Rigid Tension Banners

Indoor & Outdoor Tension Banners for Exhibitions Events and Retail Spaces.

Rigid tension banners are commonly used for indoor and outdoor advertising, trade shows, presentations, and various promotional events. The stands maintain a firm and rigid shape and are very easy to assemble.

At Cheap as Prints, we provide a variety of rigid tension banners that offer flexibility in displaying your graphics. These holders feature lightweight and easy-to-change rigid panels, allowing for quick graphic adjustments. Rigid tension banners are ideal for diverse settings such as exhibitions, trade shows, schools, retail spaces, universities, colleges, showrooms, and car dealerships, providing versatile solutions for your display needs.

Rigid Tension Banner Displays for Business Promotions
  • Outdoor X-Banner Stands

    X-Banner Stands

    X-banners offer an affordable and lightweight display solution. The rigid back frame of this stand is formed in the shape of an ‘X’. This supports the graphics when inserted into the 4 corners. We offer indoor and outdoor X-banners for all settings and environments.

  • L-Banner Stands for Indoor Displays

    L-Banner Stands

    L-banners are perfect for any indoor setting. The rigid back frame of this stand is in the shape of an ‘L’. It is held up by a pole that attaches to the top bar and a horizontal bar that attaches to the bottom bar, creating an ‘L’ shaped frame.

  • Freestanding Outdoor A-Shaped Banner Frames

    A-Banner Stands

    A-shaped banner frames are perfect for all outdoor promotions. The framework is made from durable aluminium tubing and supplied with waterproof PVC graphics. Banner frames are ideal for outdoor sports events, festivals and golf tournaments.

  • Pop-Out Banners for Indoor & Outdoor Branding Events

    Pop-Out Banners

    Pop-out banners are also known as golf day banners, oval banners, stowaways, or pop-up bean banners. These displays are functional and very easy to assemble, making them a great addition to any indoor or outdoor event. Supplied with a lightweight bag for transport.

Rigid Tension Banners from Cheap as Prints

Rigid tension banners offer a smart and practical way to highlight promotions and raise brand awareness. The stands consist of a durable frame, often made of plastic or aluminium, which provides a stable structure. Despite their sturdy structure, rigid tension banners are lightweight and portable. The frames are designed for easy assembly and disassembly, making it easy to transport to different events.

Rigid tension banners are available in various sizes, including indoor and outdoor frames to suit individual requirements. Indoor tension banners are manufactured from mid-range components and are ideal for sheltered environments like reception areas or retail showrooms. Outdoor tension banners are more durable as they are manufactured from tougher weather-resistant materials. These stands are built to last and will withstand knocks and bumps in high-traffic areas.

You can choose to have your tension banner printed with any design, including branding, promotional messages, or high-resolution images. The versatility of these stands allows them to be used in various settings, including corporate events, museums, and educational institutions.

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In general, rigid tension banners offer a cost-effective solution for businesses and organisations looking to create impactful visuals without breaking the bank. They provide a high return on investment due to their durability and reusability.

Order your rigid tension banner online or contact our sales team on 01922 666 288 for more info. Our expert advisors can help you choose the right display for your specific requirements. Proper advice, design, placement, and content are key factors in creating an effective and visually appealing display.

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