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A4 slim flyers, measuring 105 x 297mm, strike a perfect balance between elegance and functionality. Their elongated design makes them an ideal choice for showcasing creative visuals and detailed information, making them versatile tools for marketing campaigns, event promotions, or any communication requiring a sleek and distinctive presentation.

Use our Free Flyer & Leaflet Design Tool to choose your own backgrounds, themes, and fonts. Once you have the design ready, just send us the file and we’ll do the rest! Our service is completely transparent and all prices are inclusive of free UK delivery!

Product Specifications

  • A4 Slim Flyers & Leaflets
  • Wide Range of Paper Stock
  • Single / Double Sided Printing
  • Laminated Finishing Options
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A4 Slim Flyers & Leaflets from Cheap as Prints

A4 slim flyers and leaflets, measuring 105 x 297mm, offer a unique and practical size that sets them apart from traditional A4 flyers. With half the width of the standard A4 format, the slim proportions make them not only practical but also more affordable due to their reduced printing costs.

One of the advantages of A4 slim flyers and leaflets is their versatility in design options. While you can opt for simple and minimalistic designs, utilising clean fonts and limited images to convey your message effectively, you can also push the boundaries of creativity. The narrower width of A4 slim flyers allows for bold and daring design choices. You can experiment with vibrant and eye-catching colours, unconventional fonts, and innovative layouts to express your brand’s unique personality and capture the attention of your target audience.

Furthermore, the slim format of A4 slim flyers and leaflets provides a distinct advantage in terms of portability. Their narrower width makes them easier to handle and carry, allowing recipients to tuck them into bags, folders, or display them neatly on bulletin boards or countertops. This convenience increases the chances of your flyers being seen and retained by potential customers, maximising their impact and reach.

When considering A4 slim flyers and leaflets, it is essential to align your design choices with your brand identity and target audience. Whether you opt for simplicity or boldness, ensure that the design elements effectively communicate your message and resonate with your intended recipients. By leveraging the practicality, affordability, and design potential of A4 slim flyers and leaflets, you can create visually appealing and impactful promotional materials that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

Material Options and Weights

  • Uncoated Stock

    Uncoated Stock

    Uncoated paper has no sheen and has the same texture as everyday office printing paper. Its texture is rougher compared to coated stocks, yet it imparts a gentler tone to designs featuring images and enhances text legibility. This stock’s higher porosity allows better ink absorption, resulting in a dry, smudge-free finish. Great for writing on with a pen or embossing with a stamp. Available in 90gsm, 120gsm, 160gsm and 350gsm thickness.

  • Gloss Stock

    Gloss Stock

    Gloss paper features a sleek, smooth-coated surface that delivers a high-contrast finish. With its reflective quality, it imparts a brilliant shine to designs when exposed to light, resulting in vivid and vibrant images and colours. However, it’s not advisable for text-only designs, as the reflected light may pose challenges in readability. This glossy paper is offered in thickness options of 130gsm and 170gsm.

  • Silk Stock

    Silk Stock

    Silk paper falls between a gloss and matt finish and can be laminated for added depth and durability. Featuring a subtle sheen, it imparts a vibrant and sharp appearance to prints, offering a softer effect compared to a gloss finish. This highly favoured paper stock is fully writable with a ballpoint pen. It comes in various thickness options, including 115gsm, 130gsm, 170gsm, 250gsm, 350gsm, and 450gsm.

  • Recycled Stock

    100% Recycled Stock

    Crafted from 100% recycled fibers, recycled paper boasts a slightly rough texture and a matt finish. Its enhanced ink absorption makes it an excellent choice for writing or stamping, ensuring a smudge-free experience. This eco-friendly stock is offered in thickness options of 120gsm and 350gsm.

  • Kraft

    280gsm Kraft

    Kraft paper has a natural brown colour with an earthy texture. It can add a rustic, hand-crafted feel to your print. The natural dark shade of the stock works best with solid colours and shapes that will stand out against the background.

  • Woodstock Betulla

    285gsm Woodstock Betulla Pulp

    The Woodstock Betulla is a refined stock. It is made up of 80% recycled materials and 20% chlorine-free fibres. The small fibres and grains can be seen in the stock. This paper is recommended for natural-looking design themes.

  • Conqueror Wove Cream

    300gsm Conqueror Wove Cream

    The Conqueror Wove Cream stock has no sheen and offers a matt printing surface. It has a refined feel with the warm touch of an authentic wove. This stock is perfect for creative individuals looking for an upmarket finish.

  • Mohawk Felt Cream

    300gsm Mohawk Felt Cream

    The Mohawk Felt Cream stock has a slightly creamy textured tone. Due to the depth of the textures, the ink does not always fill the dimples on the page, leaving you with a mottled image. For best results, it is best to keep ink coverage low or use colours that are as vibrant as possible.

  • Tintoretto by Fedrigoni

    300gsm Tintoretto by Fedrigoni

    The Tintoretto by Fedrigoni stock is felt-marked on both sides. This gives it a luxurious soft-touch feel. The stock is credited after the Italian Renaissance Artist, Jacopo Tintoretto. The paper resembles the type found in an artist’s sketchpad. A perfect choice of paper for artisan businesses looking for designs with creativity and flair.

  • Gold Dust

    350gsm Gold Dust

    The Gold Dust stock is a luxurious stock that reflects pearlescent gold in the light. It has a shimmering shine with a slightly rough textured writable surface. A great stock that can add warmth to your design and works with any colour palette.

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Order your A4 slim flyers and leaflets online! Then send us your artwork file or let our professional designers help! Our artwork rates are competitively priced and we can send you a design draft within 2 days. If you still wish to provide your own design you can send us your file for a free artwork suitability check!


  • Why choose A4 slim flyers and leaflets?

    Choosing A4 slim flyers and leaflets with dimensions of 105 x 297mm provides a sleek and compact design, making them visually appealing and easy to distribute while offering sufficient space for impactful content.

  • What are the key design elements for A4 slim flyers and leaflets?

    When designing A4 slim flyers and leaflets, focus on a clean layout with compelling visuals, concise messaging, and strategic placement of essential information to ensure maximum impact and readability for your target audience. Additionally, maintain a harmonious balance between text and images to create a visually appealing and effective promotional tool.

  • What file format should be used for designing A4 slim flyers and leaflets?

    For optimal printing outcomes of A4 slim flyers and leaflets, it is advisable to work with high-resolution files in formats like PDF, JPEG, or PNG. These file formats effectively maintain the quality of design elements, so it’s crucial to verify that your design software supports exporting in these formats before completing your design. This ensures that your print materials will showcase crisp graphics and text, providing a professional and visually appealing result.

  • What is the ideal resolution for A4 slim flyer and leaflet designs?

    The ideal resolution for A4 slim flyer and leaflet designs is typically 300 pixels per inch (PPI) or dots per inch (DPI). This resolution ensures high-quality printing and sharpness of images and text.

  • How can I choose the right font for my A4 slim flyer or leaflet design?

    When deciding on a font for your A4 slim flyer or leaflet design, it is essential to take into account well-known font types such as sans-serif, serif, or script fonts. Choose a font that aligns with the desired tone and purpose of your design, giving priority to readability and ensuring it harmonises with the overall aesthetic of your flyer or leaflet. By selecting an appropriate font, you can enhance the visual appeal and legibility of your design, effectively conveying your message to the audience.

  • What is the purpose of adding lamination to A4 slim flyers?

    The application of lamination to A4 slim flyers provides substantial improvements in durability and longevity, safeguarding them against tearing, moisture, and wear. Moreover, lamination enhances the overall aesthetic of the flyers, lending them a professional and polished look that boosts visual appeal and ensures they can endure frequent handling without compromising their quality. This combination of enhanced protection and elevated presentation makes laminated A4 slim flyers an ideal choice for impactful and long-lasting promotional materials.

  • Why is lamination only available on the 350gsm and 450gsm silk stock?

    Thicker stocks like 350gsm and 450gsm silk are chosen for lamination because they offer better resistance against warping or distortion during the lamination process, resulting in a more durable and visually appealing final product. Moreover, the laminating film adheres more effectively to silk stock, enhancing the tactile quality and overall finish of the material.

  • How will A4 slim flyers look with gloss lamination?

    A4 slim flyers with gloss lamination will have a sleek and glossy finish that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. The lamination enhances the colors and visuals, making them appear vibrant and eye-catching, while also providing a protective layer that resists wear and tear, resulting in a professional and visually appealing final product.

  • How will A4 slim flyers look with matt lamination?

    A4 slim flyers with matt lamination will have a smooth and non-reflective finish that exudes a sense of sophistication and a modern aesthetic. The matt lamination reduces glare, giving the flyers a more subdued and elegant appearance, while also providing protection against scratches and preserving the colors and design elements with a muted yet refined look.

  • How will A4 slim flyers look with soft-touch lamination?

    A4 slim flyers with soft-touch lamination will have a luxurious and tactile feel, adding a premium and high-end touch to the flyers. The soft-touch lamination creates a velvety texture that not only enhances the visual appeal but also offers a unique sensory experience, making the flyers stand out and leave a lasting impression on recipients.

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