NCR Set, Pad & Book Printing

NCR printing, also known as carbonless printing, revolutionises document duplication by eliminating the need for messy carbon paper, offering a clean and efficient method for creating multiple copies simultaneously. You can add your company logo, address details and corporate colours. By doing so, your brand will be in sync with the rest of your business stationery.

At Cheap as Prints, we specialise in providing personalised NCR printing services featuring custom branded themes. Our selection includes loose NCR sets as well as convenient pad and book options, designed to streamline your business record keeping process.

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NCR Printing from Cheap as Prints

NCR (No Carbon Required) printing is a specialised form of printing used for creating multiple copies of handwritten or printed documents without the need for carbon paper. NCR forms are commonly used for business forms such as invoices, purchase orders, receipts, contracts, and various other documents that require duplicate or triplicate copies.

NCR paper is treated with a layer of micro-encapsulated dye or ink on the back of the top sheet. This layer is extremely sensitive to pressure and breaks when pressure is applied. When you write or print on the top sheet of an NCR form, the pressure from your writing instrument or the printer causes the microcapsules to burst, releasing the ink. The ink transfers to the sheet(s) beneath the top sheet, creating identical copies of what was written or printed. This process can be repeated for multiple copies, depending on the number of sheets in the NCR set.

NCR forms typically come in sets, with each set consisting of multiple sheets (usually 2, 3, 4, or more) glued together at the top or side. Each sheet is a different colour, making it easy to distinguish between the original and the copies. Personalised NCR sets, pads, and books will give your business a trustworthy and organised outlook.

NCR Printing FAQ’s

NCR printing offers quick and clean duplication without messy carbon sheets. It’s efficient for creating duplicate or triplicate copies of forms, invoices, receipts, and other documents.

You can add your company’s logo, name, contact information, and other branding elements. Additionally, you can choose the number of parts, colors, and layout to suit your requirements.

Yes, NCR forms can include sequential numbering, making it ideal for invoices, purchase orders, or other documents that require unique identification.

NCR forms are commonly used for various business documents, but for legal documents, it’s essential to consult with legal professionals to ensure compliance with any specific regulations.