Menu Light Box Signs

The menu light box sign is heavy-duty and designed for outdoor displays. The unit is lockable, vandal-resistant and waterproof. The top header panel is ideal for including a logo or a promotional message. Once lit, the LED lighting illuminates the entire display including the header panel.

The frame is available in 4 popular sizes with over 17 stock colours. The backlit poster graphics is printed on 215 micron translucent polyester media. You can choose to buy the menu light box with or without the graphics.

Product Specifications

  • 55mm Extruded Frame
  • 40mm External Depth
  • 2mm Front Plastic Back Panel
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminium Frame
  • Energy-Saving LED Technology
  • Waterproof Rubber Graphic Seal
  • Durable Magnetic Back Panel
  • 100mm Logo Top Header Panel
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Order Summary


Menu Light Box Signs from Cheap as Prints

The menu light box sign is a sophisticated display system used in restaurants, cafes, and various establishments to present their menu items in an enticing and brilliantly illuminated fashion. Its frame is not only stylish but also incorporates a secure and vandal-resistant locking mechanism, ensuring the safety and longevity of the display.

Powered by advanced LED technology, this light box guarantees a uniform and vibrant illumination throughout the entire display, effectively accentuating the showcased menu offerings.

The frame’s design not only prioritises aesthetics but also ease of maintenance, providing businesses with a practical solution for updating their menus. Furthermore, the incorporation of energy-saving technology not only reduces operational costs but also ensures a comfortable viewing experience, minimising strain on the eyes of both customers and staff.

In essence, the menu light box sign stands as a versatile and visually captivating tool that enhances the overall ambiance of the establishment while facilitating an efficient and aesthetically pleasing presentation of menu choices.

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Elevate the visibility of your promotions around the clock by incorporating a menu light box sign into your establishment. With a dynamic fusion of high-definition images and irresistible offers, transform casual onlookers into enthusiastic customers.

Order online or contact us for a custom size or colour requirements. Our dedicated sales team is ready to assist you, and you can reach out via email at sales or by giving us a call at 01922 666 288. We value your unique preferences and are committed to ensuring your order aligns perfectly with your vision. Feel free to engage with us, and let’s bring your ideas to life!


  • What is a menu light box?

    A menu light box is a display system used in restaurants, cafes, and other establishments to showcase menus or promotional content. It features LED backlighting, making the displayed items more visually appealing.

  • How does a menu light box work?

    The menu light box utilises LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology to provide bright and even illumination to the displayed content. The LEDs are positioned behind a translucent panel, enhancing the visibility of the menu items.

  • What is the benefit of a lockable menu light box?

    Choosing a lockable menu light box will ensure your inner graphics stays safe and protected at all times. This is especially the case when displaying outdoors in public areas. The tamper-resistant feature prevents the frame from getting vandalised.

  • What is meant by extruded aluminium frame in a menu light box?

    An extruded aluminum frame in a menu light box refers to a structurally reinforced border crafted through the extrusion process, providing durability and a sleek outline to the illuminated menu display. A thicker profile frame will bring more stability and durability to the display.

  • What is meant by external depth in a menu light box?

    External depth in a menu light box refers to the measurement from the outermost surface of the front cover to the outer surface of the back panel, indicating the overall thickness of the light box structure.

  • What is energy saving top-lit LED technology in a menu light box?

    Energy-saving top-lit LED technology in a menu light box refers to the use of efficient light-emitting diodes positioned at the top of the display, minimising power consumption while providing bright and even illumination to the showcased content.

  • Does the menu light box need to be mounted on a wall?

    Not necessarily. The menu light box is versatile enough to be affixed to walls, doors, and various flat surfaces, or set up as a freestanding display depending on the available fixtures and fittings, offering dual-sided exposure for heightened impact.

  • How does the graphic sit in the frame in a menu light box?

    Unlock the frame and place the backlit poster into the clear plastic edges within the frame. Once secured in place close the frame and lock it.

  • What is a magnetic back panel in a menu light box?

    A magnetic back panel in a menu light box refers to a rear element of the display structure that features a magnetic closure system, facilitating easy access for inserting and replacing graphics.

  • What is a logo top header panel in a menu light box?

    A logo top header panel in a menu light box is a distinctive section positioned at the uppermost part of the display, specifically designated for prominently featuring the establishment’s logo or branding.

  • How can the menu light box sign be mounted on a wall?

    The menu light box is supplied pre-drilled with fixing holes that can be drilled through for mounting. The mounting process will be easy if you have a strong surface that can take screws.

  • Is there any wiring or special tools required to install the menu light box?

    The menu light box is supplied with a 13A plug. This includes a mains transformer and connection lead which plugs into the light box. This means no special tools or wiring is required, just a nearby mains socket.

  • Can I reuse the menu light box?

    Yes, you can, provided the box is not damaged and in full working order. You can change the inner graphics as required without having to purchase a new box!

Customer Reviews

  • Super impressed with my menu light box. Umar designed my restaurant menu exactly as I expected it and gave me a very good price for the frame and poster. Thank you very much!

    Siraj - Verfied Buyer
  • A very sleek and stylish looking menu box. Our display looks great especially with the additional header graphics. The unit has withstood the weather so far, hope it stays that way! 🙂

    Colin - Verfied Buyer
  • Very high quality retail display at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended seller delivered securely. Great job!

    Jane - Verfied Buyer
  • An excellent and secure frame that looks attractive and works efficiently. I managed to install and insert my restaurant menu with minimum fuss.

    The Dilshad - Verfied Buyer
  • Excellent value for money and delivered promptly. Install was a breeze and my graphics look very vibrant especially at night.

    Carl - Verfied Buyer
  • My menu box arrived as stated in safe and secure packaging. Thank you.

    Richard - Verfied Buyer
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