30″x40″ Poster Printing

30″x40″ poster printing offers an impactful solution for advertising, art displays, promotional materials and decorative items. These posters provide a large design canvas due to its generous dimensions, allowing for the effective presentation of images, text or any visual content you wish to showcase.

Use our Free 30″x40″ Poster Design Tool to choose your backgrounds, themes, and fonts. After you have the design ready, send us the file, and we’ll handle the rest for you!

Product Specifications

  • 30″x40″ Poster Printing
  • 170gsm / 250gsm Silk Paper
  • Water-Resistant PVC Options
  • Single / Double Sided Printing
  • Laminated Finishing Options
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30x40inch Poster Printing from Cheap as Prints

30″x40″ posters provide a generous canvas that allows for the incorporation of intricate illustrations, high-quality images and prominent text. This ample space enables designers to create captivating visuals that effortlessly grab attention to make a lasting impression in any environment. Whether it’s a promotional display, an informational poster or a work of art, the larger size ensures that the design stands out and commands attention. As a result, this makes 30”x40” posters a great choice for displaying in a myriad of settings, such as conferences, exhibitions, retail spaces, or even personal decor.

When designing a 30″x40″ poster, it is important to consider certain guidelines to maximise its impact. Ensuring key elements, such as the main image or headline are large enough to be easily readable from a distance is essential. High-quality images and graphics should be used to maintain clarity to avoid distortion when scaled up to this size. The layout should be well-balanced, with a clear hierarchy of information and an appropriate colour scheme that compliments the intended message. Additionally, keeping the design simple and uncluttered will allow for better focus and comprehension. By adhering to these design principles, a 30″x40″ poster can effectively captivate viewers and convey its intended purpose.

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  • What distinguishes the 170gsm silk from the 250gsm silk poster paper?

    The main distinction between the 170gsm silk and 250gsm silk poster paper is its weight and thickness. The 170gsm silk is lighter and thinner, making it a popular choice for most applications. On the other hand, the 250gsm silk stock is heavier and thicker, offering enhanced durability and a more premium feel.

  • How does the 550gsm PVC poster material differ from paper alternatives?

    The 550gsm PVC poster material provides outstanding durability and weather resistance, making it highly suitable for prolonged outdoor use or permanent indoor use. The material can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if stained.

  • What distinguishes the 550gsm PVC, 220 micron and 400 micron poster materials?

    The 550gsm PVC poster material is distinguished by its flexibility, allowing it to be easily rolled up for storage or transportation. On the other hand, the 220 micron and 400 micron materials offer a rigid solution, providing better stability for display purposes. Despite the differences, all three materials share water-resistant properties, making them suitable for outdoor use or in environments where exposure to moisture is a concern.

  • What is the benefit of laminating posters?

    Laminating posters provides protection against wear and tear, making it more durable and resistant to damage, while also enhancing its visual appeal. It’s important to note that lamination is exclusively offered for posters printed on 250gsm silk stock.

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