Dibond Signs Printing

Dibond signs are made from strong aluminium composite that includes two aluminium sheets sandwiched around a solid polyethylene core. Additionally the dibond material is temperature stable, which means it stay retains its shape and stays flat. Dibond signs offer exceptional resistant to physical impacts and are rust and crack proof. They are suitable to use as shop fascia signs, wall signs, information signs and directional signs.

Custom dibond boards for business signage & displays
A5 3mm Aluminium Dibond Signs

A5 Dibond Signs

A5 dibond signs measure 148 x 210mm in size. They are compact and can be used as directional signs, health and safety signs, car park signs and CCTV camera signs.

A4 3mm Aluminium Dibond Signs

A4 Dibond Signs

A4 dibond signs measure 210 x 297mm in size. They are perfect for using as sturdy store display signs, car parking signs and directional signs for exhibitions and fairs.

A3 3mm Aluminium Dibond Signs

A3 Dibond Signs

A3 dibond signs measure 297 x 420mm in size. Having double the space of A4 correx signs, there is plenty of space for including all your display and promotional messages.

A2 3mm Aluminium Dibond Signs

A2 Dibond Signs

Our A2 dibond signs are our best-selling boards measuring 420 x 594mm in size. They are perfect for using event displays for promoting new products and services.

A1 3mm Aluminium Dibond Signs

A1 Dibond Signs

A1 dibond signs measure 594 x 841mm in size. These boards are ideal for exhibiters, event organisers and store merchandisers that need extremely durable signage solutions.

A0 3mm Aluminium Dibond Signs

A0 Dibond Signs

If you want to make big bold statements, A0 dibond signs provide just the thing! Measuring 841 x 1189mm there is tons of white space for content or image heavy designs.

3ft x 2ft 3mm Aluminium Dibond Signs

3ft x 2ft Dibond Signs

3ft x 2ft dibond signs are practical and great for all round indoor and outdoor applications. They can be used for retail point of sale displays or product signage at events.

8ft x 4ft 3mm Aluminium Dibond Signs

8ft x 4ft Dibond Signs

8ft x 4ft dibond signs are perfect for big promotional displays and can be used as stage backdrops. These boards can be printed to both sides for maximum impact!

Custom Size 3mm Aluminium Dibond Signs

Custom Size Dibond Signs

For custom dibond signs, you can use our online sign calculator for instant prices. As part of our competitive pricing, we offer quantity discounts for all our dibond signs.

Aluminium Dibond Signs by Cheap as Prints

Dibond signs provide the ultimate solution for affordable long term signage. They are temperature stable, do not warp and offer great resistance against physical impacts. Dibond signs also offer a longer life span and look and fell more expensive. They can be used as shop front signs, information signs, directional signs, wall display signs, car park signs, and hoardings.

The versatility of these boards means they can also be used indoors to create a modern and creative appearance. They can be displayed on internal walls using standoffs for a classy looking display. For external displays Dibond signs can be fixed onto posts and on walls by drilling, screwing, riveted or nailing.

Our Promise

At Cheap as Prints we offer 3mm thick dibond signs that can be printed in full colour to one or both sides. These signs are perfect for all long-term outdoor signage and displays.

Simply send us your dibond sign design or let our professional designers help. Our artwork rates are competitively priced and we can send you a design draft within 2 days. If you still wish to provide your own design you can download our free A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 dibond sign design templates to be sure you artwork meets printing requirements.

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