themes to keep recipients entertained. A great promo gift that is ideal for any business looking to create a fun factor to their marketing campaign.

Custom Printed Fridge Magnets from Cheap as Prints

branded logo and photo magnets offer a all year round promo giveaway item. A constant reminder of your brand each time a recipient opens their fridge door. These magnets are not restricted to applying to a fridge door, it will attract to all magnetic surfaces!

Advantages of using Fridge Magnets as Promotional Products

Practical and Easy to Distribute

Compared to many other promotional items, fridge magnets are more compact and easier to distribute. This make it easy for when transporting to an exhibition event or when mailing out. It’s small size and lightweight means it’s great for mail marketing campaigns.

Durable and Highly Visible

Fridge magnets are produced on hard-wearing magnetic PVC. This media that is lightweight and extremely flexible. The gloss laminated finish provides an extra layer of protection whilst enhancing solid colours. Promotional magnets are highly visible products and can be displayed in sight view.

Low Cost Promotional Item

With so many promotional giveaway ideas, it may be overwhelming in deciding what’s best for your business. Branded fridge magnets offer an extremely versatile and low cost option. Allowing you to press on with your marketing and branding without overspending.

Large Customisable Options

Unlike many other promotional items, fridge magnets offer endless customisable options. Choose from die-cut to shapes including circles, ovals, rectangles, squares and vehicle shapes. The versatility of this product means it can be used as magnetic bookmarks, pads, clips, frames and jigsaws.

Create Your Own Fridge Magnets with Custom Printed Logos, Photos & Ads

Personalised fridge magnets can add a creative touch to your marketing campaigns. Designs can include memorable photos, logos or influential adverts. Your client will see these promotional messages each time they attend to their fridge. With such a plethora of magnet types, sizes and styles there is something for everyone!

Our fridge magnet range is not limited to what is advertised on the website. Feel free to contact our sales team at or call 01922 666 288 for a custom quote.