Slim Light Box Signs

The slim light box display has an ultra-slim depth of only 22mm. It offers vibrant and even illumination powered by LED edge-lit technology. Perfect for all indoor and sheltered environments.

Our super slim LED light box signs is available in A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, 30”x20” and 40”x30” sizes with a choice of 6 frame colours. It also features a snap-open and-shut graphic change system, making inserting posters a breeze.

Product Specifications

  • 30mm Extruded Aluminium Profile
  • Super Slim 22mm External Depth
  • Energy-Saving LED Technology
  • Snap Open and Close System
  • 1-2mm Clear Protective Cover
  • Various Popular Colour Profiles
  • Suitable for Indoor Display Only
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Slim Light Box Signs from Cheap as Prints

The slim light box sign is a modern and versatile display solution designed to present graphics, advertisements, or promotional content in a sleek and visually appealing manner. Characterised by its slender profile and contemporary aesthetic, the slim light box is often constructed with a slim frame, using aluminum components for added durability. This design choice not only adds a touch of sophistication to the display but also ensures that the focus remains on the showcased content.

Key to the functionality and visual impact of the slim light box is the integration of advanced LED technology. Positioned strategically within the frame, LED lights provide bright, even, and energy-efficient illumination to enhance the visibility of the displayed content. This not only ensures that graphics are presented with clarity and vibrancy but also contributes to cost savings and environmental sustainability due to the efficiency and longevity of LED lighting. Additionally, the low voltage power supply makes it safer to install and less straining on the eyes. As a result, it can run maintenance-free for up to 100,000 hours.

The slim light box finds applications across a spectrum of environments, including retail spaces, hospitality establishments, trade shows, and corporate settings. Its adaptability is further underscored by customisable sizing options, enabling businesses to tailor the display to their specific needs.

The frame features a snap-open, snap-shut poster change system. This makes it very easy to insert and replace graphics as required. Additionally, a clear plastic cover is supplied with the frame. This sits on top of the print for added protection. The LED bulbs shine light through the back of posters, creating a soft and attractive glow. The slim light box stands as a contemporary and dynamic tool for businesses seeking an impactful and aesthetically pleasing means of communication and promotion.

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In summary, the slim light box sign offers a stylish, energy-efficient, and versatile solution for businesses looking to effectively showcase their graphics or promotional materials in a visually appealing way.

Order online or feel free to connect with our dedicated sales team for assistance! You can reach us via email at sales or by giving us a call at 01922 666 288. Your unique preferences are highly valued, and we are committed to ensuring that your order aligns seamlessly with your vision. We invite you to engage with us, and together, let’s transform your ideas into reality!


  • What is a slim light box sign?

    The slim light box sign is a modern display system featuring energy-efficient LED technology designed for showcasing graphics, advertisements, or promotional content.

  • What are the key features of a slim light box?

    Key features of a slim light box include a thin and contemporary frame design, efficient LED lighting, various sizing options, and user-friendly mechanisms for easy graphic replacement.

  • How does the slim light box work?

    The slim light box sign uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology to ensure vibrant and uniform illumination for the showcased content. Positioned behind a translucent panel, the LEDs enhance the visibility of the display, contributing to a visually appealing presentation.

  • Where can slim light boxes be used?

    Slim light boxes are versatile and can be used in various settings, including retail spaces, restaurants, trade shows, corporate environments, and more.

  • What is meant by extruded aluminium frame in the slim light box?

    An extruded aluminum frame in the slim light box refers to a structurally reinforced border crafted through the extrusion process, providing durability and a sleek outline to the illuminated menu display. A thicker profile frame will bring more stability and durability to the display.

  • What is the external depth of a slim light box?

    The external depth of a slim light box refers to its overall thickness from the outer surface of the front cover to the outer surface of the back panel. This dimension is often slim to maintain a low-profile design.

  • Are slim light boxes energy-efficient?

    Yes, slim light boxes are energy-efficient with LED technology. LEDs consume less power, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

  • Does the slim light box need to be mounted on a wall?

    Not necessarily. The slim light box is versatile enough to be affixed to walls, doors, and various flat surfaces, or set up as a freestanding display depending on the available fixtures and fittings, offering dual-sided exposure for heightened impact.

  • How is the graphic replaced on a slim light box?

    Graphics on a slim light box are replaced through a user-friendly snap-open and close mechanism that allows for easy graphic insertion and removal.

  • How can the slim light box sign be mounted on a wall?

    The slim light box is supplied pre-drilled with fixing holes that can be drilled through for mounting. The mounting process will be easy if you have a strong surface that can take screws.

  • Is there any wiring or special tools required to install the slim light box?

    The slim light box is supplied with a 13A plug. This includes a mains transformer and connection lead which plugs into the light box. This means no special tools or wiring is required, just a nearby mains socket.

  • Can I reuse the slim light box?

    Yes, you can, provided the box is not damaged and in full working order. You can change the inner graphics as required without having to purchase a new box!

Customer Reviews

  • The slim light box was delivered in excellent packaging. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to create a home theater environment. It looks great and so easy to set-up.

    Craig - Verfied Buyer
  • I always purchase my printing from cheap as prints. These guys always offer the best prices and consistently deliver on promise. My new A3 slim poster frames are no exception, thank you again!

    Anna - Verfied Buyer
  • As a photographer I required something stylish and not too intrusive. The super slim LED frames were perfect, I purchased 3 of the A1 frames in ultramine blue colour. They look fab!

    Lucy - Verfied Buyer
  • Great product that looks great in my home studio. The print quality if the posters were vibrant and will be ordering replacement graphics very soon.

    Shazza - Verfied Buyer
  • We purchased a bulk quantity of the slim LED frames with mixed colours for a long-term project. We were given a very good price and the order was delivered in excellent condition.

    Peter Hall - Verfied Buyer
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