Folded Leaflets & Menus

Folded leaflets provide a great way for conveying lots of information in an easily accessible format. They are versatile and can be used as mini brochures, pricelists or menus. Folded leaflets can prove to be a very worthwhile marketing tool providing the content is both interesting and informative.

At Cheap as Prints we offer a great range of folded leaflets and menus that are available in uncoated, gloss or silk stock. They are supplied folded with your choice of fold ready for display or distribution.

A5 Folded Leaflets

A5 Folded Leaflets & Menus

A5 folded leaflets are compact and small enough to fit into your pocket. These leaflets include a half-fold with the folded size measuring 105 x 148mm.

A4 Folded to DL Leaflets

A4 Folded Leaflets & Menus

A4 folded leaflets and menus offer the perfect balance between size and convenience. These leaflets are available half-fold, roll-fold and z-fold.

A3 Folded Leaflets

A3 Folded Leaflets & Menus

A3 folded leaflets are perfect for using as newsletters, mini brochures or menus. These leaflets are available in half-fold, roll-fold and z-fold.

Folded Leaflets and Menus by Cheap as Prints

Folded leaflets have always proven a great way to showcase company products and services. Although much of advertising has gone digital, it will be unwise not to utilise both online and offline advertising channels. Investing with the right printing company will ensure your folded leaflets and menus look great and achieve maximum return on investment.

Great reasons to invest in folded leaflets


Folded leaflets are a key marketing tool for small and medium sized establishments. Advances in printing technology means you get more for less allowing you to maximise your marketing budgets.


Folded leaflets provide an effective way to share information. Your content can tell a more complete story about your business or organisation and its offerings.


Different paper sizes and stocks can help get the right look for your project, whether you’re creating a newsletter, pricelist or a takeaway menu.

Tips for creating great folded leaflets & menus

Paper types

  • Gloss: finish is reflective and shiny. Gloss paper is recommended for contrast rich images and photos.
  • Silk: finish has less shine and glare. Silk paper is recommended for content heavy folded leaflets.
  • Uncoated: finish has no shine or glare. Uncoated paper is ideal for writing on using a standard pen.

Paper weights

  • Economy: 120gsm uncoated stock, 130gsm gloss or silk stock
  • Standard: 170gsm gloss or silk stock
  • Premium: 250gsm gloss or silk stock

Paper folds

  • Half-fold: these leaflets are folded in half along the centre like a greeting card
  • Roll-fold: these leaflets are divided into 3 columns, with the outer folding over one another. This fold is also known as the letter fold, c-fold and tri-fold.
  • Z-fold: these leaflets fold in the shape of a Z, allowing you to show three columns of artwork on each side, which are viewed in sequence.

Our Promise

In a nutshell folded leaflets have the versatility of a flyer but with the space of a brochure. They are perfect for any marketing campaign and ideal for using as pricelists, literature hand-outs or mouth-watering menus.

Our folded leaflets and menus include simple half folds to more complex and creative folds. We make light work of printing high quality folded leaflets that are available in various paper types and thicknesses.

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