Custom Dibond Signs Printing

Custom dibond signs made to measure to fit your exact requirements! Printed single or double sided on high-strength 3mm aluminium composite in almost any size or shape. Buy with or without drill holes for easy display against any surface of your choice. Optional gloss, matt, anti-graffiti, dry wipe marker, and weathershield laminated finishes are available.

Use our Free Sign Design Tool to choose your own backgrounds, themes, and fonts. Once you have the design ready, just send us the file and we’ll do the rest. Our service is completely transparent and all prices are inclusive of FREE UK delivery!

Product Specifications

  • Custom Size Dibond Signs
  • 3mm Alupanel Composite
  • Single / Double Sided Printing
  • Square Cut / Rounded Corners
  • Bespoke Custom Shape Cutting
  • Buy With or Without Drill Holes
  • Protective Lamination Available
  • Various Display & Fixing Options
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Customise your Order

    The design fee includes image sourcing and up to 3 free revisions. Logo design or enhancement is not included. Delivery dates will be affected to compensate for design time.

    To avoid delays please ensure your artwork is supplied correctly. We will only contact you if there is something wrong with your supplied file.

Order Summary


Custom Dibond Signs Printing from Cheap as Prints

Custom size dibond signs are extremely rigid and ideal as permanent external displays. Manufactured from a hard-wearing aluminium composite known as ACP. For its weight, the 3mm thick aluminium panels are the strongest flat signs available. The material does not rot or swell. Additionally, it is corrosion-resistant and can be contour cut to most shapes. For display purposes, the material can be drilled and screwed onto any flat surface. Alternatively, it can be displayed using cable ties or wall standoff mounts for a neater look. Printing on dibond is the best solution for long-lasting signs that will look great in years to come!

When it comes to installing dibond signs, several options are available to suit different preferences and requirements. One common method is direct wall mounting, where the dibond panels are attached directly to a wall using screws and mounting brackets. This option provides a clean and streamlined look, making the sign appear as if it’s an integral part of the surface. Another approach is using standoffs, which creates a floating effect by placing the sign slightly away from the wall. Standoffs add dimension and depth to the signage, contributing to a modern and eye-catching aesthetic. The choice of installation method depends on factors such as the intended location, visual preference, and the flexibility required for potential repositioning or changes in signage.

Order Online with Free Delivery!

Order yourcustom size dibond signs online! Then send us your artwork file or let our professional designers help! Our artwork rates are competitively priced and we can send you a design draft within 2 days. If you still wish to provide your own design you can send us your file for a free artwork suitability check! We aim to ensure you receive the perfect sign for your project or display.


  • How will a custom size dibond sign look with matt lamination?

    Gloss lamination imparts a smooth and refined look, amplifying the richness of colours and delivering a professional, shiny outcome. Beyond its protective function, the lamination enhances both visual allure and durability, creating surfaces that captivate attention in displays.

  • How will a custom size dibond sign look with gloss lamination?

    Matt lamination offers an elegant, non-reflective surface, diminishing glare and imparting a subtle, tactile quality. This protective layer not only enhances the signs with a professional appearance but also minimises reflections, resulting in a clean and sophisticated aesthetic.

  • How will a custom size dibond sign look with anti-graffiti lamination?

    Anti-graffiti lamination includes a protective coating designed to discourage vandalism and streamline the removal of graffiti, preserving the integrity of the signage. With its durable and resistant finish, this ensures that the sign retains both its visual appeal and functionality, particularly in high-traffic areas susceptible to defacement.

  • How will a custom size dibond sign look with anti-scuff lamination?

    Anti-scuff lamination incorporates a protective layer that reduces the visibility of wear and scuff marks, maintaining the signage’s appearance over time. This guarantees a prolonged and well-preserved visual appeal, rendering the sign suitable for locations with substantial foot traffic or the potential for surface abrasion.

  • How will a custom size dibond sign look with dry-wipe marker lamination?

    Dry-wipe marker lamination incorporates a specialised coating, facilitating effortless erasure of writing and drawings made with dry-wipe markers. This feature makes it well-suited for interactive displays, schedules, or reusable planning boards. This practical lamination enhances the sign’s versatility, allowing users to dynamically update content while preserving a professional appearance.

  • How will a custom size dibond sign look with weathershield lamination?

    Weathershield lamination showcases improved resistance to environmental elements, offering durability against sunlight, rain, and various weather conditions. This protective layer guarantees the sign’s long lifespan, making it well-suited for outdoor applications while retaining a vibrant and professional appearance.

Customer Reviews

  • Was recommended this company by a friend and it was obvious why! They offer unbelievable prices and a very professional service. Umar was attentive and talked me through the design element and even did some final tweaks to my artwork for free! Can't ask for me, 5 star service!

    Richard - Verfied Buyer
  • Spot on as always! The service from Umar was consistent and he made sure I was happy with my artwork before print. Patience is a virtue and this company has a lot! Many thanks!

    Mrs Edwards - Verfied Buyer
  • Excellent quality! We ordered various custom size dibond signs and they all came out fantastic.

    Darius - Verfied Buyer
  • Brilliant company, went to extra mile to make sure I was completely satisfied. Thank you.

    Emma - Verfied Buyer
  • Thrilled with our custom sign boards. We purchased multiple sized dibond signs for our shop makeover and ordering was made very simple by Umar. Will be returning soon for some business cards and flyers.

    Adam - Verfied Buyer
  • Great service and excellent value. My custom dibond signs arrived in perfect condition and looked amazing. Thanks Umar and team!

    Natalie - Verfied Buyer
  • Got a fantastic quote for some custom dibond signs. The quality of the print and customer service was exceptional. Would recommend cheap as prints to anyone looking for a professional printing company that delivers on promise!

    Brian - Verfied Buyer
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