Folded Menu Printing

Folded Menus for Takeaways, Restaurants & Weddings.

Create swanky new folded menus for your establishment to get your customer’s taste buds tingling! At Cheap as Prints we make menu printing simple and affordable! We offer a wide range of menu sizes, paper types with various folding options. As part of our menu printing service we can cater to all your design requirements from logo design to image sourcing.

Folded Menu Printing
  • A5 Folded Menus

    A5 Folded Menus

    A5 folded menus are compact and small enough to fit into your pocket. These menus include a half-fold with a folded size measuring 105 x 148mm.

  • A4 Folded Menus

    A4 Folded Menus

    A4 folded menus offer the perfect balance between size and cost. Available with a wide choice of paper stock and a multitude of folding options.

  • A3 Folded Menus

    A3 Folded Menus

    A3 folded menus measure 297mm x 420mm when flat. This makes it great for menus that need to accommodate a higher number of dishes.

  • Half-Fold Menus

    Half Fold Menus

    Half-fold menus are finished with a single vertical fold line along the middle of the sheet. Ideal for menus that need to be sectioned up into 4 sides.

  • Tri-Fold Menus

    Tri-Fold Menus

    Tri-fold menus are ideal for arranging designs into three columns per side. This fold option is one of our best-sellers, especially with takeaway establishments.

  • Roll-Fold Menus

    Roll-Fold Menus

    Roll-fold menus are also referred to as c-fold or letter-folded leaflets. These menus offer a great way to split design content into six or eight columns.

  • Z-Fold Menus

    Z-Fold Menus

    Z-fold leaflets offer a six or eight-column leaflet that folds to the shape of a Z. Available with a great choice of silk, gloss or uncoated paper stock.

  • Cross Fold Menus

    Cross Fold Menus

    Cross fold menus offers four design panels per side. The flat sheet is folded in half and then in half again. A great menu option for sandwich shops.

  • Gate Fold Menus

    Gate Fold Menus

    Gate fold menus open up like a gate to reveal a hidden centre panel. This 6pp menu option is a very popular choice for pizza outlets and kebab shops.

  • A4 Slim Folded Menus

    A4 Slim Folded Menus

    A4 4pp slim fold menus are tall and folded in half for an elegant look. Ideal for compact menu designs that include minimalistic information.

  • Square Folded Menus

    Square Folded Menus

    Square folded menus can add additional excitement to your establishment. Your menu design can be split into half or three-column folding options.

  • Extended Folded Menus

    Extended Folded Menus

    Extended folded menus are offered as 6pp and 8pp concertina or letter fold. The extra columns can accommodate a higher number of dishes.

Folded Menu Printing from Cheap as Prints

With a plethora of cuisines served from all the establishments across the UK, it is easy to see why a menu needs to be on point! A menu is a starting point to list and showcase mouthwatering cuisines for all types of connoisseurs.  At Cheap as Prints, we have put together a great range of menus to suit every requirement and budget. Once you’ve chosen a menu type, make it yours by adding your own design touches that work best for you. After that, we’ll take care of the rest! This means professionally printing and despatching your order straight to your doorstep. Order online or contact us at or call 01922 666 288 to discuss your project.