Masking Tape

3M 201E high-quality general purpose masking tape for home and industrial applications.

The 3M 201E masking tape offers good instant adhesion and bonding strength that resists lifting and curling. Unlike cheaper alternatives this masking tape is moisture resistant, does not tear when unfolding and has an operating temperature range up to 80°C / 1h.

This premium masking tape is the ideal choice for general purpose short-term paint applications, decorative use, temporary fixings, attaching or holding, label marking and so on! No minimum quantity, order as little as 1 with fast FREE UK delivery!

Product Specifications

  • Premium brand 3M™ masking tape
  • Tape reference: 201E 24mm x 50m
  • Instant bonding and holding power
  • Perfect for decorative applications
  • ideal for use in cold environments
  • Suitable for box sealing & labelling
  • Office, factory and warehouse use
  • Huge quantity discounts available

Key Features

  • Temprature Resistant
  • High Tack Adhesive

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3M™ 201E Masking Tape by Cheap as Prints

The 3M™ all-purpose Masking Tape 201E is a premium-quality masking tape used for short-term paint masking, fixing, bundling, holding, sealing, and other applications up to a temperature of 80°C for one hour. Chamois color, rubber adhesive, thickness 0,135mm.

This tape is designed for general use in industrial applications with a slight need for temperature and water resistance such as short-term paint masking and sealing applications. It provides good instant adhesion and holding power that resists lifting or curling. Its crepe paper backing offers conformability that will maintain integrity when formed around corners. Its good solvent and moisture resistance helps to resist paint bleed-through and provides good paint lines due to its clean removability in one piece with no residue from most surfaces. An essential tool box item.


  • What is the best way to apply masking tapes?

    1. First start with a clean and fully prepared surface.
    2. Avoid stretching the tape and try to pull about 3 feet of the tape from the roll at a time.
    3. Lay the tape into any dips or depressions but don’t pull or stretch the tape to fit.
    4. Once the tape has been placed flat firmly press down the edges to avoid messy edges or seepage.

  • What is the perfect temperature for applying masking tapes?

    Ideally at 70 degrees fahrenheit and low humidity. Very high or low temperatures can contribute to reduced performance of the adhesive.

  • What is the shelf life of masking tapes?

    A general rule of thumb is a shelf life of 1-2 years.

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