Post Mounted Light Box Signs

The post-mounted LED light box sign is one of the most widely used exterior signs. It is robust and built to withstand adverse weather conditions and vandalism.

This heavy-duty display is available with 6 internal graphic sizes and a lockable frame. The edge lighting features high-spec LEDs and diffusion panels for bright and even light distribution. The backlit poster graphics is printed on 215 micron translucent polyester media. You can choose to buy the display with or without the graphics.

Product Specifications

  • 64mm Wide Aluminium Profile
  • Secure Push Lock Mechanism
  • Easy-Lift Gas Support Struts
  • 6mm PETG Toughened Glass
  • Water-Resistant Hinge and Seal
  • 3 Year LED Illumination
  • Integral Power Transformer
  • 3mm Fixed Aluminium Fin
  • Secure Post-Mount Design
  • Can be Bolted or Cemented
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Post Mounted Light Boxes from Cheap as Prints

The post mounted light box sign is designed for optimal durability in outdoor conditions and stands as a testament to longevity and resilience. As a result, it is perfect for permanent displays in car parks, retail entrances and industrial estates. Displays can include a business name or directional information for visitors.

The sign is supplied with the post, panel and bolts separately so simple self-assembly is required. The system is attached to a secure post that can be mounted to the floor with bolts or cemented into the ground. It features a wide 64mm wide profile and a 3mm thick aluminium fin beneath the frame. This frame is lockable and comes fitted with 6mm toughened safety glass. The lighting comprises energy-saving LED technology with a 3-year life span. Graphic change is supported by gas struts also known as gas springs. This provides support for safe lifting and lowering when changing graphics.

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The thoughtful engineering of the post-mounted light box sign ensures its robust performance in various outdoor environments. The display is completely weather-proof and resistant to rusting. All components are powder coated so once assembled, the unit is colour-coordinated.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding this product before ordering. You can call email sales at or call 01922 666 288. We’d be happy to help.


  • What is a post-mounted LED light box?

    A post-mounted LED light box is a display structure equipped with LED illumination, designed to be affixed to posts for outdoor use, commonly employed for showcasing signage, advertisements, or promotional content.

  • How is a post-mounted LED light box installed?

    Installation typically involves attaching the light box to twin-skin posts, which can be either securely mounted to the floor using bolts or cemented into the ground, providing flexibility in installation methods.

  • What makes a post-mounted LED light box suitable for outdoor environments?

    Post-mounted LED light boxes are manufactured for maximum durability in outdoor environments, featuring materials and construction designed to withstand weather conditions and enhance longevity.

  • What is the multi-case system in a post-mounted LED light box?

    The multi-case system refers to the construction of the light box, often involving a secure frame and casing for protection. It can include features like lockable frames and additional aesthetic elements such as aluminum fin sections.

  • What is the purpose of the lockable frame in a post-mounted LED light box?

    The lockable frame provides security for the displayed content, preventing unauthorized access. This feature enhances the overall safety and integrity of the light box in outdoor settings.

  • Can post-mounted LED light boxes be used for directional signage or wayfinding?

    Yes, post-mounted LED light boxes are suitable for directional signage or wayfinding applications, providing clear and illuminated guidance in outdoor spaces.

  • What is the significance of the aluminum fin section in a post-mounted LED light box?

    The aluminum fin section serves an aesthetic purpose, adding visual appeal to the light box design. It contributes to the overall look and sophistication of the display.

  • Are post-mounted LED light boxes energy-efficient?

    Yes, post-mounted LED light boxes are generally energy-efficient due to the use of LED technology. LEDs consume less power compared to traditional lighting sources, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

  • What is the purpose of gas door struts for post-mounted LED light boxes?

    Gas door struts in post-mounted light boxes are hydraulic devices that assist in smoothly opening and holding the door or access panel, providing ease of access for maintenance or graphic replacement while ensuring controlled movement.

  • How strong is the 6mm PETG toughened glass in post mounted light boxes?

    The 6mm PETG toughened glass in post-mounted light boxes is exceptionally strong and impact-resistant, providing robust protection for the displayed content while ensuring durability in various outdoor conditions.

  • What is an integral power transformer?

    In simple terms, it means plug and play. The display includes a pre-wired integral power transformer with a 3m cable and 3 pin plug.

  • How does the integral power transformer in a post mounted light box operate?

    The integral power transformer in post-mounted light boxes operates by transforming electrical voltage to the required level for efficient operation of the LED lighting system, ensuring reliable and consistent illumination.

Customer Reviews

  • Delighted with our post mounted sign. It feels very well made and built to last.

    Andy Ellis - Verfied Buyer
  • Excellent quality outdoor sign. The LED lights are very bright and the graphics look amazing at night. No problems with installing, everything was easy. We had no problems cementing the display to the ground.

    Luke - Verfied Buyer
  • Very premium looking post mounted sign. We rely heavily on passing trade and this sign provided the extra edge we needed. Cheap as Prints provided everything we needed and we will return very soon to update our graphics.

    Gary - Verfied Buyer
  • A very stable and stunning looking outdoor display. Within days of installing the display we managed to increase our customer foot-flow. Everything was as described and delivered in very secure packaging.

    Don - Verfied Buyer
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