What is the purpose of PVC Banners?

PVC Banners for all Occasions

PVC banners provide one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote your business products and services. They can be displayed indoors and outdoors to draw the attention of passer-by’s or be used to mark personal events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and christenings.

Types of PVC Banners

PVC vinyl banners are manufactured from various substrates and colours that include mesh, cotton, polyester, canvas and synthetic options. With so many options, it may be a daunting task in choosing the right material for the intended purpose. However, we will be discussing the most popular options that are suitable for most indoor and outdoor applications.

Standard Vinyl Banners

Standard Vinyl Banners
Available in our best-selling 550gsm media or premium 720gsm blockout media

Our standard vinyl banners are offered in 550gsm and premium 720gsm PVC. The 550gsm media is perfect for any indoor and outdoor advertising but is only suitable for single sided print.

Our premium 720gsm vinyl is blockout meaning it has light blocking properties and be printed to both sides and can be used as a long-term shop sign.

Mesh Banners

Mesh PVC Banners
Tiny perforations in the mesh media to allow wind, sound & light to pass

Mesh banners are made from similar materials as their standard counterparts and are just as heavy-duty and waterproof.

The obvious difference is that mesh banners include tiny holes to allow light and wind to pass making them ideal for displaying on fences, lampposts, high-rise buildings, scaffoldings and free-standing poles.

We use industry standard 440gsm mesh media that is extremely durable and waterproof. Since the banners will be viewed from a distance the holes in the material will not be visible or affect the readability of the print. Unlike our standard vinyl banners, mesh banners are only available with single sided print.

Banner Finishing

We strongly advise purchasing banners that are hemmed (edges folded over with double-sided tape or welding) to give it extra strength and weight to the outer edge. This will prevent tears and ease the tension from the eyelets pulling from the bungee cords or cable ties especially if affixed to a fence.

Feel free to contact our sales team to help choose the perfect banner for your upcoming business or personal event.

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