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Perforated flyers and leaflets will allow recipients to retain essential information for promotions or events. The perforation line can be positioned either 70mm away from the right-hand edge or in the centre-line, enabling the printed material to be easily split in half.

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Product Specifications

  • Perforated Flyers & Leaflets
  • Choose from 3 Popular Sizes
  • Printed on 250gsm Silk Stock
  • Single / Double Sided Printing
  • Ticket / Centre Line Perforation
  • Laminated Finishing Options
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Perforated Flyers & Leaflets from Cheap as Prints

Perforated flyers and leaflets are innovative marketing materials that offer a unique and engaging way to communicate information to a target audience. The process of perforation involves the careful punching of minuscule holes along a designated line on the material. This line serves as a convenient tear-away point, allowing recipients to detach and retain specific sections of the material as needed.

The ability to easily tear away sections of the print through the perforation line provides convenience for both the sender and the recipient. For instance, event organisers can distribute perforated tickets that can be effortlessly detached and presented at the entrance, streamlining the entry process for attendees. Similarly, businesses can create promotional materials with tear-away discount codes or vouchers, allowing customers to conveniently redeem offers in-store or online. This interactive aspect not only captures attention but also increases the likelihood of a direct response from the audience.

When considering perforated prints, it is important to choose a thicker paper stock. The presence of the tiny holes can weaken the structural integrity of the paper, making it more susceptible to cracking or tearing. Opting for a heavier paper weight ensures that the material remains durable and maintains its overall quality. Thicker paper stock also enhances the professional appearance of the print, adding to the perception of value and importance associated with the information or offer being presented.

In today’s digital age, where online advertisements often vie for attention, perforated flyers and leaflets provide a refreshing and effective offline marketing strategy. They offer a tangible and memorable way to engage with potential customers, delivering targeted messages and incentives while ensuring easy sharing and retention of information. Whether used for product promotions, event announcements, or service offerings, perforated flyers and leaflets remain a valuable tool in the marketing arsenal, providing a cost-effective and impactful way to connect with the target audience.

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  • What are perforated flyers and leaflets?

    Perforated flyers and leaflets are printed sheets of paper with small, regularly spaced holes or perforations along predefined lines, making it easy to tear off a portion of the material.

  • What is the purpose of perforated flyers and leaflets?

    Perforated flyers and leaflets are designed for easy distribution of tear-off sections, often containing contact information, coupons, or promotional details. They are commonly used for advertising, events, or informational purposes.

  • Can perforated flyers and leaflets be used for mailers?

    Yes, perforated flyers and leaflets can be used for direct mail campaigns. The tear-off sections can include response cards, coupons, or other interactive elements for recipients to engage with.

  • Are perforated flyers and leaflets suitable for informational purposes?

    Yes, perforated flyers and leaflets are versatile and can be used for informational purposes. For example, you can include tear-off sections with contact details, website links, or additional resources.

  • Why print perforated flyers and leaflets on 250gsm silk paper?

    Printed perforated flyers and leaflets on 250gsm silk paper offer a durable and high-quality promotional material, combining a sturdy feel with a smooth finish.

  • How will perforated flyers and leaflets will appear with gloss lamination?

    Perforated flyers and leaflets with gloss lamination will have a polished and shiny appearance, creating a vibrant and eye-catching finish. The gloss lamination enhances colour saturation, provides a sleek surface, and adds a level of protection to the printed material for a professional and visually appealing result.

  • How will perforated flyers and leaflets will appear with matt lamination?

    Perforated flyers and leaflets with matt lamination will have a sophisticated and tactile appearance, featuring a non-reflective finish that reduces glare, provides a smooth texture, and enhances the overall durability of the printed material.

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