550gsm PVC Free Banners

550gsm PVC-free banners are relatively thick and sturdy, making them suitable for outdoor use and situations where you need a durable banner that can withstand wind, rain, and other weather conditions. Additionally, this media is lighter than traditional PVC vinyl, making it easier to handle and less harmful to the environment.

Use our Free PVC Banner Design Tool to choose your own backgrounds, themes, and fonts. Once you have the design ready, just send us the file and we’ll do the rest! Our service is completely transparent and all prices are inclusive of free UK delivery!

Product Specifications

  • 550gsm PVC Free Banners
  • Fire Rated to B1 Certification
  • Heavy-Duty Waterproof Media
  • For Indoor / Outdoor Displays
  • Printed Full Colour in High-Def
  • Available with Various Finishes
  • Instant Prices for Custom Sizes
  • Discounts for Large Quantities
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550gsm PVC Free Banners from Cheap as Prints

PVC-free banner is a type of banner material that is both durable and environmentally friendly. The 550gsm refers to the weight or thickness of the banner material. GSM stands for “grams per square meter.” In this case, a 550 GSM banner is relatively thick and durable, making it suitable for outdoor use and situations where you need a durable banner that can withstand wind, rain, and other weather conditions.

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, a type of plastic that is commonly used in banner materials. PVC can have negative environmental impacts because it does not readily biodegrade and can release harmful chemicals when disposed of improperly. A PVC-free banner, on the other hand, is made from alternative materials that are more environmentally friendly. These materials can include fabric, paper, or other non-PVC plastics.

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As part of our journey to net zero, we are constantly reviewing our range of materials. As a result, our 550gsm PVC-free media is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional banner media. The material is just as hard-wearing as standard PVC vinyl, however, does not contain chlorine and dioxins. It is therefore easier to dispose of than its PVC counterpart. Additionally, there is no efficient way to dispose of regular PVC. When thrown into either landfill or an incinerator, and released in high concentrations, it can discharge toxins that negatively impact both humans and the environment. Opting to purchase a PVC-free banner is a positive step forward in ensuring our place of living and the environment are moving away from using less sustainable materials.

Use our online banner calculator by simply inputting the height and width in any variation of measure along with the quantities required. Our 550gsm banners are available in a wide range of finishes. These include hemming, eyelets, clean-cut edges, silicon edges, Velcro edges, and pole pockets. The most popular type of finish is hemming with eyelets allowing you to hang your display with screws and washers or cable ties. When ordering a 550 GSM PVC-free banner, you can expect a robust and heavy-duty material that is designed to be both durable and eco-friendly.

If you are still unsure about your banner requirements, feel free to contact our friendly team at info@cheapasprint.com or call 01922 666 288. Why not check out our other range of sign and display products to compliment your PVC banner? We offer fantastic prices for roller bannersposter printingrigid tension bannerslight box displays, signage, and point of sale displays!


  • What is a PVC banner?

    A PVC banner is a display product used to promote business services or events. The material is durable and weather-resistant making it perfect for displaying outdoors. The versatility of PVC banners means they are also great for displaying at private events such as weddings and birthday parties.

    Read our blog post to learn more about PVC banners and their purposes.

  • What do you meany by PVC free?

    Our Kavalan PVC free banners are recyclable and environmentally friendly compared to standard PVC. The material does not add to landfill and therefore reduces the impact of end-of-life disposal. In the unforeseen circumstances that Kavalan does accidentally end up in landfill, its non-polluting, water–based and biodegradable coating will easily decompose. Kavalan can also be green-incinerated to generate electricity – an additional benefit to many other ‘recycled’ products, which can’t follow this process. Kavalan ash is also a useful product for road maintenance, whereas other recycled products have to go to landfill.

  • How durable is the 550gsm free banner media?

    The 550gsm PVC free media is hard-wearing and coated with a matt finish. The print surface is relatively smooth meaning greater clarity without ripples. It is suitable for medium to long-term external displays with a life span of 5 years and is resistant to cracking at low temperatures.

  • What sizes are available for PVC banners?

    PVC banners come in various sizes, catering to different display requirements. Standard sizes range from small banners suitable for storefronts to large-format banners for events and outdoor advertising.

  • What finishing options are available for PVC banners?

    PVC banners often come with various finishing options, including hemming, eyelets, and pole pockets. These features enhance the banner’s strength, facilitate easy installation, and provide versatility in how the banner can be displayed.

  • How do I display my PVC banner?

    Unless specified otherwise, our 550gsm PVC free banners will be supplied with re-inforced hemmed edges and eyelets. This will make it easy to attach against a building wall or above a shop. Simply use large penny washers over the front of the eyelets and secure using screws inside a raw plug.

    If the banner is to be attached to a fence or railings, then you can either use cable ties or a rope to secure it. For best results, we recommend bungee cords as they act like shock absorbers. This will decrease the chances of the banner tearing or ripping in windy conditions. For extremely windy conditions or severe weather conditions, we recommend opting for our PVC free mesh banners. This material is lighter and includes thousands of tiny holes allowing light, wind and sound to pass.

  • How long will my banner last?

    Banners are best suited as temporary signage. The longevity of banners will depend on where and how it is used. If displayed indoors it will last for many years. For outdoor applications, the limiting factor may be how the banner is displayed and the weather. If the banner is fixed to a wall it will last for years without damage.

  • What can I do to preserve the lifespan of my banner?

    You can protect your banner by making sure it does not flap against walls or sharp edges. The banner should be taken down in extreme weather conditions, especially in high winds. Be sure to use all the eyelets to secure down the banner, not just the end ones. When not in use, make sure it is rolled up with the graphics facing inwards. To further protect it from creases, we recommend storing your banner in a tube.

  • How are PVC banners installed?

    PVC banners can be installed using a variety of methods, depending on the banner’s features. Common installation methods include hanging with ropes, securing with bungee cords, or attaching to structures using pole pockets.

  • Are PVC banners easy to clean?

    PVC banners are relatively easy to clean. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dirt or grime. For more stubborn stains, a mild detergent solution can be used.

  • What is the expected lifespan of a PVC banner?

    The lifespan of a PVC banner depends on factors such as exposure to weather conditions and proper maintenance. With good care and suitable storage, PVC banners can last for several years, making them a cost-effective advertising solution.

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One inch of extra material around the edges of the banner is folded over using a heat welding process for extra durability. The folded edges are finished with all round hanging eyelets approx. every 2ft.

One inch of extra material around the edges of the banner is folded over using a heat welding process for extra durability.

All edges are clean cut (straight cut) and supplied with all round hanging eyelets approx. every 2ft.

All edges are clean cut (straight cut) to size.

A 25mm white Velcro tape is applied to all sides allowing easy application. Hook and look tapes are provided ensuring you have everything to hang your display.

A 14mm silicone strip is sewn on all edges of the banner to allow precise fitting in a tension display, for example poster frames. This allows for a smoother and wrinkle free finish.

Looped on corners of your choice with a diameter of 50mm that is suitable for regular scaffolding poles.

Print Sides

Single sided printing is suitable for designs that rely on simplicity, clarity and minimalism where uncluttered visuals and concise information are essential.

  • Recommended for designs that prioritise simplicity, clarity and minimalism
  • Ideal for conveying uncluttered visuals and concise information

Double sided printing, also known as duplex printing allows for effectively maximising space utilisation. This not only reduces cost but also enhances content organisation by providing more room for design elements.

  • Maximises space utilisation and reduces overall cost
  • Enhances content organisation by providing more room for design content


Delivery is calculated based on working days and does not include weekends, bank holidays or seasonal periods. Please note that during busy periods, the delivery dates may vary from what is advertised online.

  • Delivery is calculated based on working days only
  • Excludes weekends, bank holidays and seasonal periods
  • During busy periods, delivery dates may vary
  • Free delivery to UK mainland addresses

PDF Proof

Your supplied artwork file will be processed for printing without a digital proof.

A PDF proof of your supplied artwork file will be emailed for reviewing and approving. Production will only begin after we receive confirmation of artwork approval from you via email. Please note the estimated date of delivery is subject to the order and artwork being approval by 12pm.

  • PDF proof of artwork will be emailed for review and approval
  • Production will only start after artwork approval via email
  • Estimated delivery date subject to artwork and order approval by 12pm


For multiple designs, you’ll need to add a quantity to the basket separately for each design.


Be sure to supply your design using the CMYK colour mode with a resolution of at least 300dpi. Additionally, embed fonts, outline text and extend bleed areas beyond the trim marks to prevent any important elements from being cut off during printing and trimming. To ensure artwork is supplied correctly to avoid delays, we recommend using our artwork templates.

Please Note: For most products, the CMYK colour mode is utilised, however, other printed materials such as carrier bags and branded writing instruments are printed using Pantone colours. Any artwork supplied in RGB will be converted in to CMYK or Pantone depending on the product. Please bear in mind this will result in a significant colour difference which we will make you aware of prior to print.

  • Designs should be supplied using CMYK colour mode
  • Resolution should be at least 300dpi
  • Fonts should be embedded and text outlined
  • Bleed areas should be extended beyond trim marks
  • RGB artwork will be converted to meet printing requirements

Please include a clear overview of the project objectives, outlining specific deliverables. This should include desired aesthetics or style preferences and any technical requirements or constraints that need to be considered. The advertised artwork rate includes one design concept with unlimited minor revisions but excludes logo creation. Please refer to our logo design services if you would like a new logo or would like to make amendments to an existing one.

Please Note: By selecting our artwork services the delivery date for your order will be affected to compensate for the design time.

  • Provide design brief outlining project objectives
  • One design concept with unlimited minor revisions
  • Excludes logo creation or amending existing one
  • PDF proof of artwork will be emailed for review and approval
  • Production will only start after artwork approval via email
  • Estimated delivery date subject to artwork and order approval by 12pm