Double Sided Light Box Signs

Double sided protruding signs usually get displayed on top or alongside the main sign. It projects out allowing for displays and messages to be noticed from a distance.

It is manufactured from high-specification extruded aluminium and is available in 9 sizes. The display attaches to a wall-mounted bracket providing dual-faced illuminated graphics. The backlit poster graphic is printed on 215 micron translucent polyester media. You can choose to buy the menu light box with or without the graphics.

Product Specifications

  • 33mm Wide Aluminium Trim
  • Large 166mm Internal Depth
  • 3 / 5mm Opal Acrylic Inserts
  • Includes Secure Wall Bracket
  • 10-Year Energy-Saving LED Life
  • Integral Power Transformer
  • 213 RAL Colours Available
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Double Sided Light Box Signs from Cheap as Prints

Make the most of your business premises with our doubled sided protruding light box sign. As the sign sticks out, it will aid customers and visitors to your building more easily. The bright LED lighting will ensure your display messages are visible day and night. Perfect for bars, cafes, pubs, restaurants and retailers.

Our double sided light box sign is manufactured from high-specification extruded aluminium. It projects out at 90 degrees to the wall it is fixed against using the supplied stand-off bracket. The graphic is housed with 3mm or 5mm thick opaque acrylic panels. For added security the front trim screws into the body profile. The lighting is powered by energy-saving LED technology with a 10-year life span. The illumination is super-bright with light evenly dispersed across the entire display.

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Double-sided light boxes offer the distinct advantage of visibility from multiple directions, making them ideal for capturing attention in high-traffic areas where footfall occurs from various angles. This feature enhances advertising effectiveness by ensuring that the displayed content is visible to individuals approaching from both sides of the light box, maximizing exposure and engagement. Your sign can be supplied in a sleek silver anodised finished or ultramarine blue. Alternatively, it can be powder coated with a choice of 213 RAL colours. Order online or contact us to discuss your requirements. You can email sales at or call 01922 666 288.


  • What is a double sided light box?

    A double sided light box is a display structure designed to showcase content on both sides, providing visibility from multiple directions.

  • Where are double sided light boxes commonly used?

    Double sided light boxes are commonly used in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, airports, retail storefronts, and outdoor settings to maximise visibility.

  • How are double sided light boxes illuminated?

    Double sided light boxes are typically illuminated using LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, providing bright and energy-efficient lighting for both sides of the display.

  • Can double sided light boxes be used outdoors?

    Yes, the double-sided light box is designed to withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor advertising and promotion

  • How do the opal acrylic panels hold the graphics in place for the double sided light box?

    The graphics are securely sandwiched between the 3mm or 5mm opal acrylic panel inserts, providing a smooth and even surface for vibrant illumination while protecting the graphics from external elements. The opal nature of the acrylic enhances light diffusion, ensuring uniform brightness across the display.

  • What is an integral power transformer?

    In simple terms, it means plug and play. The display includes a pre-wired integral power transformer with a 3m cable and 3 pin plug.

  • How does the integral power transformer in a double sided light box operate?

    The integral power transformer in double sided light boxes operates by transforming electrical voltage to the required level for efficient operation of the LED lighting system, ensuring reliable and consistent illumination

  • What is the installation process for adouble sided light box?

    The double sided light box is affixed to a wall-mounted bracket that protrudes outward (projected bracket). The front trim of the light box is then secured by being screwed into the body profile, enhancing the overall security and stability of the installation.

  • What are RAL colours?

    RAL colours are a standardised colour matching system widely used in Europe for defining and specifying colours. Each RAL colour is assigned a unique code, allowing for the consistent and precise communication of colour choices across various industries.

Customer Reviews

  • We had so many questions and Umar was very helpful and patient. As a result we got exactly what we wanted, a double sided light box that looks great and easy to install. My only gripe was with the couriers for not delivering on the day as expected but at no fault of cheap as prints.

    Lorraine - Verfied Buyer
  • Love our project sign, it has certainly helped customers find our business premises more easily. Very good quality product that was delivered in excellent condition.

    Jane - Verfied Buyer
  • Delighted with my purchase. We managed to get the sign up with very little trouble and it looks great especially at night.

    Dominic - Verfied Buyer
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