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Print Glossary & Terms

Glossary Term Term Description
Art PaperStandard term for wood free coated papers of high quality
ArtworkPrint ready copy suitable for commercial printing
Artwork File on DiskPrint ready artwork prepared in commercial graphics software
BindingThe process of assembling sheets of paper together
BoldThick lines to make letters stand out
BleedPart of a printed image that extends outside the area to which the finished sheet will be cut
BoardType of thick paper or card, generally from 200gsm upwards
CMYKAcronym for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black that makes up the 4 colour process used for commercial printing
CollatingThe arranging of printed sheets in order
Colour SeparationThe process of separating one colour image into CMYK for print
Crop MarksMarks included in the artwork to show the proportion of the image to be printed and where the edges should be trimmed
Carbonless PaperPaper stock that is chemically treated to transfer impressions from the page sheet to the subsequent sheets
Clip ArtGraphic images in digital from that be used to prepare artwork
Colour CorrectionThe process of adjusting, changing or manipulating a colour image such as re-touching, adjusting colour balance, colour saturation, contrast and so on
CyanA shade of blue used in four-color CMK process printing
Die CutThe method of cutting board or paper into custom shapes using a ‘die’
Digital PrintingThe process of sending artwork directly from a digital file instead of making plates or a film
Digital ProofingThe process of proofing directly from digital files
DPIAcronym for Dots Per Inch, the greater the DPI, the finer the print will be
Drop ShadowA shadow image placed behind an image to create the affect of the image lifting off the page
EPSAbbreviation for Encapsulated PostScript, a standard file format used to transfer postscript formatting information between applications
EncapsulationThis is the process of sealing printed paper or board with a rigid, waterproof, plastic sheet or fim
FoldingZ fold, concertina, roll fold, gatefold, double gatefold and parallel fold – are all types of folding combinations
FolioThe numbering of pages
FontsLetters, numbers, punctuation marks and symbols that a shire a unified design
GhostingAn error where the density of ink is inconsistent due to uneven capacity of ink on the rollers during the printing stage
GlossA shiny reflective paper or finish
GrayscaleShades of gray ranging from black to white
GSMGrams Per Square Metre, used to denote the thickness of paper or board
GutterA blank space or margin between components on a printed piece or press sheet
Half PerfA perforation line that extends across only part of the paper width
ItalicText that is used to denote emphasis by slanting the type body forward
InsertA piece of printed material that is inserted into another piece of printed material, such as a literature / presentation folder
JustifiedThat is flush on both left and right hand margins
KerningThe adjustment of space between letters
Laid PaperPaper with a slightly ribbed and textured effect that is created in the manufacturing process
LaminationInvolves bonding a clear plastic film onto a printed material
Laser PrintingA printing method that uses an intense bean of focussed light to produce images
LayoutPrinting term used to describe the overall layout of design work
Lithography (litho printing)The process of producing printed materials from a metal plate on which the artwork to be printed accepts printing ink and other parts of the plate being ink repellent
LandscapeA document layout where the width is greater than the height (the opposite of portrait)
Matt PaperPaper type with slightly dull none gloss finish
MultipartBusiness forms that contain more than sheet of paper form to provide duplicates
MagentaOne of the four process colours of CMYK with M the short for Magenta
NCR (no carbon required)Used in form sets for duplicate copies
OffsetMethod of printing in which transfers the image from the pate to the impression cylinder into the printing material
Over-runCopies produced in excess of the customer’s original requirement
OpacityAbility to prevent two-sided printing from showing through
OverprintingPrinting that is done on an area that has already been printed on
PantonePremixed ink colours that are often specified for printing as a spot colour. Can be matched using CMYK but will not be exactly the same colour as its spot colour counterpart
Perfect BindingThe method of binding that fixes pages together with glue
PostScript®A page description language developed by Adobe that describes fonts, graphics and page layout
Process ColoursThe reproduction of a full colour image using the four process colours of red, cyan, yellow and black
ProofA pre-production print used to check for errors and colour reproduction
PMSThe abbreviation of the Pantone Colour Matching System
PortraitA document layout in which the height is greater than the width (opposite of Landscape)
QThere are currently no definitions under Q
Registration MarksMarks put into artwork to ensure perfect alignment or registration during the print process
ResolutionThe number of dots per inch (DPI) in an image or photograph, the higher the DPI, the better the resolution and print quality
RGBAn acronym for Red, Green and Blue – RGB is a colour model used for computer monitors and colour video output systems. Colour separations for Offset Printing cannot be made directly from RGB files and need to be converted to CMYK first. Although not 100% accurate Digital printing can perform an automatic conversion of RGB files while printing
Ream500 sheets of paper
Saddle StitchThe binding of a book or brochure through the centre fold using saddle wire
Satin FinishA smooth paper with a finish that is slightly more reflective than that referred to as ‘matte
SolidAn area completely covered by ink.
Spot ColourSpot colours are single mixes of ink used in printing – the best known spot colours are made by PANTONE. The colour is printed using an ink made exclusively, therefore requires its own separate printing plate. Spot colours do not apply to Digital Printing as the printing devices can only reproduce from the four process colours; cyan, magenta, yellow and black
ScoringTo crease paper with a metal rule for the purpose of making folding easier
Spiral BindA type of binding where a metal or plastic wire is spiralled through holes drilled along the binding side of a document
TIFFAcronym for Tagged Image File Format – TIFF pictures can be a black-and-white line art, greyscale or colour. This is a widely used format for image/photographic files but is unsuitable for text unless it is created at a very hi-resolution
TintA tonal area that lightens the density of the colour being used
TonerA Powder used in photocopying and laser printing
TypographyThe art of arrangement, style, appearance and printing of type and typefaces
Trim MarksMarks placed on the printed sheet to indicate where cuts should be made
TypoA spelling mistake in printed material resulting from a mistake in typing or setting type
UV VarnishA varnish applied after printing and set with ultra violet light to give a high gloss finish
Vector GraphicA graphic image formed by a series of points joined by angles and curves, which can be filled with colours and blends. As the picture is made from mathematical formula, it is not dependent on resolution therefore it can be scaled to infinity as a computer can recalculate the mathematical formula for any size
Variable Data PrintingIs a form of on-demand printing in which elements (such as text, graphics, photographs, etc) can be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the press, using information from a database – For example, a set of personalized letters, each with the same basic layout, can be printed with a different name and address on each letter
VarnishA clear coating added to printed material as a protective layer for improved scuff resistance and usually higher gloss
Watermark A design or a pattern in paper which is visible when the material is held up to the light
XThere are currently no definitions under X
YellowOne of the four process colours of ink, or CMYK – the Y is for yellow
Z FoldA type of three fold that creates a Z pattern
Zip FileZipping a file compresses one or more files into a smaller archive. It takes up less hard drive space and less time to transfer across a network or the internet

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