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Custom printed A5 & A4 notebooks for branding & promotional use

Notebooks provide a great way to reflect on your day’s thoughts, feelings or to keep track of what’s to come. The versatility of notebooks means they can be personalised and used for business promotions at events and sales meetings. Furthermore, personalised notebooks make for great corporate gifts, they are affordable and likely to be retained due to their usefulness.

At Cheap as Prints we offer A5 and A4 notebooks that can be custom printed to include all your branding and promotional messages. They are supplied with a hardback cover and include a stylish spiral bound finish.

A5 & A4 Wire Bound Notebook Printing
A5 Wire Bound Notebook Printing

A5 Notebooks

Our A5 wire bound notebooks measure 148 x 210mm meaning they are the perfect size for having around the office for making quick short hand notes. The compact A5 sizes means they are also great for giving away as promotional gifts.

A4 Wire Bound Notebook Printing

A4 Notebooks

Our A4 wire bound notebooks measure 210 x 297mm and ideal for keeping on your desktop for day-to-day note-taking. Being double the size of A5 notebooks they are great for writing short or long hand notes.

A5 & A4 Wire Bound Notebook Printing by Cheap as Prints

Personalised notebooks provide an affordable way to advertise your company and business identity on a tangible item that is meant for repeat usage. Moreover notebooks provide a means of communication between colleagues and peers be it an office environment or at an event.

Promoting a positive impression is important to any businesses brand image. Offering personalised notebooks as gifts to prospective customers means you get long term exposure from very little investment.

As a proactive business you’d always strive to maximise all marketing and promotional opportunities. Personalised notebooks provide an affordable way to keep your company’s name and branding in line with the rest of your business stationery.

Our Promise

At Cheap as Prints we offer value for money A5 and A4 wire bound notebooks that can be customised with your unique designs. The personalisation element can help you get creative by adding your own touch of colours, fonts and design touches.

So complete your business stationery with our batch of personalised A5 or A4 notebooks. Your outer cover will be printed on 350gsm silk stock and combined with 90gsm stock for the inner pages. Additionally the inner pages can be either lined or plain at no extra cost. For added durability all our notebooks come standard with either gloss or matt lamination to the front and back cover.

Stamp your personality with our branded notebooks for your next event or seminar. Simply order online or call our sales line on 01922 666 288!



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