Outdoor Banner Frames

Outdoor banner frames are perfect for displaying in busy environments with high foot flow. This can include food fairs, garage forecourts, sports tournaments, and all other large outdoor events.

Use our Free Outdoor Banner Frame Design Tool to choose your own backgrounds, themes, and fonts. Once you have the design ready, just send us the file and we’ll do the rest! Our service is completely transparent and all prices are inclusive of free UK delivery!

Product Specifications

  • Outdoor Banner Frames
  • Ground-Format Display Sign
  • Choose from 3 Popular Sizes
  • Lightweight Aluminium Build
  • Quick & Easy Push-Fit Set Up
  • Pegs & Bungee Ties Included
  • Wind Tested up to 18 – 24mph
  • Graphics Printed on PVC Vinyl
  • Supplied with a Soft Carry Bag
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    The design fee includes image sourcing and up to 3 free revisions. Logo design or enhancement is not included. Delivery dates will be affected to compensate for design time.

    To avoid delays please ensure your artwork is supplied correctly. We will only contact you if there is something wrong with your supplied file.

Order Summary


Outdoor Banner Frames from Cheap as Prints

Outdoor banner frames serve as exceptional tools for advertising in temporary locations where traditional PVC banners may not be feasible. The landscape ‘A’ shaped banner frame provides a high-impact ground-format display that strikes a balance between sturdiness and lightweight portability. Constructed from aluminum tubing with reinforced plastic molding, the structure ensures durability and facilitates a quick installation process, typically taking no longer than five minutes to set up.

The supplied graphics are printed on water-resistant PVC media, enhancing their resilience in outdoor settings. Attaching the graphics to the frame is a straightforward task accomplished with elasticated bungees, ensuring perfect banner tension and a crinkle-free display.

The versatility and portability of outdoor banner frames make them ideal for a diverse range of events, including golf days, sports events, country shows, motorsports, conferences, fundraisers, marathons, fetes, and more. Whether for business promotions or community gatherings, the possibilities for utilising outdoor banner frames are extensive, offering a visually impactful and easily transportable advertising solution for various occasions.

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Our outdoor banner frame comes in widths of 1500mm, 2500mm, and 3000mm, providing a versatile solution for your display needs. The comprehensive unit includes durable aluminum tubing, adjustable looped bungees for secure graphic attachment, and ground pegs for added stability. With a tested wind resistance of up to 24mph, you can trust the frame’s durability. For convenient and safe transportation, our outdoor banner frames are supplied with a soft carry bag, ensuring peace of mind for your on-the-go display requirements.

Order your outdoor banner frames online! Then send us your artwork file or let our professional designers help! Our artwork rates are competitively priced and we can send you a design draft within 2 days. If you still wish to provide your own design you can send us your file for a free artwork suitability check!


  • What is an outdoor banner frame?

    An outdoor banner frame is a sturdy and portable structure designed to display banners in temporary outdoor locations. It provides a ground-format display, making it suitable for various events and promotions.

  • What sizes are available for outdoor banner frames?

    Outdoor banner frames are available in different widths, ranging from 1500mm to 3000mm. This range offers versatility to cater to various display requirements.

  • What does the outdoor banner frame package include?

    The outdoor banner frame package generally includes aluminium tubing, adjustable looped bungees for securing graphics, and ground pegs for stabilisation. This comprehensive kit provides everything needed for a complete setup.

  • What material is the banner frame graphics printed on?

    The graphic panels are printed on PVC media and supplied with eyelets. Panels can even be removed from the frame and fitted to railings or other suitable surfaces if required.

  • How easy is it to set up an outdoor banner frame?

    Setting up an outdoor banner frame is straightforward and typically takes no more than five minutes. The included components, such as aluminium tubing and adjustable bungees, contribute to the ease of installation.

  • Is the outdoor banner frame suitable for windy conditions?

    Yes, outdoor banner frames are designed to withstand wind speeds up to 24mph. This ensures stability and durability, making them reliable for outdoor use in various weather conditions.

  • What is the purpose of the adjustable looped bungees?

    The adjustable looped bungees serve to secure the graphics to the outdoor banner frame. Their flexibility allows for easy attachment and ensures a taut and crinkle-free display.

  • Can outdoor banner frames be used for different events?

    Yes, outdoor banner frames are versatile and can be used for a wide range of events, including golf days, sports events, country shows, conferences, fundraisers, marathons, and more. Their adaptability makes them suitable for diverse outdoor occasions.

  • Can my design be different on both sides?

    Yes. You can have different artwork on both sides at no extra cost.

  • How is the outdoor banner frame transported?

    For safe and secure transportation, outdoor banner frames are supplied with a soft carry bag. This ensures convenience and protection when moving the frame between events.

  • Would the frame fit in the back of my car boot?

    While outdoor banner frames are stable, they are designed to be portable. The frame breaks down so it should fit in the boot of any car for easy transportation.

  • Is the outdoor banner frame suitable for business and community events?

    Absolutely, outdoor banner frames are suitable for both business promotions and community events. Their visual impact, durability, and portability make them an excellent choice for various outdoor advertising needs.

  • Can the outdoor banner frame be used for multiple occasions?

    Yes, the versatility of outdoor banner frames allows them to be used for multiple occasions. Their durable construction and ease of setup make them a reusable and cost-effective solution for different events.

Customer Reviews

  • Great quality outdoor banner frames especially at such great prices!

    Tony - Verfied Buyer
  • Brilliant product! Umar was very responsive and helped design a great looking banner display that looked great at the festival.

    Misteek - Verfied Buyer
  • This product was perfect for our outdoor event and definitely worth the money.

    Lisa - Verfied Buyer
  • Great outdoor banner display packaged and delivered in excellent condition.

    Rob - Verfied Buyer
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