Acrylic Displays

Acrylic displays provide neat and creative ways of engaging with customers and drawing their attention to specific promotions and offers.

We have put together a popular range of freestanding and wall mountable acrylic displays that are affordable and can highlight your promotional literature in a tidy and professional manner.

Acrylic Holders & Displays
Desktop Literature Acrylic Holders

Desktop Literature Holders

Display your business sales and promotional literature with our A5, A4 and DL leaflet dispensers. Desktop literature holders are perfect for displaying in reception areas, cash desks, waiting rooms, exhibitions, entrances and so on.

Wall Fix Literature Acrylic Holders

Wall Fix Literature Holders

Our wall mountable acrylic dispenser provides a neat and tidy way to display your promotional flyers and leaflets. They are great for fixing near entrances and exits as visitors can pick up literature as they come or leave your premises.

Desktop Freestanding Literature Sign Acrylic Holders

Desktop Sign Holders

Desktop acrylic sign holders are freestanding and offer a protective way for showcasing your promotional leaflets, menus and posters. They are manufactured from hard-wearing acrylic sustained from recyclable sources and available as single or double sided displays.

Cable Poster Holders Display

Cable Poster Holders

Cable poster holders are double sided displays that provide a great way to get inventive with your showroom or shop window spaces. They feature acrylic poster pockets that attach to cables using durable clamps and are perfect for exhibition and estate agent window displays

Acrylic Displays by Cheap as Prints

Acrylic displays are suitable for every industry type for showcasing promotional or informative literature. They provide a clean and professional look and available in various desktop, wall mountable and freestanding options. Furthermore acrylic displays offer one of the lightest and most affordable choices for displaying promotional merchandise.

Our Promise

At Cheap as Prints we offer an excellent choice of acrylic product ranging from desktop to ceiling displays. Our display products are manufactured from high resistant sources and are easy to maintain and clean. Order online or simply call us on 01922 666 288 to discuss your acrylic display requirements, we’d be happy to assist.

Covid-19 Notice

Given the current coronavirus pandemic under the guidance of the Government our business is closed until further notice. We will continuously monitor changes on a daily basis. Stay home and be safe!