Partition Screen Banners

Partition screen banners are perfect for social distancing in working environments and where privacy is required. The screen is supplied on greyback PVC which has light-blocking properties with an anti-scratch surface. The screens are available with various customisable options and can be supplied plain or printed.

Use our Free Roller Banner Design Tool to choose your own backgrounds, themes, and fonts. Once you have the design ready, just send us the file and we’ll do the rest! Our service is completely transparent and all prices are inclusive of free UK delivery!

Product Specifications

  • Partition Screen Banner Stands
  • Create your Own Private Setting
  • 600 – 2000mm (w) x 2000mm (h)
  • Lightweight Aluminium Structure
  • 2 Metre Tall Graphic Bungee Pole
  • Twist Out Feet for Added Stability
  • Graphic Printed on Grey Back PVC
  • Includes a Light / Padded Bag
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Partition Screen Banners from Cheap as Prints

Partition screen banners, also known as partition screen dividers or room divider banners, are a type of portable and customisable solution used to divide spaces, create privacy, or serve as decorative elements in various settings. These banners serve multiple purposes, including branding, decoration, privacy, and visual separation. They are a flexible way to create separate areas within a larger space. For example, you can use them to partition off a section of a room for a temporary meeting or presentation area.

Partition screen banners can transform the appearance of a room or space quickly and cost-effectively, helping you create different atmospheres for different events or occasions. In office environments, partition screen banners can provide a level of privacy between workstations or in meeting areas without the need for permanent walls. They are especially useful in open-plan offices. Alternatively, these banners can be used purely for decorative purposes, adding a touch of style and aesthetics to a room. They are often used in event venues, hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces to enhance the ambiance.

Partition screen banners can be customised with graphics, artwork, branding, or messages that align with your specific needs. You can design them to match your company’s branding or fit the theme of an event or space.

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Order your partition screen banners online! If you’ve opted for a branded stand, we can help create a professional-looking design! Our artwork rates are competitively priced and we can send you a design draft within 2 days. If you still wish to


  • What is a partition screen banner?

    A partition screen banner is a flexible and portable display solution designed to be attached to or suspended from partitions, dividers, or screens. It is commonly used to create visually appealing and branded separations in various settings.

  • Where can I use partition screen banners?

    Partition screen banners are versatile and can be used in various settings, including offices, trade shows, events, retail spaces, and healthcare environments. They provide a practical way to divide spaces while conveying branding or promotional messages.

  • How do I assemble the partition screen banner?

    All our partition screen banners feature a spring mechanism. This makes it very easy to pull up the graphic and roll it down too. The supporting pole fits into the back of the mechanism to keep the banner sturdy when erect.

  • Can partition screen banners be easily moved and repositioned?

    Yes, most partition screen banners are designed to be portable and easy to move. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt the layout of a space as needed, making them suitable for dynamic environments.

  • Are partition screen banners easy to clean and maintain?

    Yes, the material can be wiped with a damp cloth allowing you to reuse the same screen over and over again.

  • Are exhibition stands, roll-ups and pull-up stands the same as roller banners?

    Exhibition stands, roll-ups, and pull-up stands are often used interchangeably with the term “roller banners” to describe portable display solutions. While there can be slight design and size variations, all these terms generally refer to retractable banners that are easy to set up and transport for promotional events.

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  • Really helpful staff with a great website that is easy to navigate. Our most recent purchase for partition screens was no exception, it was delivered on time with great care.

    Shanice - Verfied Buyer
  • Cheap as Prints are a great company to work with with excellent products and first-class customer service.

    Kelly Smith - Verfied Buyer
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