Premium Roller Banners

Premium roller banners offer a combination of robustness and style in a single unit. The display comprises of a heaver weighted cassette with no twist-out feet giving it a more elegant stance. Additionally, the option of front-loading graphics offers a larger viewing area that spans the entire height of the banner.

Use our Free Roller Banner Design Tool to choose your own backgrounds, themes, and fonts. After you have the design ready, send us the file, and we’ll handle the rest for you!

Product Specifications

  • Premium Roller Banner Stands
  • For Frequent / Long-Term Use
  • 800 – 1000mm (w) x 2000mm (h)
  • Heavier Weighted with Solid Build
  • 2 Metre Tall Graphic Bungee Pole
  • Round End Caps for a Sleek Finish
  • White Back / Grey Back PVC Print
  • Supplied with a Padded Carry Bag
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Premium Roller Banners from Cheap as Prints

Premium roller banners offer a stylish display solution featuring a solid structural design for longevity. These banners are designed for frequent use, offering better protection against knocks and bumps compared to standard roller banners.

The premium roller banner comes with either a standard or front-loading base, available in a range of widths to accommodate all budgets and size needs. The standard base gives the print a wider footprint by revealing more of the base, while the front-loading graphics hides the frontal view of the base but maximises the floor space with full coverage graphics. Like regular everyday roller banners, the premium roller features a simple retractable design. The banner graphic is stored within the base and can be pulled up and secured in place with a 2 metre high bungee pole.

Despite the heavier construction of the premium roller banner, it still remains portable and easy to transport. The sturdy frame and higher quality materials used in its production adds durability, but the design incorporates features that allow for convenient setup and breakdown. This makes the premium roller banner a practical choice for events, trade shows or other settings where a high-quality, professional-looking display is needed without sacrificing mobility.

Order Online with Free Delivery!

Get your premium roller banners ordered online today! Upload your artwork file or let our professional designers help! Our artwork rates are competitively priced and include minor revisions if required. If you prefer to provide your design, feel free to send us your file a free artwork suitability check.

If you’ve already purchased a stand from elsewhere or would like to re-use an existing stand, why not purchase our roller banner replacement graphics? You can choose from our standard white back PVC or premium quality grey back PVC. The white back media offers an economical option, whilst the grey back has light-blocking properties and is anti-scratch.


  • What distinguishes the premium roller banner from standard models?

    The premium roller banner is characterised by superior quality materials and enhanced durability, providing a top-tier display solution that is suitable for frequent or long-term use.

  • What is the different between roller banners with a standard or front loading base?

    Roller banners with a standard base include a rear-loading mechanism, requiring users to access and insert the graphic from the back. On the other hand, the front-loading option provides the advantage of maximum exposure for the graphic panel, extending from the floor upwards.

  • Can the premium roller banner withstand outdoor use?

    The premium roller banner is primarily intended for indoor use but can withstand mild outdoor conditions in dry settings. However, it is advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to harsh elements to ensure optimal longevity.

  • How do I assemble the premium roller banner?

    The premium roller banner incorporates a user-friendly spring mechanism, ensuring effortless raising and lowering. The supporting pole seamlessly fits into the assigned hole at the back of the base, providing stability to the banner when fully erected.

  • Can the graphics be replaced on the premium roller banner?

    According to manufacturing guidelines, replacing the graphics on the premium roller banner is feasible, but it’s advisable to have a professional handle the installation to avoid damaging the cassette.

  • How do I decide what roller banner is best for my business?

    To choose the best roller banner for your business, consider your budget and intended use. Evaluate the durability, size options and ease of customisation offered by different models to ensure the selected display aligns with your requirements.

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Print Sides

Single sided printing is suitable for designs that rely on simplicity, clarity and minimalism where uncluttered visuals and concise information are essential.

  • Recommended for designs that prioritise simplicity, clarity and minimalism
  • Ideal for conveying uncluttered visuals and concise information

Double sided printing, also known as duplex printing allows for effectively maximising space utilisation. This not only reduces cost but also enhances content organisation by providing more room for design elements.

  • Maximises space utilisation and reduces overall cost
  • Enhances content organisation by providing more room for design content


Delivery is calculated based on working days and does not include weekends, bank holidays or seasonal periods. Please note that during busy periods, the delivery dates may vary from what is advertised online.

  • Delivery is calculated based on working days only
  • Excludes weekends, bank holidays and seasonal periods
  • During busy periods, delivery dates may vary
  • Free delivery to UK mainland addresses

PDF Proof

Your supplied artwork file will be processed for printing without a digital proof.

A PDF proof of your supplied artwork file will be emailed for reviewing and approving. Production will only begin after we receive confirmation of artwork approval from you via email. Please note the estimated date of delivery is subject to the order and artwork being approval by 12pm.

  • PDF proof of artwork will be emailed for review and approval
  • Production will only start after artwork approval via email
  • Estimated delivery date subject to artwork and order approval by 12pm


For multiple designs, you’ll need to add a quantity to the basket separately for each design.


Be sure to supply your design using the CMYK colour mode with a resolution of at least 300dpi. Additionally, embed fonts, outline text and extend bleed areas beyond the trim marks to prevent any important elements from being cut off during printing and trimming. To ensure artwork is supplied correctly to avoid delays, we recommend using our artwork templates.

Please Note: For most products, the CMYK colour mode is utilised, however, other printed materials such as carrier bags and branded writing instruments are printed using Pantone colours. Any artwork supplied in RGB will be converted in to CMYK or Pantone depending on the product. Please bear in mind this will result in a significant colour difference which we will make you aware of prior to print.

  • Designs should be supplied using CMYK colour mode
  • Resolution should be at least 300dpi
  • Fonts should be embedded and text outlined
  • Bleed areas should be extended beyond trim marks
  • RGB artwork will be converted to meet printing requirements

Please include a clear overview of the project objectives, outlining specific deliverables. This should include desired aesthetics or style preferences and any technical requirements or constraints that need to be considered. The advertised artwork rate includes one design concept with unlimited minor revisions but excludes logo creation. Please refer to our logo design services if you would like a new logo or would like to make amendments to an existing one.

Please Note: By selecting our artwork services the delivery date for your order will be affected to compensate for the design time.

  • Provide design brief outlining project objectives
  • One design concept with unlimited minor revisions
  • Excludes logo creation or amending existing one
  • PDF proof of artwork will be emailed for review and approval
  • Production will only start after artwork approval via email
  • Estimated delivery date subject to artwork and order approval by 12pm