Laminated Poster Printing

Laminated poster printing refers to a process where a thin layer of plastic film, known as laminate, is applied to the surface of a printed poster. It is especially beneficial when posters are intended for long-term use in environments where they may be exposed to wear and tear.

Use our Free Poster Design Tool to choose your own backgrounds, themes, and fonts. Once you have the design ready, just send us the file and we’ll do the rest! Order as little as 1 laminated poster print with free UK delivery!

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  • Laminated Poster Printing
  • 250gsm Silk Paper Stock
  • Single / Double Sided Print
  • Gloss / Matt Laminated Finish
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Laminated Poster Printing from Cheap as Prints

Laminated poster printing involves applying a layer of protective laminate film to the surface of a printed poster. The primary purpose of laminating posters is to protect them from various environmental factors, including moisture, UV rays, dust, and physical damage. Lamination makes the posters more durable and long-lasting, especially if they are displayed outdoors or in high-traffic areas.

Laminated posters are easy to clean and maintain. You can simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove dirt or smudges. The added layer of protection makes the print more resistant to tearing, creasing, or staining. This is especially useful for posters that will be handled frequently or transported to different locations. Lamination can enhance the visual appeal of the poster by adding a gloss or matt finish. This can make the colours appear more vibrant and the text more readable. It can also provide a professional and polished look to your posters.

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At Cheap as Prints, we offer a wide range of laminated poster sizes. These include A3, A2, A1, A0, 20×30″, 30×40″ and 40×60″ options. The 250gsm silk paper is coated and sleek to the touch with a slight sheen to it. This will give your print a vibrant and crisp appearance but is softer than full high-shine gloss. Your designs can be printed on one or both sides and include double-sided lamination of your choice.

Order your laminated posters online! Then send us your artwork file or let our professional designers help! Our artwork rates are competitively priced and we can send you a design draft within 2 days. If you still wish to provide your own design you can send us your file for a free artwork suitability check! Don’t forget to check out our laminated business cards! These cards are produced on 450gsm silk stock and are available with various lamination options.


  • What is laminated poster printing?

    Laminated poster printing involves applying a layer of protective coating, usually plastic film, onto the printed poster surface to enhance durability, protect against wear and tear, and provide a gloss or matt finish. The film can be applied to one side for single sided posters or both sides for double sided posters.

  • What are the benefits of laminating posters?

    Laminating posters will protect the print against moisture and scratches and also prevent damage from liquid spills. Additionally, the posters will last longer and oil stains and fingerprints can be simply wiped off without ruining the print.

  • How does laminating affect the feel of the poster?

    Laminating adds a smooth and protective layer to the poster, providing a more substantial feel. The choice between gloss and matt finishes can also influence the tactile experience.

  • How will posters appear with gloss lamination?

    Opting for gloss lamination imparts an exceptionally high gloss shine to posters. As light reflects off the print, colors are intensified, creating a vivid and vibrant appearance reminiscent of the glossy covers found on premium magazines or catalogues.

  • How will posters appear with matt lamination?

    Choosing matt lamination eliminates the inherent shine from posters, resulting in a smoother and more understated finish. The colours take on a muted quality, especially in darker areas with lower contrast. Overall, matt laminated finishes are well-suited for environments with artificial lighting or situations where reflective light may impede the visibility of the design.

  • Are laminated posters suitable for outdoor display?

    Yes, laminated posters are suitable for outdoor display as the lamination provides added durability and protection against the elements, enhancing their resilience in outdoor environments.

  • Can laminated posters be written on with markers or pens?

    Yes, laminated posters can be written on with dry-erase markers or certain types of pens designed for laminated surfaces, providing a reusable option for displaying information.

  • Do you offer custom size laminated posters?

    Our standard laminated poster sizes are A3, A2, A1, A0, 20×30″, 30×40″ and 40×60″. However, if your enquiry is of a custom nature please email with your dimensions, quantities and laminated finish requirements.

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