Notice Boards

Notice boards offer a fun and practical way of displaying important information to a large group of people. They can be displayed on office wall spaces, meeting rooms and hallways.

Our range of notice boards can help you stay organised and up-to-date with all to do lists, project deadlines and meeting schedules.

Notice Boards
Cork Notice Boards

Cork Boards

The cork board is lightweight, fire-resistant and made from natural compressed cork. This bulletin board is extremely durable and features a self-healing tack surface.

Felt Pin Notice Boards

Pin Boards

The pin board is made from a plastic infused rubber felt that is durable and has a self-healing tack surface.  Also, the surface of the board is available in grey, blue, red or green colours.

Dry Wipe Magnetic Notice Boards

Dry Wipe Magnetic Boards

These boards feature a smooth dry-erase magnetic surface that is perfect for using during business presentations, seminars, lectures, office to-do-lists and so on.

Notice Boards by Cheap as Prints

Our choice of communication can affect progress, the ability to meet deadlines and the overall performance. Using notice boards for daily activities can significantly increase productivity and help you stay on top of all duties, however small or large.

Displaying notice boards in the work environment can help gain the attention of staff and act as reminder for those daily, weekly or monthly tasks. Moreover, notice boards can be used to boost morale by displaying individual or employee milestones and accomplishments.

The versatility of notice boards means they can also be used by employees within a company to display their personal photos, images and messages. As a result, this can add an element of fun and a feel good factor amongst the whole team.

Our Promise

At Cheap as Prints we offer a practical range of notice boards from cork boards, pin boards to dry wipe magnetic boards. They are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours. Simply order online or call our sales line on 01922 666 288, we’d be happy to help!

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