Top Tips for Brochure Printing

Top Tips for Brochure Printing

Maximize the Impact of Your Next Brochure Printing.

Have you ever walked into a showroom to choose your next car or kitchen? Odds are, you were handed a brochure containing detailed information and vibrant images of the product that caught your interest. Brochures have been a cornerstone in marketing for decades, and their continued significance is well-founded. Due to their cost-effective production and strong impact, brochures will continue to play a vital role in promoting products and services for years to come. Nevertheless, some individuals believe that filling every page with text and images maximizes their value. This approach can result in an unenjoyable reading experience and often dissuade potential readers.

“What makes a good brochure design?”

To optimize the space in your brochure and convey your message effectively to readers, there are a few straightforward rules to follow.

Keep things simple.

When it comes to printing brochures, the size of the brochure can limit the available space for your content. However, this limitation doesn’t mean you should overcrowd every corner with text and graphics. Start by identifying the main purpose of your brochure. Are you trying to educate customers about a new product? Or do you have detailed information to assist them in making informed decisions? Whatever your objective, make sure your content is concise and directly related to your topic.

Simple Brochure Design

Picture perfect.

A common issue we often face with customers involves the incorrect use of image resolution in their brochures. In the realm of printing, high-quality images and graphics are crucial, as even a single low-quality image can adversely affect the entire booklet. For optimal print quality, 300 DPI (dots per inch) stands as the gold standard, ensuring sharp and clear images. Using low DPI bitmap images can lead to pixelation and a visually unattractive, blocky appearance. If your brand prides itself on offering premium products and services, subpar images have the potential to damage your reputation.

We strongly recommend verifying the DPI of every image in your brochure before finalizing and submitting your files for print. Maintaining this essential aspect of image quality can significantly enhance the overall appeal and professionalism of your printed materials.

Attractive asian woman with makeup in red light, isolated on white

Easy on the eye.

Selecting the right font for your brochure isn’t a random decision. Typography is an art, and for those unfamiliar with the differences between fonts like Comic Sans and sans serifs (please, avoid Comic Sans at all costs), here are some tips on choosing the appropriate font:

  1. Consistency in Font Family: Stick to a consistent font family to maintain a unified look. When switching styles, make sure they complement each other to prevent confusion for the reader.
  2. Font Size: Opt for a minimum font size of 12pt. Smaller sizes can compromise readability, especially in print.
  3. All Black: Avoid using default black in your color palette. Opt for precise color values like C-0/M-0/Y-0/K-100, ensuring only the black plate is used during printing, resulting in sharp text.
Easy on the Eye Brochure Font

All set for printing.

Once your brochure design is finalised, the crucial last step is ensuring you have a print-ready PDF file for production. We strongly advise reviewing the technical specifications for all products before submitting your artwork files, and brochures are no exception.

Check that the pagination flows correctly from the front cover to the back cover, as our printers read files in this sequence for manufacturing purposes. Confirm that all fonts are embedded into the PDF and that the file is free of security passwords.

If you have meticulously reviewed your file and are satisfied with its quality, it’s ready to be sent for printing. However, if you harbor any doubts about the accuracy of your file, it’s wise to have it evaluated by a professional before proceeding. We offer File Check and File Assist services to provide you peace of mind before printing.

your website. If one message proves more successful than the other, you can adjust the design accordingly to further enhance your poster’s impact. It’s a powerful way to fine-tune your messaging and design for optimal results.

All Set for Brochure Printing


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The Author - Mohi Uddin

  • The Author - Mohi Uddin
  • Mohi Uddin is the sales and marketing manager at Cheap as Prints. He has over 20 years experience in the printing industry. The purpose of his blog posts is to share the latest industry news, business tips and design ideas. Your feedback and thoughts will be appreciated. So feel free to share and comment on his blog posts. Thank you!

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