Correx Signs Printing

Correx signs printing refers to the process of creating signboards using Correx sheets. It is very lightweight, durable, and waterproof. The material is ideal for temporary signage due to its affordability, lightweight nature, and ability to withstand outdoor conditions. Correx signs are commonly used for short-term outdoor signage, event signage, letting agency signs, construction site boards, and various promotional displays.

At Cheap as Prints, we offer 4mm, 6mm, and 10mm thick Correx boards with single or double-sided printing. Choose from square cut, rounded corners, or cut-to-shape finishes with optional protective lamination! We offer instant online prices with huge quantity discounts! Simply order online or contact us for a custom quote.

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Correx Signs Printing from Cheap as Prints

Correx boards are lightweight yet durable, making them ideal for various applications such as point-of-sale displays, signs, merchandising tools, and packaging. They are rigid and can be used for packaging, allowing your brand to be printed directly on the packaging used for your products.

Correx has a white and opaque exterior surface, enabling printing on both sides. The material is also weather-resistant, chemical-resistant, and oil-resistant, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor signs, advertising materials, and promotional displays. Its high rigidity-to-weight ratio, easy handling, and cost efficiency make it perfect for large-format printing, enabling eye-catching campaigns.

We have invested in modern large-format printers to deliver state-of-the-art printing and can print on 4mm, 6mm, and 10mm thick correx boards. All standard A-sizes are available including custom shapes and sizes with various laminated finishes. Your designs can be printed in any number of colours including photographic content without any additional charges.

As part of our journey to net zero, we constantly review our range of materials. The great thing about Correx boards is it is 100% recyclable. As the material is made from polypropylene it can be processed and converted into a granular form by most waste disposal providers. This granular form can then be reprocessed and manufactured into new products.

If you’re searching for a more rigid medium to long-term solution try our Foamex boards. For permanent long-term signage, we recommend Dibond signs. These signs are made from a high-strength aluminium composite that does not bend and is crack-proof. If you are still unsure about your Correx board printing requirements, feel free to contact our friendly team at info@cheapasprints.com or call 01922 666 288.

Correx Signs Printing FAQ’s

Correx is a lightweight and durable corrugated plastic material used for all general-purpose signage. Its versatility, weather resistance, and affordability make it a popular choice for temporary signage, event displays, and directional signs.

Correx is a corrugated plastic material known for its lightweight and cost-effectiveness, suitable for temporary signage and short-term use. In contrast, Foamex is a PVC foam board offering flexibility and affordability, while dibond is an aluminum composite material known for better durability, making it a more rigid and upscale option compared to correx and foamex.

Correx signs are available in thickness options of 4mm, 6mm, and 10mm, with the choice depending on the specific application and durability required. Thicker options are suitable for more robust and long-term signage.

Correx boards are printed using large-format printing techniques with eco-solvent inks, ensuring heightened colour depth, waterproof properties, and resistance to scratches, while emitting a low odor for a minimised environmental impact during production.

Yes, Correx signs are suitable for indoor applications, providing a lightweight and versatile option for temporary signage, displays, and promotional events.

Yes, correx signs are designed to be weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use. However, their lifespan may vary depending on environmental conditions.

To extend the lifespan of correx signs in outdoor settings, it is essential to sure them against flat surfaces to prevent damage as it ensures proper stability and reduces vulnerability to wind, weather, and other external forces.

Yes, custom shapes and sizes are often available for correx signs, as corrugated plastic is a versatile material that can be easily cut or molded to meet specific design requirements.

Yes, correx signs are well-suited for large-format displays, enabling the production of sizable signs while maintaining durability.

Adding lamination to correx signs will enhance their durability by providing an additional layer of protection against weather elements, UV exposure, and physical wear, extending the lifespan of the board.

Correx signs are typically designed for temporary or short-term use, as the material is durable but may not withstand extended exposure to outdoor elements, making them more suitable for shorter-term applications.

Yes, correx material is recyclable. It is made from polypropylene, which can be recycled. Recycling correx boards is an environmentally friendly option, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Yes, correx signs can be cut into custom shapes, allowing for unique and creative designs tailored to specific branding or promotional requirements.

Correx signs, while resilient, have the potential to crack under moderate force or impact, emphasising the need for careful handling and appropriate installation to prevent structural damage. The strength of the board can be improved with proper installation and opting for a thicker board.

Correx signs can be installed using various methods, including cable ties, screws, or adhesive. Due to its lightweight structure, Velcro can also be utilised as another option. For added durability, consider mounting the sign board onto plywood or MDF to prevent bending and warping, especially when displayed outdoors.