Personalised DL, C5 & C4 Envelopes

Set your business mail apart with our custom printed DL, C5 & C4 envelopes.

Personalised envelopes are customised to include unique designs, colours, fonts, and sometimes even additional information like your name, address, or company logo. Printed in full colour on best-quality self-sealing envelopes. Available with or without address show-through window.

Use our Free Envelope Design Tool to choose your own backgrounds, themes, and fonts. Once you have the design ready, just send us the file and we’ll do the rest! Order as little as 10 DL, C5, or C4 envelopes with free UK delivery!

Product Specifications

  • Custom Printed Envelopes
  • 80gsm / 90gsm Uncoated Stock
  • Single / Double Sided Printing
  • No-Fuss Peel & Self-Seal Action
  • Choose With / Without Window
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Envelope Printing from Cheap as Prints

Envelope printing offers a great way to reinforce company branding without breaking the bank! Custom printed envelopes prominently display your company’s logo, name, and branding elements. This helps reinforce brand identity and creates a cohesive and professional image. It makes your mailings instantly recognizable and can leave a lasting impression on recipients. The additional sense of professionalism and attention to detail will show that you have taken the time to personalise your communications, which can enhance your reputation and credibility, especially in business settings.

You can design envelopes that feature marketing messages, special offers, or product images. This can increase the likelihood that recipients will open the envelope and engage with your content. Custom envelopes will ensure consistency in your brand’s visual identity across all communications, for example, business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, and so on!

Overall, custom printed envelopes are a versatile tool that can serve various functions, from reinforcing branding to enhancing professionalism and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Their visual impact can make a significant difference in how your communications are received and perceived. The most widely used envelope sizes include:

DL Envelope Printing

DL envelopes are a common size and shape, often used for sending business correspondence, such as letters, invoices, brochures, and promotional materials. They typically measure 110mm x 220mm (4.33 inches x 8.66 inches).

C5 Envelope Printing

C5 envelopes are a standard size used for a variety of purposes, including mailing letters, documents, brochures, and promotional materials. They are slightly larger than A5 paper, measuring 162mm x 229mm (6.4 inches x 9 inches).

C4 Envelope Printing

C4 envelopes are a standard size in the ISO 216 international paper size standard and are commonly used for sending A4-sized documents without folding them. 4 envelopes typically measure 229 x 324 mm (9.02 x 12.76 inches). Ensure that your design fits within these dimensions.

Order Online with Free UK Delivery!

Our custom-printed envelopes are available in 3 popular sizes and are ideal for holding DL, A5, or A4-sized documents. We print in stunning full colour on uncoated peel-and-seal envelopes. The uncoated stock means you can easily write address details by hand using a standard pen.

Order your personalised envelopes online! Then send us your artwork file or let our professional designers help! Our artwork rates are competitively priced and we can send you a design draft within 2 days. If you still wish to provide your own design you can send us your file for a free artwork suitability check!


  • What is the dimension for DL size envelopes?

    DL envelopes have an oversize measurement of 110mm x 220mm. This is to accommodate 99mm x 210mm size DL documents, letters or flyers. More commonly A4 prints are folded into thirds length-ways before inserting into the envelopes.

  • What is the dimension for A5 size envelopes?

    A5 envelopes have an oversize measurement of 162mm x 229mm. This is to accommodate 148mm x 210mm size A5 documents, letters or flyers. A5 envelopes are perfect for holding A5 size greeting cards, postcards, invites or A4 documents that have been folded in half.

  • What is the dimension for A4 size envelopes?

    A4 envelopes have an oversize measurement of 229mm x 324mm. This is to accommodate 210mm x 297mm size A4 documents or A3 prints folded in half.

  • What paper stock is the envelopes printed on?

    DL envelopes are printed on 80gsm uncoated stock. C5 and C4 envelopes are printed on 90gsm uncoated stock.  The uncoated stock has a more porous surface and absorbs inks better.

  • How do you print your envelopes?

    Our envelopes are printed full colour using a CMYK process.

  • What is CMYK?

    CMYK is an acronym for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These are the colours used in the printing process of your envelopes.

Customer Reviews

  • A very professional printing company that goes the extra mile! Our most recent order received on time and as described.

    Graham - Verfied Buyer
  • Our envelopes were printed and delivered exactly as promised. We purchase all our business stationery from Cheap as Prints as we find them very cost-effective and reliable.

    Beth - Verfied Buyer
  • Best place to buy to printing products in general! The envelopes were great quality and arrived just as described.

    Shakeel - Verfied Buyer
  • Compared to my previous printer these envelopes are far superior in all aspects and cost me less! 🙂

    Nathan - Verfied Buyer
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